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Full text of "A list of Canadian bookplates : with a review of the history of ex libris in the Dominion"

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The  Society  of  Bookplate  Bibliophiles 
Publication   No.   4 

An    edition   limited  to   two   hundred    and   fifty    copies, 

of  which   the      first    twenty-five    are 

numbered  and  signed 


/    '  / 

Chevalier  cles  Qrdres  d,e  S   Maurice  ei  &   I  ..r/u.r. 

l' Grill  AS, 

iiuiwinnlumimnui .1  "  n.i."ini|iif,'H'i'-iiiiii..iiiiun.ii  mi.. i,i,.!iiiii'.iii'iiui.i,,ii  ,uiuriHf„  mil, 

my   »;ii,  in, -ill  i'lm,ii,.;.,v,i»i«  h,  .  j    — ',i,..|".in|i!iiiiii;iiil|iiiiiiiir!l!'lMt 

WW flMHfl 


WITH    A    REVIEW    OF    THE    HISTORY    OF 



Together  with  Biographical  and  Historical 



Illustrated  with  Prints  from  the  Original  Coppers 
and  Blocks 


Printed  for  the 

Society  of  Bookplate  Bibliophiles 


Although  my  name  appears  on  the  title-page  of  this 
volume  I  can  hardly  claim  to  be  either  its  originator  or  its 
compiler.  Some  years  ago,  when  the  fury  of  American 
Bookplate  collecting  was  at  its  height,  there  were  in 
existence  several  lists  of  Canadian  Bookplates.  These 
lists  were  fragmentary,  of  varying  lengths,  and  of  uneven 
value.  But  they  had  one  feature  in  common — a  cer- 
tain number  of  the  same  names  with  accompanying 
biographical  notes  appeared  on  all  of  them.  These 
notes  have  come  down  in  the  present  list  as  a  monu- 
ment to  the  energy  and  patience  of  some  unknown  col- 
lector at  whose  identity  I  should  hardly  wish  to  hazard 
a  guess.  Years  passed  on  until  finally  one  of  these 
early  manuscript  lists  appeared  in  a  Bookplate  auction 
in  Boston.  It  was  bought  by  the  American  Antiquarian 
Society  whose  librarian,  Mr.  Brigham,  very  kindly 
allowed  me  to  go  over  it.  From  this  list,  from  a  rather 
scrappy  list  of  my  own,  from  Mr.  Jack's  "Acadiensis," 
and  from  Gagnon's  two  volumes  I  compiled  what  at 
that  time  I  thought  to  be  a  fairly  accurate  record  of 
early  Canadian  Ex  Libris.  Again  time  passed,  publi- 
cation was  delayed,  and  it  was  not  until  some  months 
ago  that,  under  the  stimulus  of  a  Toronto  Bookplate 
artist  and  collector  of  the  present  era,  I  unearthed  my 
list  and  started  once  more  towards  the  goal  of  the  printed 
book.  The  above  mentioned  enthusiast  who  awoke 
me  from  my  lethargy  is  Mr.  Stanley  Harrod  who,  with 

Mr.  Morley  Ayearst,  has  revised,  corrected  and  added 
to  my  list.  They  have  revised  my  notes,,  they  have 
added  the  many  modern  plates  and  some  early  ones, 
they  have  delved  in  Canadian  records,  they  have  un- 
earthed original  coppers,  they  have,  even  as  they  roused 
me,  brought  back  from  oblivion  some  of  the  forgotten 
old  guard  of  Canadian  collectors.  To  their  generous 
assistance  is  due  this  list  in  its  final  polished  form,  and 
to  them  are  due  most  of  the  excellent  illustrative  plates 
from  the  original  coppers  and  blocks  which  adorn  these 

The  reader,  then,  can  understand  why  I  should  be 
named  as  editor  rather  than  as  author.  This  list,  like 
Topsy,  has  "just  growed,"  and  to  all  who  have  assisted 
in  its  growth  I  tender  my  sincere  thanks. 

I  also  wish  to  acknowledge  the  great  kindness  of  those 
individuals  who  have  allowed  us  the  use  of  the  coppers 
or  blocks  of  their  Bookplates. 

At  the  end  of  the  list  I  have  made  an  alphabetical 
arrangement  of  all  the  mottoes  appearing  on  anonymous 
armorials,  together  with  the  names  of  the  families  making 
use  of  them.  This  may  help  to  identify  plates  that 
otherwise  might  prove  puzzling. 

Needless  to  say  I  shall  welcome  additions  and  correc- 
tions which  collectors  may  be  able  to  send,  addressed 
either  to  me  at  Box  3066  Boston,  or  to  Stanley  Harrod 
83  Macpherson  Avenue,  Toronto,  Canada. 


Boston,  Mass. 
July,  1919. 

A  Review  of  Canadian  Boo^-Plates 

A  DISGRUNTLED  collector  once  said  that  the  only 
^  differences  between  Canadian  and  English  Book- 
plates were  that  the  former  were  harder  to  get  and 
less  interesting  when  you  got  them.  Which  statement 
has  some  truth  in  it.  Canadian  Ex  Libris,  especially 
the  early  ones,  are  extremely  hard  to  get,  first  because 
there  are  not  many  of  them,  and  second  because  some 
years  ago,  or  at  least  so  'tis  said,  a  couple  of  Book- 
plate entrepreneurs  went  through  Canada  and  swept  it 
clean  of  plates.  And  Canadian  Ex  Libris  were  unin- 
teresting for  two  reasons,  because  no  one  knew  much 
about  them,  and  because  most  of  them  were  die-sinker 
armorials.  This  volume  is  designed  to  remove  these 
objections — first  by  telling  something  about  Canadian 
Bookplates  and  their  owners,  and  second  by  trying 
to  show  that  there  is  biographical  interest  attaching  to 
the  early  plates  and  artistic  interest  as  to  the  modern 

Up  to  the  present  time  the  number  of  writers  on  the 
Ex  Libris  of  Canada  is  small.  In  1895  Phileas  Gagnon 
published  in  Quebec  his  "Essai  de  Bibliographic  Cana- 
dienne."  He  gave  a  few  pages  of  text  on  Ex  Libris  and 
listed  some  two  hundred  and  seventy  odd  plates.  In 
1913,  some  time  after  M.  Gagnon 's  death,  the  City  of 
Montreal,  to  which  he  had  bequeathed  his  collection 
of  Canadiana,  published  a  second  volume  of  the  "Essai" 
listing  the  items  added  to  the  Gagnon  collection.     In 

this  work  about  twelve  pages  are  given  to  a  list  of  Book- 
plates not  found  in  Gagnon's  original  list.  ^  These  two 
volumes  have  stood  in  the  same  relation  to  Canadian 
as  Charles  Dexter  Allen's  list  has  to  American  Bookplates. 
In  addition  there  have  been  some  articles  in  various 
magazines,  notably  an  interesting  series  in  David  R. 
Jack's  "Acadiensis,"  but  nothing  like  the  flow  of  Book- 
plate literature  which  has  made  collecting  so  attractive 
in  the  United  States. 

A  comparison  of  the  Ex  Libris  of  Canada  and  of  the 
United  States  may  be  interesting  in  getting  at  the  charac- 
teristics of  Canadian  plates.  Both  lands  being  originally 
colonies  of  England  they  naturally  followed  English 
styles  and  English  customs  in  Ex  Libris  as  in  other 
things.  But  while  the  colonists  of  the  New  England 
and  Southern  states  used  Bookplates  from  1750  and  had 
various  styles  such  as  Jacobean,  Chippendale,  and  the 
like,  the  Ex  Libris  history  of  Canada  hardly  begins 
before  the  American  Revolution  with  the  loyalists  who 
went  to  Canada  after  1775,  so  that  Canadians  took  to 
Bookplates  about  1800  when  the  most  tiresome  and 
inartistic  style,  the  die-sinker  armorial,  was  popular 
in  England.  Thus  it  is  that  until  comparatively  recent 
times  we  find  in  Canada  an  uninteresting  series  of  die- 
sinkers  with  very  few  Jacobeans  or  Chippendales  and 
practically  no  pictorial  plates. 

Perhaps  these  die-sinkers  are  characteristic  of  the 
Canadians  themselves.  The  plates  were  usually  with- 
out mantling  or  supporters,  and  their  owners  were 
perhaps,  like  the  modern  democratic  Canadians  who 
refuse  peerages,  plain  and  simple  people  who  came  with- 
out any  frills  to  the  new  country  to  make  their  fortunes. 
It  may  be  that  the  families  who  came  to  Canada  were 


not  of  that  class  which  "sported"  supporters.  At  any 
rate  the  simplicity  and  strength  of  the  die-sinkers  may 
be  a  reflection  of  the  same  qualities  in  their  owners. 

A  return  to  our  comparison  shows  still  another  feature 
of  Canadian  Ex  Libris.  The  colonies  which  gained  their 
independence  became  a  separate  nation  with  its  own 
ideas  and  ideals,  developed  in  its  own  way,  in  art  as  in 
politics  and  trade.  In  fact  in  the  United  States  there 
was  a  feeling  which  made  everything  English  so  dis- 
liked that  English  styles  and  customs  were  thrown 
overboard.  One  of  the  first  things  to  go  was  coat  armour, 
and  as  a  result  our  present-day  Bookplates  are  mostly 
pictorial  rather  than  armorial.  This  naturally  makes 
for  artistic  rather  than  conventional  ideals  in  Ex  Libris, 
and  in  part  has  helped  to  develop  such  artists  as  E.  D. 
French,  J.  W.  Spenceley,  S.  L.  Smith,  A.  N.  Macdonald, 
and  many  others  who  have  done  so  much  to  advance 
the  art  of  Bookplates  and  make  collecting  popular.  On 
the  other  hand,  the  Canadians  followed  a  different  course. 
Bound  to  the  mother  country  by  ties  of  blood  and  affec- 
tion, the  loyalists  came  to  Canada  because  they  liked 
English  rather  than  American  ideas,  they  followed  her 
lead  in  most  things,  one  of  which  was  in  being  proud  of 
their  ancestry  and  using  the  coats-of-arms  which  had 
descended  to  them.  This  has,  I  think,  tended  to  keep 
out  the  pictorial  plates  and  has  thereby  made  modern 
Canadian  plates  rather  less  interesting  than  those  of  the 
United  States.  I  happened  to  glance  through  a  lot  of 
some  one  hundred  and  forty  Canadian  plates,  most  of 
them  done  in  the  last  twenty  years.  Fifty-two  of  them, 
or  nearly  half,  were  armorial.  To  take  at  random  the 
same  number  of  plates  made  since  1900  in  the  United 
States  will  show  hardly  more  than  ten  per  cent  armorials. 


Moreover  the  armorial  style  in  Bookplates  was  hardly 
conducive  to  art  and  the  development  of,  Ex  Libris 
designers.  The  commercial  engraver  could  make  a  die- 
sinker  as  well  as  an  artist.  It  is  only  in  recent  years 
that  men  like  A.  H.  Howard,  W.  W.  Alexander  and 
Stanley  Harrod  have  turned  to  the  newer  ideas  of  the 
Bookplate  and  have  produced  not  only  interesting  and 
artistic  armorials  but  also  some  clever  and  individualistic 

But  this  movement  is  of  recent  origin,  the  engravers 
who  worked  before  1890  were  of  the  older  and  more  con- 
ventional school,  and  their  number  was  small.  Excluding 
the  strictly  modern  artists  there  were  but  four  men  who 
engraved  and  signed  any  number  of  early  Canadian 
Bookplates.  It  is  very  probable  that  there  are  a  number 
of  plates  by  these  designers  and  by  others,  but  as  the 
great  majority  of  Canadian  plates  are  not  signed  it  is 
impossible  to  know  them,  especially  as  the  more  con- 
ventional type  of  the  armorial  plates  allowed  little  or  no 
latitude  for  the  engraver  to  develop  any  personal  style 
or  manner.  Of  the  four  artists  mentioned  the  earliest 
was  probably  C.  W.  Torbett  who  engraved  the  Ex  Libris 
of  T.  F.  Jeffrey,  J.  W.  Johnson  and  Fitzgerald  Uniacke. 
Torbett,  who  worked  in  Halifax,  may  be  dated  as  flourish- 
ing from  1780  to  1825.  In  Quebec  there  were  two 
engravers  who  worked  during  the  first  quarter  of  the 
Nineteenth  Century.  They  were  J.  Jones  (plates  of  J. 
L.  Hall,  J.  Stewart  and  S.  Wright),  and  J.  Smillie,  Jr. 
(plates  of  Hoffman,  McCallum  and  David  William 
Smith),  and  both  of  them  are  mentioned  by  Gagnon  as 
being  artists  of  repute.  F.  Adams  of  Montreal  perhaps 
took  up  the  work  just  after  Jones  and  Smillie  had  passed. 
He  probably  flourished  during  the  middle  years  of  the 


century.  Plates  by  Adams  are  those  for  Hagar,  La 
Rocque,  Longley,  Reid,  and  Wise. 

A  few  other  artists  are  all  that  I  can  find  to  mention. 
Suffield  (plates  of  Buchanan  and  R.  J.  Uniacke)  and 
E.  Benoit  (plate  of  William  Smith)  were  contemporaries 
of  Torbett.  A.  Bourne  (plate  of  J.  P.  Turner)  and 
Biddle  (plates  for  the  Patton  brothers)  were  nearer  the 
time  of  Adams.  Such  engraving  firms  as  the  Rolphs  of 
Toronto  and  the  Edwin  Cox  Co.  of  Montreal  are  of  later 
date;  they  are  moreover  of  the  commercial  type  and  the 
work  put  out  by  them  cannot  be  looked  upon  as  the 
product  of  one  engraver. 

The  earliest  dated  plates  of  which  I  have  record  are 
those  of  Anne  Watt,  a  plain  label  of  1795,  and  the  die- 
sinker  armorial  of  Richard  John  Uniacke,  dated  1801. 
Of  Anne  Watt  I  know  nothing  but  that  she  lived  in 
Quebec.  Uniacke  was  Attorney  General  and  Member 
of  His  Majesty's  Council  and  was  still  more  interesting 
as  being  the  father  of  three  sons  who  in  their  turn  possessed 
Bookplates.  There  are,  however,  a  number  of  undated 
plates  which  most  certainly  are  earlier  than  those  of 
Watts  and  Uniacke.  One  of  the  most  interesting  of 
these  is  that  of  Louis  Archambaud  Douglas,  Comte  de 
Montreal,  a  beautiful  example  of  the  heavy  type  of  18th 
Century  French  Ex  Libris.  Douglas  succeeded  to  the 
title  in  1770  and  went  to  live  in  France  so  that  it  is  prob- 
able that  his  plate  was  made  there  rather  than  in  Canada. 

It  is  interesting  to  notice  the  difference  between  the 
French  Canadian  and  the  English  Canadian  Ex  Libris. 
The  former  are  much  in  the  minority  as  regards  numbers, 
and  are  usually  labels.  Such  is  that  of  M.  Bedard  who 
was,  about  1820,  first  mayor  of  Quebec.  That  the 
plates  of  Frenchmen  in  Canada  are  mostly  labels,  such  as 

those  of  Father  Noiseux  the  Vicaire- General  and  Cure  of 
Trois  Rivieres,  may  be  due  to  the  fact  that  mgst  of  them 
belonged  to  Catholic  priests  who,  with  true  clerical 
humbleness,  were  content  with  the  simplicity  of  a  label 
rather  than  with  a  more  proud  and  elaborate  plate.  A 
more  ornate  plate,  however,  is  that  of  the  College  de 
Ste.  Marie  a  Montreal,  which  gives  an  interesting  view 
of  the  college  guarded  by  what  appeared  in  those  days 
necessary  for  a  college  Bookplate,  several  cherubs  and 
genii  or  goddesses  of  knowledge.  I  may  mention  in 
passing  that  there  seem  to  be  very  few  modern  Book- 
plates belonging  to  French  Canadians. 

One  of  the  most  interesting  of  the  18th  Century  plates 
belonging  to  English  Canadians  is  that  of  Peter  Livius 
(Allen  No.  504,  Gagnon  No.  4880),  who  was  a  loyalist 
of  New  Hampshire.  After  the  Revolution  he  went  to 
Canada  and  was  made  Chief  Justice  of  Quebec.  Livius 
was  born  in  England  in  1727  and  died  there  in  1795, 
so  that  the  plate  must  be  earlier  than  that  of  Miss  Watts. 
Moreover  the  print  here  shown  is  the  first  state  of  the 
plate,  having  merely  the  name  "Livius."  An  escutcheon 
and  the  name  "Peter"  are  found  on  a  later  state  which 
is  presumed  to  be  circa  1780.  Another  early  plate  is 
that  of  Thomas  Walker,  perhaps  made  before  1775,  a 
person  who  had  the  dubious  honor  of  having  the  second 
book  ever  published  in  Canada  (Quebec,  1767),  put 
out  in  regard  to  him.  Other  early  Ex  Libris  are  those 
of  John  Elmsley,  a  die-sinker  of  circa  1790,  and  of  William 
Dunbar,  a  queer  old  crest  of  circa  1800. 

In  looking  through  the  list  of  Canadian  plates  one  can 
hardly  help  noticing  the  preponderance  of  professional 
men,  of  lawyers,  judges  of  all  kinds  and  degrees,  doctors 
and  clergymen.     The  law  leads  easily  in  numbers  with 

the  medics  and  ecclesiastics  far  in  the  rear.  Such  men 
as  Henry  Boulton,  Edward  Bowen,  W.  H.  Draper,  John 
Hagerty,  John  Macdonald,  Hugh  MacMahon,  J.  L. 
Morrison,  and  the  Uniackes  started  in  at  the  bar  and 
made  names  for  themselves  either  in  the  law  or  in  poli- 
tics. Among  the  doctors  is  the  armorial  of  William 
Warren  Baldwin  of  Spadina  and  the  decorative  Label  of 
Dr.  Trestler.  One  or  two  plates  belonging  to  Church 
of  England  dignitaries  are  reproduced,  and  pedagogy 
may  perhaps  be  content  with  a  rather  odd  little  design 
belonging  to  and  said  to  be  designed  by  Sir  Daniel  Wilson, 
F.  R.  S.,  once  President  of  Toronto  University.  Plain 
everyday  citizens  have  perhaps  been  rather  left  out  in 
the  cold,  so  I  cannot  help  mentioning  the  plate  of  D.  W. 
Smith  who  thought  so  much  of  Canada  that  he  gave  his 
arms  a  chief  of  the  beaver  and  wrote  Canada  above  his 

It  may  perhaps  be  pertinent  to  wonder  how  many 
Canadian  plates  were  engraved  in  England.  It  is  very 
probable  that  many  Englishmen  had  Ex  Libris  before 
they  emigrated  to  Canada.  It  is  also  likely  that  some 
Canadians,  at  least  in  the  early  days,  sent  to  England 
for  their  Bookplates  as  well  as  for  their  books.  Some 
few  may  have  had  their  plates  made  while  they  were 
visiting  in  England.  Perhaps  such  a  one  was  B.  Homer 
Dixon  of  Toronto,  at  one  time  Consul  to  Holland  and 
while  there  was  honored  by  being  made  Knight  of  the 
Netherlands  Lion,  an  honor  which  he  appreciated  by 
having  a  new  Bookplate,  possibly  having  it  made  in 
Holland,  with  his  "Esq.,"  changed  to  "K.  N.  L.,"  and  a 
representation  of  his  decoration.  I  have  found  the 
following  names  of  English  designers  signed  to  Canadian 
Ex  Libris — Culleton,   Griffiths  &  Weigalls,   Huntly,   W. 


Jackson,  Jarrett,  Mitchell,  Pugh  Bros.,  Silvester  and 
A.  Wyon.  These  are  all  of  London,  but  there  are  some 
few  from  other  parts  of  England  such  as  Murdoch  & 
Sons  of  Edinburgh. 

I  may  mention  the  fact  that  the  list  includes  the 
Governors  General  and  certain  others  who,  although 
not  actually  Canadians,  have  had  a  great  deal  to  do 
with  Canadian  History.  Still  another  class,  who  per- 
haps have  rather  less  right  to  be  included,  are  those 
people  of  other  lands  for  whom  Canadian  artists  have 
designed  Bookplates.  It  may  be  questionable  as  to 
whether  or  not  such  names  should  be  included.  But 
I  have  thought  it  best  to  put  them  in,  especially  as  the 
plates  were  designed  by  Canadian  artists  and  since, 
moreover,  their  biographical  notices  will  show  the  reader 
wmere  the  plates  are  at  present  actually  used. 

Modern  Canadian  Bookplates  may  be  said  to  only  par- 
tially carry  on  the  traditions  of  earlier  times.  The 
English  idea  that  a  coat-of-arms  is  the  only  thing  for 
an  Ex  Libris  is  only  partly  the  vogue  at  present.  More- 
ever  the  older  forms  of  uninteresting  die-sinkers  have 
given  place  to  more  artistic  productions.  The  plate 
by  W.  W.  Alexander  for  Lady  Eaton  is  in  my  opinion 
one  of  the  most  perfect  examples  of  artistic  excellence 
in  Bookplate  work.  The  English  plate  of  Edith  Peruzzi 
de  Medici  by  Miss  Helard  is  the  only  plate  I  have  seen  of 
the  same  type  which  may  be  said  to  equal  it  in  beauty 
of  design,  excellence  of  form,  and  delicac}^  of  finish.  The 
present  day  feeling  that  a  Bookplate  may  be  a  really 
artistic  production  has  happily  taken  firm  root  in  Canada 
and  has  brought  forth  such  excellent  armorials  as  the 
above  mentioned  plate  by  Alexander  and  the  recent 
Ex  Libris  of  Sir  Edmund  Walker  by  Stanley  Harrod. 

Some  of  the  modern  designers  have  followed  the 
armorial  form  and  ideas  of  Thomas  Moring  and  Graham 
Johnston  and  have  given  some  of  their  plates  the  appear- 
ance of  woodcuts.  Mr.  Morley  Ayearst  has  done  several 
rather  good  plates  of  this  description.  In  general  it  may 
be  said  that  the  armorials  are  now  interesting  and  often 
artistic  and  that  there  is  an  increasing  vogue  of  the 
combination  of  armorial-pictorial  plates  which  uses  the 
coat-of-arms  either  in  a  decorative  way  or  as  a  part 
of  the  decoration. 

The  purely  pictorial  Ex  Libris  have  also  in  recent  years 
had  an  increased  popularity  in  Canada.  The  growth  of 
a  population  not  brought  up  in  the  coat-of-arms  tradition 
combined  with  the  modern  artistic  impulse,  which 
possibly  had  its  origin  in  the  Edinburgh  group  of  Book- 
plate moderns  or  with  Guthrie  and  others,  has  produced 
a  number  of  Canadian  pictorial  or  decorative  plates.  In 
general,  however,  these  Ex  Libris  have  the  same  fault  as 
most  modern  English  and  American  designs — that  is, 
lack  of  strength.  There  are,  of  course,  some  excep- 
tions, such  is  the  plate  of  Basil  Morgan  by  J.  E.  H.  Mac- 
donald,  but  the  milk  and  water  school  is  still  at  work 
on  Bookplates  in  modern  Canada  as  in  England  and 
the  United  States.  In  fact  modern  Canadian  plates 
seem  but  a  shadow  of  a  shadow,  for  they  too  often  look 
like  imitations  of  English  designs,  and  if  placed  beside 
a  collection  of  modern  German  or  Spanish  plates  they  are 
extremely  weak  and  colorless. 

There  is,  however,  an  element  of  hope  connected  with 
modern  plates,  since  a  number  of  the  better  Canadian 
artists  have  made  some  Bookplates,  and  are  constantly 
making  more.  Members  and  associates  of  the  Royal 
Canadian  Academy  have  designed  Ex  Libris,  and  it  is 


to  be  hoped  that  their  examples  will  raise  the  artistic 
tone  of  modern  plates  and  possibly  bring  out  some 
artistic  impulse  in  Bookplates  which  shall  be  charac- 
teristic of  modern  Canada. 

Some  twenty  artists  seem  to  represent  the  present 
Bookplate  staff  of  the  Dominion.  Of  these  five  may  be 
mentioned  as  being  above  the  average. 

W.  W.  Alexander,  an  engraver  and  etcher  of  Toronto, 
has  some  twenty- five  plates  to  his  credit.  His  later  work 
is  of  high  standard,  although  he  is  emphatically  an  heraldic 
rather  than  a  pictorial  designer.  In  his  armorial  Ex  Libris 
he  has  broken  away  from  the  traditional  die-sinker  style 
and  has  followed  the  older  and  more  correct  models. 

Morley  J.  Ayearst,  an  undergraduate  of  Toronto 
University,  has  for  a  young  designer  shown  great  promise. 
He  has  made  about  a  dozen  plates  and  his  pen  and  ink 
armorials,  which  follow  the  spirit  of  Graham  Johnston, 
are  for  the  most  part  well  composed  and  bear  evidence 
of  a  sound  knowledge  of  heraldic  design. 

Stanley  Harrod  of  Toronto  has  in  number  of  Ex  Libris 
outstripped  all  other  Canadian  artists,  having  some 
fifty  odd  plates  to  his  credit.  His  pictorial  plates  are 
not  as  successful  as  his  armorials,  for  he  is  rather  weak 
on  figures.  His  recent  heraldic  Ex  Libris  are  modelled  on 
good  ideals  although  in  some  cases  the  draughtsmanship 
leaves  something  to  be  desired.  His  best  efforts  are  those 
in  which  he  uses  pure  design  of  some  definite  school. 
The  plate  for  Sir  Edmund  Walker  is  remarkably  well 
designed  and  executed.  During  the  last  year  Mr.  Harrod 
has  been  experimenting  with  etching  and  has  done  so  well 
at  it  that  I  hope  later  to  see  him  combine  such  an  idea 
as  the  Walker  plate  with  some  fine  etching  and  produce 
some  remarkably  beautiful  Bookplates. 


The  late  A.  H.  Howard  of  Toronto  was,  until  his 
death  in  191 6  the  premier  illuminator  of  Canada.  He 
has  done  about  thirty  plates,  all  in  black  and  white.  He 
was  fond  of  quick,  sketch}^  styles,  sometimes  too  sketchy, 
and  like  most  modern  Canadian,  English  and  American 
artists  could  have  learned  a  great  deal  by  study  of  the 
work  of  Sherborn,  Cossmann,  von  Bayros,  De  Riquer 
and  most  of  the  Germans.  Mr.  Howard  was  a  master 
of  design  and  ornament,  but  often  did  not  consider  finish. 
An  excellent  example  of  this  is  his  plate  for  the  National 

J.  E.  H.  Macdonald,  a  painter  of  Toronto,  is  one  of 
the  best  all-round  designers  in  Canada.  He  has  made 
about  eight  or  more  Bookplates,  all  of  them  good,  but  in 
one  case  at  least  has  had  a  design  reproduced  by  intaglio 
when  it  was  not  at  all  fitted  for  that  process. 

There  are  some  other  Canadian  artists  who  may  be 
mentioned  in  brief.  Carl  Ahrens  is  a  landscape  artist 
who  has  carried  his  specialty  into  Bookplates  with  some 
success.  Alex  Scott  Carter,  an  excellent  illuminator 
who  was  trained  as  an  architect,  has  made  some  half 
dozen  plates  which  show  simplicity  in  treatment,  good 
design,  and  his  training  as  a  student  of  illumination  of 
the  best  mediaeval  periods.  E.  M.  Chadwick  is  a  lawyer 
of  note  and  the  chief  heraldic  authority  of  Canada.  His 
few  Ex  Libris  all  follow  the  Tudor  style  of  Garter  plates 
and  are  excellent  examples  of  that  school.  Selwyn 
Image  of  Oxford,  a  noted  designer  of  stained  glass,  has 
made  a  plate  which  shows  strong,  sure  work  and  a  full 
knowledge  of  design  and  craft.  Edwin  J.  Cox  of 
Montreal  follows  the  mid- Victorian  tradition  of  heraldic 
plates,  and  naturally  although  his  craftmanship  is  good 
his  designs  lack  imagination.     H.  Ecclestone  of  Toronto 


has  made  a  few  plates,  one  or  two  of  which  are  rather 
like  Harold  Nelson's  equestrian  armorials.^  Ida  Hamil- 
ton of  Hamilton  has  done  four  plates  which  show  excel- 
lent feeling  for  pure  design  and  spots  of  color.  Ida 
Sutherland,  a  pupil  of  A.  H.  Howard,  has  designed  a  few 
plates,  mostly  pictorial,  which  while  good  are  rather 
overcrowded  with  material. 

Other  artists  who  have  produced  a  plate  or  two  each  are 
Louise  Brown,  Gustav  Hahn,  George  Lightwood,  C.  M. 
Manley,  E.  V.  Pannell,  Owen  Staples,  R.  Thomson  and 
E.  H.  Varley. 



Adv.  Gen. — Advocate  General 

Alleg .  — allegorical 

Arm. — armorial 

Atty.  Gen. — Attorney  General 

Batt . — battalion 

Bart — Baronet 

B.  C.  L. — Bachelor  of  Civil  Law 

C.  P.  S. — Keeper  of  the  Privy  Seal 
c — circa 

Can. — Canada 

Capt . — Captain 

Chip. — Chippendale  style 

Col. — colonel 

Comm . — commissioner 

Cr. — crest 

Ct. — Connecticut 

C.  V.  O. — Commander  Royal  Vic- 

torian Order 

D.  C.  L. — Doctor  of  Civil  Law 
Dec . — decorative 

Eng . — England 

Emb . — emblematic 

F.  C.  S. — Fellow  of  the  Chemical 

F.  G.  S. — Fellow  of  the  Geographi- 
cal Society 

F.  R.  M.  S— Fellow  of  the  Royal 

Microscopical  Society 

G.  followed  by  a  number — Gag- 

non  ilEssai"  No. — 
G.  S.  and  number — Gagnon  Sup- 

pliment  No. — 
G.    C.    B. — Kt.    Grand    Cross 

Order  of  the  Bath 
Gen. — general 
Gov . — governor 
Hon. — honorable 
H.  M. — His  or  Her  Majesty's 
H.  R.  H. — His  Royal  Highness 
Jac. — Jacobean  style 
K.  C. — King's  Council 
K.    N.    L. — knight   of   Order    of 

Netherlands  Lion 

K.    C.    B. — knight  commander 
order  of  the  Bath 

K.  C.  M.  G. — knight  commander 
order  of  St.  Michael  &  St. 

J.  P. — Justice  of  the  Peace 

Lab. — label 

Lieut . — lieutenant 

M.  R.  C.  S— Member  Royal  Col- 
lege of  Surgeons 

M.  P. — Member  of  Parliament 

M.  L.  C. — Member  Legislative 

mant . — mantling 

Mgr. — manager 

Mon. — monogram 

N.  C. — North  Canada 

N.  P. — Notary  public 

N.  S. — Nova  Scotia 

N.  B. — New  Brunswick 

Ont. — Ontario 

P.  C. — Privy  Councillor 

P.  Q. — Province  of  Quebec 

P.  E.  I. — Prince  Edward  Island 

Pict .  — pictorial 

Ptre.  or  Pretre. — priest 

Pub. — public 

Q.  C. — Queens  Council 

R.  C. — Roman  Catholic 

R.  R.  — railroad 

R.  N. — Royal  Navy 

R.  &  W  — Ribbon  and  Wreath 

Scot. — Scotland 

Sg. — Signed 

Soc. — Society 

Sol.  Gen. — Solicitor  General 

Sups. — supporters 

Symb. — symbolical 

Uni  v .  — university 

U.  K. — United  Kingdom 

Vt. — Vermont 


A  List  of  Canadian  Boo^-Plates 

Abbott,  John  Caldwell,  c.  1890.  Cr.  "Devant  si  je  puis."  Sg. 
"Adams."  Sir  John  Abbott,  Prime  Minister  of  Canada,  1891. 
Born  1 821;  McGill  Univ.;  bar  of  Lower  Can.,  1847;  repre- 
sentative in  Canadian  Assembly  1859-67;  Queen's  Council; 
Sol.  Gen.  1862;  M.  P.  1867-74,  1880-87;  Senator  1889;  Prime 
Minister  1891;  K.  C.  M.  G.  1892;  died  1893.     (G.  S.  2649.) 

Abuhall,  T.  B.  H.  Lab. 

Acklorn,  George  Moebye.     Arm.  "Look  through."     Of  Lennoxville. 

Adamson,  John.     c.  1840.     Lab.  Surgeon  of  Halifax. 

Adamson,  Wm.  Agar.  Cr.  "Veterum  non  immemor."  Rev.  Dr. 
Adamson,  Chaplain  Canadian  House  of  Commons. 

Adie,  Edward,  c.  1910.  Pict.  A  direct  copy  of  the  plate  of  M.  A. 
DeWolfe  Howe  by  B.  G.  Goodhue. 

Agniel,  D.  Camille.     c.  1840.     Lab.  Priest  of  Quebec.     (G.  4746.) 

Ainslie,  G.  R.  Arm.  sups,  standing  on  ground.  Major  Ainslie, 
Lieut.  Gov.  of  Cape  Breton  1816-20. 

Akin,  Thomas  B.  c.  1840.  Cr.  in  garter.  Thomas  Beamish  Akin, 
author  of  valuable  historical  writings,  barrister  and  Com- 
missioner of  Public  Records  in  Nova  Scotia.  The  Akin  family 
came  from  New  Jersey  in  1758.  Born  in  Liverpool,  N.  S.  1809; 
studied  law  in  Halifax;  bar  1831 ;  Comm.  Pub.  Rec.  1857 ;  author 
of  "History  of  Halifax;  N.  S."  1839,  "A  Sketch  of  the  Rise  and 
Progress  of  the  Church  of  England  in  the  British  North  Ameri- 
can Provinces,"  "Selections  from  the  public  documents  of  the 
Province  of  Nova  Scotia"  1869,  and  various  pamphlets.  (Acad. 
Vol.  4.     No.  1.  p.  85.) 

Alberta,  Library  of  the  Province  of,  Edmonton.  Lab. 

Alberta,  Library  of  the  Province  of,  Edmonton.  Arm.  Mant. 

Alexander,  George  R.  Arm.  Mant.     "Ducitur  non  trahitur." 

Alexander,  George.  Arm.  Cr.  and  garter.  "Non  fraude  sed  laude." 
Senator  of  Quebec.     (G.  4747.) 

Alexander,  W.  L.,  Attorney  at  Law,  Halifax,  c.  1780.  Lab.  with 
flower  border. 

Alexander,  W.  Murray.  Arm.  "Per  mare  per  terras."  By 
Alexander  and  Cable  Toronto.     Stockbroker  of  Toronto. 

Alexander,  William  Walker.  191 1 ,  Pict.  By  owner,  partner  in  the 
firm  of  Alexander  and  Cable,  Engravers  of  Toronto,  and  an 
artist  of  Toronto  who  has  designed  twenty  or  more  Bookplates. 

Allan,  Andrew,  Iononteh.  Cr.  "Spero."  Brother  of  Sir  Hugh 
Allan.  Born  in  Saltcoats,  Scotland,  1812;  came  to  Can.  1839; 
member  of  firm  of  Allan  Bros.  1846;  died  1901. 

Allan,  George  William.  Cr.  in  garter,  c.  1890.  Born,  son  of  Hon. 
William  Allan,  in  Toronto,  1822;  bar  1846;  served  through 
rebellion  of  1837;  mayor  of  Toronto  1855;  Legislative  Council 
1858;  Senate  1867;  Speaker  1888;  Queen's  Privy  Council  of 
Can.  1891 ;  Chancellor  of  Univ.  of  Toronto  1877.  Presented  the 
Allan  Gardens  to  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2650.) 

Allan,  John  &  Margaret,  1843.  Leather  Lab.  Of  Longue  Pointe, 
West  Montreal. 

(Allan),  "Ravenscrag."  Arm.  "Spero."  Hugh  Montagu  Allan  of 
Montreal.  Born  i860;  second  son  of  Sir  Hugh  Allan  the  founder 
of  the  Montreal  Ocean  Steamship  Co. 

Allan,  William,  Cr.  in  garter.  Two  varieties.  Pioneer  settler 
in  Upper  Can.;  Lieut. -Colonel  in  War  of  181 2;  member  of 
the  Legislative  Council  of  old  Can. ;  member  of  Executive 
Council  during  the  administration  of  Sir  Francis  Bond-Head  and 
Sir  George  Arthur;  died  1853;  (Same  plate  as  that  of  G.  W. 
Allan.  G.  4748,  and  G.  S.  2650.) 

Allard,  Rev.  Theophile.     Lab. 

Allen,  Andrew.     Cr. 

(Allen),  Cr.  Mant.  "Facta  non  verba."  By  M.  J.  Ayearst  1918.; 
Eugene  Bell  Allen,  born  Port  Huron  Mich. ;  of  the  Allen  Inspec- 
tion Co.  Hamilton  Ont. 

(Allen)  c.  1850.  Cr.  in  garter.  "Tace  aut  face."  Hon.  Sir  John 
Campbell  Allen,  Frederickton,  N.B.  A  grandson  of  Isaac 
Allen  the  New  England  loyalist  who  settled  in  Nova  Scotia  in 
1788.  Born  181 7;  advocate  1838;  bar  1840;  member  of  the 
House  of  Assembly  1856-65;  Sol.  Gen.  1856-59;  speaker  of 
House  1863-65;  Attny.  Gen.  1865;  delegate  to  Eng.  on  con- 
federation in  1865;  Judge  of  Supreme  Court  on  return  to 
Can.;  Chief  Justice  of  the  Province  of  New  Brunswick  in  1875. 
L.  L.  D.,  D.  C.  L.  (Acad.  Vol.  2  Xo.  1.  p.  40.) 

Allison,  Edward.  Cr.  "Faire  sans  dire."  Of  St.  John.  Born  at 
Cornwallis,  N.  S.  1803 ;  died  at  Halifax  1876.  ("Acad."  Vol.  I. 
p.  116.) 

Alloway,  William  Forbes,  The  Derries,  Winnipeg.  Arm.  Mant. 
Born  in  Queen's  County,  Ireland,  1852;  educated  in  Montreal; 
member  of  Lord  Wolselcy's  Red  River  expedition  in  1870. 
Governor  of  Winnipeg  General  Hospital. 


All  Saints  Church,  Toronto.  In  remembrance  of  Confirmation. 
Lab.  &  border.  < 

Allsop,  G.  A.     c.  1800.     Lab.     Of  Quebec.     (G.  4749.) 

(Almon,  L.  J.).  Arm.  "En  Avant."  Born  1816.  Educated  King's 
College  N.S.,  M.  D.  Glasgow  1838;  M.  P.  Canada  1872;  Can. 
Senate,  1879  of  St.  John  N.  B.     (Acad.   Vol.  2.  No.  1.  p.  39.) 

(Almon,  W.  J.)  Arm.  "En  Avant."  Hon.  William  Johnson  Almon, 
M.  D.  of  Halifax.  Son  of  Hon.  William  Almon,  M.  L.  C.  of  N.  S., 
descended  on  paternal  side  from  William  James  Almon,  sur- 
geon, Royal  Artillery,  New  York  1776,  later  Halifax,  and  on 
maternal  side  from  Rev.  John  Cotton.  Born  in  Halifax  1816; 
studied  at  King's  College,  Edinburgh,  and  Glasgow;  House  of 
Commons  1872-74;  Senate  1879;  died  1901. 

Alnwick  Public  Library.     Lab. 

Amner,  Thomas.     Arm.     In  red  and  white. 

Anderson,  A.  W.     Same  plate  as  J.  Weir  Anderson,  name  altered. 

Anderson,  David  Charles.     Cr.  "Providentia." 

Anderson,  F.  P.     Arm.  "Gradatim." 

Anderson,  J.  Weir.  Arm  "Gradatim."  Born  in  Eng.  came  to 
Can.  1870.     (G.  4750.) 

Anderson,  c.  1800.  Arm.  Mant.  Samuel  Anderson  a  loyalist  of 
New  York;  came  to  Can.  at  the  beginning  of  the  Revolution; 
Captain  under  Sir  John  Johnson;  settled  near  Cornwall  1783; 
died  at  the  age  of  101  in  1857. 

Anderson,  W.  Arm.  Merchant  of  Quebec.     (G.  S.  2651.) 

Angus,  Richard  B.  Arm.  Mant.  Born  in  Bathgate,  Scot.  1830; 
came  to  Can.  1857;  Gen.  Mgr.  of  Bank  of  Montreal  1869-79; 
one  of  the  svndicate  which  founded  the  Canadian  Pacific  R.  R. 

Annesley  Hall,  Victoria  College,  Toronto.  Sg.  "E.  M.  K."  Ladies' 
Residence  University  of  Toronto. 

Antrobus,  Sir  Edmund.  Arm.  "Dei  memor  gratus  amicis."  Was 
"a  peace  hunter  of  1840."     (G.  S.  4751.) 

Arcane  Society,  The.     Dec.  Symb.  1918.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Archibald,  A.  G.  c.  1875.  Arm.  Mant.  "Palma  non  sine  pul- 
vere."  Hon.  Sir  Adams  George  Archibald,  K.  C.  M.  G.,  D.  C.  L., 
P.  C.  Born  in  Truro,  N.  S.  181 4;  Pictou  College;  law  in  Hali- 
fax; attorney  1838;  barrister  1839;  Nova  Scotia  Assembly 
1851;  Sol.  Gen.  1856;  Atty.  Gen.  i860;  Adv.  Gen.  of  the  Vice 
Admiralty  Court  1862;  Secretary  of  State  for  the  Province 
1867;  Lieut. -Gov.  of  Manitoba  and  the  North  West  Terri- 
tories 1870;   Order  of  St.  Michael  and  St.  George  1872;  Lieut.- 

Gov.  of  Nova  Scotia  1873-83;  K.  C.  M.  G.  1886;  House  of 
Commons  1888-91 ;  died  1892.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  4.  p.  278.) 

Archibald,  D.  C.     Arm. 

Archibald,  c.  1800.  Arm.  Same  arms  as  A.  G.  Archibald  with 
escutcheon  added.  Sg.  "Huntly  sc.  74  Bond  St."  Hon.  Samuel 
George  William  Archibald,  born  in  Truro,  N.  S.  1777;  member 
House  of  Assembly  for  forty  years;  Sol.  Gen.,  Atty.  Gen.,  and 
Adv.  Gen.;  Master  of  Rolls  in  Chancery;  Judge  of  the  Vice 
Admiralty  Court  of  Nova  Scotia;  Chief  Justice  and  President 
of  the  Council  of  Prince  Edward  Island;  died  1846. 

Argenson,  Ex  Catal.  Biblioth,  d',  c.  1700.  Arm.  Pierre  de  Voyer 
D'Argenson,  born  1626;  was  at  the  Siege  of  Bordeaux  and  at 
the  battle  of  Lens;  Gov.  and  Lieut. -Gen.  of  New  France  1657- 
61;  died  c.  1709.     (G.  3919  and  4753.) 

Armstrong,  Sarah.     Dec. 

Armour,  This  Book  belongs  to  R.,  Jun.  of  Montreal.  Lab.  with 

Arts  and  Letters  Club,  Toronto,  Canada.  Pict.  Symb.  By  J.  E. 
H.  Macdonald. 

Ashworth,  R.  J.  D.    Lab.  (English?) 

Askin,  Duncan  M.   Arm.  "Je  pense  plus."     Of  Quebec.     (G.  4754.) 

At  water,  Edwin  G.,  Montreal  1861.  Lab.  At  one  time  President 
of  the  Montreal  Board  of  Trade. 

At  wood,  Clinton  A.  S.     Arm. 

Auge,  0.  M.,  Avocat.     Lab. 

Avray,  E.  Marshall  d'.  Lab.  Professor  of  French  in  Univ.  of  New 

Ayearst,  John  Alma.  Arm.  Mant.  1918.  "Tous  jours  loyal."  By 
his  son  Morley  J.  Ayearst  of  Toronto.  Born  county  of  Wel- 
lington, Ontario.  B.  A.  Victoria  College  University  of  Toronto 
1894.  Ordained  Methodist  Church  1894.  Resigned  Ministry 
to  become  Chief  (Liquor)  Licence  Inspector  for  Ontario.  Mem- 
ber Board  of  Licence  Commissioners  for  Ontario  19 16. 

Ayearst,  Morley  J.  Arm.  Mant.  "Tous  jours  loyal."  1918.  By 
owner  born  Court  right  Ont.  1899.  Son  of  John  Alma  Ayearst. 
Victoria  College  University  of  Toronto.  Has  designed  a  few 
Bookplates,  mostly  armorial. 

Ayearst,   Morley  J.   Mon.     191 7.     By  Stanley   Harrod. 

(Ayearst,  Morley  J.)  Arm.  Mant.  1918.  "Tous  jours  loyal."  By 
Stanley  Harrod. 

Ayearst,  M.  J.     Dec.  191 5.     By  owner. 

(Ayearst,  M.  J.)     Arm.  Mant.  191 5.     By  owner. 


Aylwin,  Thorns.  Chip.  Arm.  "Je  n'oublierai  pas."  A  Boston 
merchant  who  married  the  daughter  of  William  Cushing  who 
was  later  one  of  the  justices  of  the  United  States  Supreme 
Court.  In  1768  Aylwin  removed  to  Quebec  and  lived  there 
through  the  revolution.     (G.  4755  and  G.  S.  Appx.) 

Aylwin,  Charles  F.  c.  1830.  Arm.  "Je  n'oublierai  pas."  Of 
Quebec.     (G.  4756.) 

B.,  C.  Mon.   Dec.  (G.  4757-) 

B.     No. ,  Lab. 

Babeau,  M.,  Conseiller  a  Troyes.     Lab. 

Bacon,  James.     Cr.     Born  1851.     Upper  Canada  College  1861-70. 

Barrister  of  Toronto. 
Bagg,  Abner.  Arm,  Sg.     "W.  Jackson  sc.  Gutter  Lane,  Cheapside, 

London."     Bom  in  Pittsfield,   Mass.   1793;  died  in  Montreal 

1852.     (G.  S.  2652.) 
Baillargeon,  C.  F.     c.  1835.     Lab.     Born  at  L'ile  Auxgrues  1798; 

ordained  priest  1822;    Bishop  and  Administrator  of  Diocese  of 

Quebec     1855;      died     1870.     Two    varieties.     Archbishop    of 

Quebec.     (G.  4758-) 
Bain.     Dec,     By  A.  H.  Howard. 
(Baird)  A.  H.  B.,  Paris,  Ont.  Arm.  "Vi  et  virtute."     Andrew  Hugh 

Baird,  mayor  of  Paris,  Ont.     Born  in  Montreal  1834. 
Baker,  Albert,  Collegiate  Institute,  Collingwood,  Ont.,  188-.     Lab. 
Baker,  James.     Arm.  Mant.  (Shield  in  border)     Born  in  London 

1830;    educated  at   Cambridge;    member  of  8th   Hussars  in 

Crimea;  retired  1875  with  rank  of  Lieut.  Col.;  came  to  British 

Columbia   1881;    member  of  Legislature  for  Kootenay   1886; 

died  1890; 

Arms-quarterly  (1)  Baker  of  Clanbrook,  Kent,   (2)  Baker  of 

Battle,  Sussex,  (3)  Baker  of  Herefordshire  and  Worcestershire, 

(4)  Baker  of  Dorset. 

(Baldwin,  Robert.)  Arm.  Mant.  "Nee.  timide  nee  temere." 
Son  of  William  Warren  Baldwin.  Born  in  Toronto  1804;  bar 
1825;  Sol.  Gen.  1841;  Atty.  Gen.  1842;  Executive  Councillor 
1836;  Premier  and  Atty.  Gen.  for  Upper  Can.  in  the  Baldwin- 
Lafontine  administration  in  1842;  died  1858.     (G.  4760.) 

Baldwin  of  Spadina,  in  the  County  of  York,  Upper  Canada.  Arm. 
Mant.  "Nee  timide  nee  temere."  Dr.  William  Warren  Bald- 
win, born  1775;  came  to  Can.  from  Ireland  1789  with  his 
father  Robert  Baldwin;  was  at  Clarke  on  Lake  Ontario,  then 
Toronto,  and  later  Spadina ;  law  1 803 ;  Bencher  of  the  Law 
Society  1807;    M.  P.  for  Norfolk  1838;   died  1844.     His  home 


was  called  "Spadina  House"  from  the  Indian  word  "spadina" 
which  means  a  sudden  rise  of  ground  such  as  that  upon  which 
the  house  was  built.  There  is  a  Spadina  Ave.  in  Toronto. 
(G.  4759-) 

Baldwin  of  Spadina,  etc.  Same  as  last  plate  except  that  shield 
is  quarterly  quartered. 

Baldwin,  John,  Esq.     Arm.     Of  Ontario,  c.  1850.     (G.  S.  2653.) 

Baldwin,  John.     Cr.  in  garter.     (1850.) 

Baldwin,  Samuel.     Arm.  Chip. 

Baldwin,  Hon.  W.  W.  (?) 

Balfour,  Andrew  J.  Arm.  "God  gives  increase."  By  W.  W. 
Alexander.     Clergyman  of  Quebec. 

Ball,  Alfred  S.,  Avocat,  Woodstock,  Ontario.  Arm.  "Paratus 
atque  fidelis."     (G.  S.  2654.) 

Ball,  F.  R.  Arm.  "Paratus  atque  fidelis."  Francis  Ramsay  Ball  of 
Woodstock,  County  Crown  Atty.,  and  Clerk  of  the  Peace. 
Born  1827  in  Niagara  Township.  His  family  came  from  Ger- 
many in  1627  and  settled  near  Albany,  N.  Y.,  but  removed  to 
Canada  after  the  Revolution.  Bar  1850.  Q.  C.  1878.  (G. 

Ball,  F.  W.     Arm.  "Avant."     By  Rolph  &  Smith,  Toronto. 

Banwell,  Henry.     Lab. 

Barnes,  W.  H.  L.     Lab.    Three  varieties. 

Barnett,  J.  Davis.    Pict.    A  well  known  Bibliophile  of  London,  Ont. 

Barret,  L.  A.     c.  1850.     Lab.    Priest  of  Quebec. 

Barrett,  James  Satter.     Lab.  (English?) 

Barron,  John  Augustus.  Arm.  Born  Toronto,  son  of  Fred  William 
Barron,  1850;  bar  1872;  practised  at  Lindsay;  House  of 
Commons  for  North  Victoria  1887.  K.  C.  1890;  County  Court 
Judge  Co.  of  Perth  1897;  Author  of  "Barron  on  Chattel  Mort- 
gages," "On  Conditional  Sales,"  etc. 

(Barry,  James  S.)   c.  1850,  Arm.  "Boutez  en  avant."  Two  varieties. 

Barter,  George.     Lab.  (English?) 

Barthe,  G.  J.,  Avocat,  C.  R.  Sorel.     c.  i860.   Lab.  (G.  4762.) 

Barthe,  G.  J.,  Avocat,  Sorel.     Lab. 

Bas,  Canada,  Department  de  l'lnstruction  publique,  18 — .  c.  1850. 
Prize  lab.  and  border. 

Bates,  James  N.,  Nevuit  Healy.     Lab. 

Bathurst  of  Lydney  Park.     Arm.  Rt.  Hon.  Charles  Bathurst. 
Bathurst,  The  Rt.  Hon.  Chas.     c.   1800.     Arm.     "Tien  la  fay." 
(G.  4763) 


(Bayard),  Chip.  Arm.  No  motto.  Similar  to  Allen  #65.  Dr. 
William  Bayard  the  son  of  Dr.  Robert  Bayard,  M.  D.  (Edin- 
burgh) who  went  to  St.  John,  N.  B.  in  1824.  Borrf  18 13 ;  studied 
in  New  York  and  Edinburgh;  M.  D.  1837;  came  to  Canada 
1838.     (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  2.  p.  132.) 

Bayne,  A.  Herbert,  Pictou.     N.  S.  Lab.  (G.  4764.) 

Bayne,  Herbert,  Pictou.     c.   1865.     Lab. 

Bayne,  Rev.  James,  Pictou.     Lab.  (Acad.  Vol.  6.  No.  2.  p.  122.) 

Beach,  W.  W.,  Leon  Library.    Lab. 

Beatty,    Geo.  D.     Pict.     Of  Ontario.     (G.  4765.) 

Beaucher,  J.  B.     St.  Hyacinthe.     Lab. 

Beaujeu,  G.  Raoul  de.  Lab  with  border.  Descendent  of  one  of 
the  oldest  noble  families  of  New  France,  of  the  Seigneury  of 

Beaujeu,  A  George  Rere,  Saveuse  de.  c.  1850.  Lab.  with  border. 
Of  Coteau  du  Lac,  district  of  Montreal.  Seigneur  of  Soulanges 
and  of  New  Longueuil.     Born  in  Montreal  18 10;   died  1865. 

Beaujeu,  Yvonne  de.     Lab.  with  border. 

(Beauvau),  C.  B.     Mon.  Pict. 

Bea  verb  rook  (Sir  Max  Aitken,  1st  Baron  Beaverbrook)  Arm.  Sups. 
"Res  mihi  non  me  rebus."  Sg.  "A.  F.  Batchelor,  London." 
Journalist;  British  M.  P.;  Canadian  eye-witness  in  France 
during  German  War;  raised  to  Peerage  in  19 16.  Was  born  at 
Beaverbrook,  N.  S. 

Becher,  Henry  Corry  Rowley,  Thornwood,  London,  Upper  Canada. 
Arm.  "Bis  vivit,  qui  bene."     Well  known  lawyer.  (G.  4766.) 

Becher,  Henry  Corry  Rowley.  Same  as  last  but  without  address 

Bedard,  E.  Lab.  with  border.  Judge  and  first  mayor  of  Quebec 
c.  1820;   died  1848.     (G.  4767.) 

Bedard,  L.  Th.  Lab.   c.  1830.     Priest  of  Quebec,  died  1859.     (G.  S. 

Belcher,  Andrew.     Cr.  with  festoons. 

Belcher,  Andrew.  Arm.  "Loyal  jusqu'a  la  mort."  Son  of  Jona- 
than Belcher.  Was  a  merchant  and  distinguished  citizen  of 
Halifax;   member  of  the  Nova  Scotia  Council  1801. 

Belcher,  Jonathan,  E.  Societate  Medii  Templi.  c.  1750.  Arm. 
"Loyal  ou  mort. ' '  Born  in  Boston  1 7 1  o ;  one  of  the  first  settlers 
of  Halifax;  First  Chief  Justice  of  N.  S.  1761;  Lieut. -Gov. 
1760;  died  in  Halifax  1776.  He  was  the  son  of  Governor 
Jonathan  Belcher  of  Massachusetts.  (G.  4768,  also  Allen  #72, 
and  "The  Curio,"  p.  113,  Acad.  Vol.  4.  No.  1.  p.  86.) 


Bell,  Thomas.   Cr.  in  garter.     No  motto.     (G.  S.  2657.) 

Bell,  Thomas.     Cr.  "Perseverantia."     Naturalist  of  Toronto. 

(Bell)  Arm.  "Nihil  amanti  durum."     (G.  S.  2656.) 

Belleville,  Ontario  Institution  for  the  Deaf  and  Dumb.     Lab. 

Bellingham,  Sydney.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 

Benson,  James.     Cr.  in  garter. 

Benson,    James    Rae.     Arm.    "Inconcussa    virtus."     Of    Ontario. 

(G.  4769-) 
Benson,  Thomas  Moore,  of  Port  Hope.     Arm.  Mant.     Senior  Judge 

of  County  Court  of  United  Counties  of  Northumberland  and 

Durham,  and  local  Judge  of  High  Court  of  Justice  for  Ontario. 

Bora  in  Port  Hope  1833. 

Bently,  The  Property  of  James,  Private  Library  1855.  Ornate  Lab. 
Sg.  "J.  R.  Hoag,  printer." 

Berington,  Thomas.     Arm.     No  motto. 

Bernard,  Hewitt.  Arm.  Brother  of  the  Honble.  Sarah  Agnes, 
Baroness  Macdonald  of  Earnscliff,  and  son  of  T.  J.  Bernard. 
Came  to  Can.  and  entered  law,  but  became  a  private  secretary 
to  the  Prime  Minister  Sir  John  A.  Macdonald. 

Berrymax,  John,  M.  D.  Arm  "Per  ardua."  His  father,  an  Irish- 
man, came  from  Antrim  to  St.  John,  N.  B.  Dr.  Berryman  was 
born  1828;  studied  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  active  in  the  United 
States  Civil  War  1861;  House  of  Assembly  for  St.  John  1886; 
died  1900.     (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  3.  p.  240.) 

Berthelet,  C,  Pretre,  1825.     Lab.     Died  13th  April  1830.     (G.  S. 

Best,  Library  of  Frank  H.  Ornate  Lab.     Of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2659.) 

Bethel  Sabbath  School  Library — Hamilton.  "Donnelley  Prin- 
ter."    Lab. 

Bethune,  Bishop,  College,  Oshawa.  Arm.  Mitre.  Ladies  College 

Bethune,  John  George,  Student  Facultv  of  Medicine.  University  of 
McGill  College.     Lab. 

Bethune,  Strachan,  Montreal.  Lab.  Son  of  Dean  Bethune  of 
Montreal.  Born  1821;  bar  1843;  Q.  C.  1864;  D.  C.  L.  Lennox- 
ville  1885. 

Bethune,  S.  Hallowell.     Arm.  "Debonnaire." 

Bettridge,  William,  D.  D.,  Rector  of  Woodstock,  N.  C.  Arm. 
Came  to  Can.  in  1834.  Wrote  a  history  of  the  Church  of  Eng- 
land in  Upper  Can. 


Beverley,  Robert  Mackenzie.  Ann.  in  garter.  Sg.  "Griffiths  & 
Weigalls,  385  James  St."     "Ubi  libertas,  ibi  patria."     (G.  S. 

2660.)  y 

(Bickley,  Francis  P.)     Arm.  "Celer  et  audax." 

Bird,  F.  W.     Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Bird,  J.  Godfrey.     Arm.  "Fideliter." 

Bishop  of  Columbia.     See  Hills. 

Black,  Dr.  Campbell,  567  Sherbourne,  Toronto,  Ont.,  Can.     Lab. 

Blackstone,  Henry  R.  &  W.  Arm.     "Audax  et  vigil."     (Proper 

motto   ribbon   is    empty)     Sheriff   of   Trois-Rivieres    1810-25; 

died  there  1825.     Was  the  son  of  Sir  William  Blackstone  the 

distinguished  commentator  on  the  laws  of  Eng.     (G.  3848  and 

Blais,  Francois,     c.  1856.     Lab.  of  Quebec.     (G.  4772.) 

Blake,  Rev.  D.  E.  Arm.  "Virtus  sola  nobilitat."  Dominick 
Edward  Blake  who  came  to  Can.  in  1832  with  his  brother 
William  H.  Blake.  Previous  to  1832  he  was  curate  in  the 
County  of  Mayo.  In  Can.  he  was  made  rector  of  the  township 
of  Adelaide  during  the  administration  of  Sir  John  Calborne. 
He  died  in  1859. 

Blake,  Gerald  Edward.     Arm.  "Virtus  sola  nobilitat." 

Blake,  John  Netherville.     Plate  of  Rev.  D.  E.  Blake,  name  altered. 

Blake,  Verschoyle  Benson.     Arm.  "Virtus  sola  nobilitat." 

Blake,  Wm.  Hume.  Arm.  A  Scotchman  of  Ontario,  the  Hon. 
William  Hume  Blake,  son  of  the  Rev.  D.  E.  Blake;  born  in 
Kiltegan,  Wicklow  1809;  Trinity  College,  Dublin;  studied 
surgery;  studied  theology;  came  to  Can.  1832;  bought  a  farm 
but  later  moved  to  Toronto ;  law ;  Paymaster  in  Toronto  during 
the  Rebellion  of  1837;  bar  1838;  Sol.  Gen.  in  Baldwin-Lafon- 
taine  ministry  1847;  Vice  Chancellor  of  Court  of  Chancery 
1849;  died  1870.  His  son  was  the  reform  leader  Hon.  Edward 
Blake.     (G.  4773-) 

Blaquiere,  Henry  de.  Cr.  in  garter.  "Tiens  a  la  verite."  Of 
Guelph,  Ont.     Plate  by  Rolph  &  Smith  Toronto.     (G.  4774.) 

Blaquiere,  Honble.  P.  B.  Arm.  "Tiens  a  la  verite."  Peter  Boyle 
de  Blaquiere  the  younger  son  of  John,  Lord  de  Blaquiere  of 
Ardkill,  County  Londonderry.  Born  in  Dublin  1784;  entered 
the  navy;  midshipman  under  Captain  Bligh  at  the  battle  of 
Camperdown;  came  to  Can.  1837;  Legislative  Council  1838- 
60;  Chancellor  of  Univ.  of  Toronto;  died  i860.     (G.  S.  2661.) 

Bloomfield,  G.  B.  Cr.  No  motto.  Son  of  Bishop  Bloomfield  of 
London,  Eng.     (G.  S.  2662.) 


Bodkin,  John.  Pict.  Editor  of  "The  Kitbag."  (Acad.  Vol.  3. 
No.  1.  p.  67.) 

Bois,  Ls.  Ed.,  Pretre.  Emb.  Lab.  Two  varieties.  Cure  of  Mas- 
Kinonge  and  an  author  of  note.  A  collector  of  Canadiana  whose 
library  was  left  to  the  parish  of  Nicolet.  Born  in  Quebec  18 13  ; 
ordained  1837;  cure  of  St.  Francois  de  Beance  1843;  trans- 
ferred to  MasKinonge  1848;  died  there.  Motto  "Prosunt  et 
delectant.     Lectum  retinere  nefas."     (G.  4775.) 

Bolduc,  Henri,  notaire,  Quebec,     c.  1840.     Lab.     (G.  4776.) 

Bond,  Alderman,  1845.  Emb.  Masonic.  George  Bond,  born  1790; 
member  of  Council  of  St.  John,  N.  B.  1833-49;  died  1852. 
(Acad.  Vol.  1.  p.  102.) 

Booklovers  Library  (Ltd.)     Arm.  Lab.     Two  varieties. 

Borde,  Bibliotheque  de  Madame  de  la.     Lab. 

Borden,  Robert  Laird.  Arm.  Mant.  "Avauncez  lentement." 
Born  Grand  Pre,  N.  S.  1854;  son  of  Andrew  Borden;  L.  L.  D. 
Queen's  University  1903  and  of  St.  Francis  Xavier  1905;  pro- 
fessor Glenwood  Institute  N.  J.  1873;  called  to  N.  S.  bar 
1878;  K.  C.  1890;  G.  C.  M.  G.  1914;  Grand  Cross  Legion  of 
Honor  191 5;  M.  P.  for  Halifax  1896,  and  for  Carleton  1905; 
leader  Conservative  opposition  1910-11;  P.  C.  191 1;  Prime 
Minister  1 9 1 1 ;  was  Prime  Minister  during  the  German  War, 
and  represented  Can.  at  the  Peace  Conference  19 18-19. 

Borrodaile.     (?)     Of  Winnipeg. 

Borrow,  Henry.     Lab.     Of  Truro,  N.  S. 

Borthwick,  Arm.  Sups.  "Qui  conducit."  Rev.  John  Douglas 
Borthwick  born  Glencourse  Scotland  1832;  Can.  1850;  Head 
Master  West  End  Academy  Montreal;  ordained  1866;  was 
Chaplain  to  H.  M.  forces;  was  a  prolific  writer  among  other 
works  are  "Examples  of  Historical  &  Geographical  Autono- 
masias."  "History  of  Montreal  with  Biographical  Sketches." 
L.  L.  D.  Chicago  College  of  Science  1888.  Wrote  also  "Poems 
and  Songs  of  the  South  African  War." 

Bosanquet,  Samuel  Esq.     Arm. 

Bossange,  Depots  de  livres  francais,  Etablis  par  H.,  Montreal. 
Lab.   (G.  S.  2663.) 

Boucher,  Ex  libris  Adelaid  J.  Marianopoli,  18 — .  Lab.  Dec. 
"Initum  sapientiae  timor  Domini."     (G.  S.  2664.) 

Boucherville,  A  Phileas  Vcrcheres  de.     Lab. 

Boucherville,  Dr.  P.  V.  de.     Bcaucharnais,  Ca.    Lab. 

Boucherville,  Dr.  V.  de.  Lab.  These  three  plates  were  the 
property  of  Dr.  Boucherville  who  was  a  descendant  of  Lieut. 


Gen.  Pierre  Boucher,  the  Gov.  of  Trois  Rivieres  in  1653,  and 
Grand  Seneschal  of  New  France. 

Bougainville,  M.  de,  de  1' Acad.  Francse.  1775.  ^Arm.  Louis  An- 
toine  Bougainville,  distinguished  French  Navigator.  Born  in 
Paris  1729;  served  in  Canada  with  Montcalm;  sent  to  France 
1756;  returned  1759;  while  in  France  was  made  a  Colonel 
and  decorated  as  Knight  of  St.  Louis;  distinguished  himself  in 
the  defense  of  Quebec  before  the  capture  of  the  city,  twice 
repulsing  Murray  at  Pointe  aux  Trembles;  commanded  ships 
of  the  line  during  the  American  Revolution;  died  181 1.  (G. 
3822  and  4777.) 

Boughton,  Frederic.     Arm.  "Bis  vivit,  qui  bene."     (G.  4778.) 

Boulton,  (Rev.?)  William.  Arm.  Queen's  College,  Oxford;  Classi- 
cal Master  in  Upper  Canada  College  1830.     (G.  S.  2664.) 

Boulton,  Henry  Rudyard.  Arm.  "Nosce  Teipsum."  Same  arms 
as  last  plate.     (G.  S.  2665.) 

Boulton,  Henry  John.  Ann.  "Nosce  Teipsum."  Two  varieties, 
one  differenced  with  a  crescent  on  a  crescent.  Born,  son  of 
Hon.  D'Arcy  Boulton,  in  Kensington  1790;  Lincolns  Inn  and 
Middle  Temple;  practised  law  in  Upper  Can.  1816;  Sol.  Gen. 
1818;  Atty.  Gen.  1829;  M.P.  for  Niagara  1829;  removed  from 
office  of  Atty.  Gen.  1833;  went  to  England  and  was  appointed 
Chief  Justice  of  Newfoundland  1833-38.  (G.  4779  and  G.  S. 

Boulton,  James  Foster.     Ann. 

Bourdillons.     Lab.  (English?) 

Bourne,  Revd.  George.  Arm.  Church  of  England  clergyman  of 
Toronto;   died  in  England  c.  1890. 

Bourne,  Revd.  George,  Toronto,  Ontario  1835.  Arm.  "Veritas  et 
sinceritas."     (G.  4780  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Bourret,  L.  A.  c.  1850.  Lab.  Priest  of  Qtiebec;  ordained  23 
Sept.  1837.     (G.  4781.) 

Bovell,  James.  Cr.  with  motto.  Born  in  the  Barbadoes  181 7; 
studied  medicine  in  London,  Edinburgh  and  Dublin;  came 
to  Canada  1848;  lived  in  Toronto  where  he  helped  to  establish 
the  medical  faculty  of  Trinity  College  in  1850,  of  which  he  was 
a  professor  and  Dean  of  the  Faculty;  later  joined  the  Toronto 
School  of  Medicine  and  lectured  in  Physiology  and  Pathology 
until  1870;  took  holy  orders  (but  with  misgivings)  on  prompting 
of  the  Bishop  of  Antigua;  consecrated  and  left  Can.  1870;  and 
ended  his  life  as  a  missionary  in  the  West  Indies,  dying  at  Nevis 
in  1880. 


Bowen,  Chief  Justice.     Arm.  Mant.  "In  hoc  signo  vinces."     Hon. 

Edward  Bowen,  born  in  Ireland  1780;    came  to  Quebec  1797; 

law;  bar  1803;  Atty.  Gen.  1808;  Judge  of  King's  Bench  1812; 

Legislative  Council  of  Lower  Can.  1823;   Speaker  1837;  retired 

1 841;    Chief  Justice  Superior  Court  of  Lower  Can.  1849;  died 

1866.     (G.  3828  and  4782.) 
Bowen,  Edward.     Arm.  Arms  and  motto  same  as  last  plate  but 

design  is  entirely  different.     A  later  plate?     (G.  S.  2667.) 
Bowen,  Edward.     Arm.    Crest  the  same  but  arms  entirely  different. 
Bowen,  N.  H.,  Quebec.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2668.) 
(Boyard,  Dr.  William)     Arm.    Of  St.  John.     Plate  similar  to  Allen 

#65.     A  descendent  of  the  Chevalier  Boyard,  and  bore  same 

Boyd,  C.     Arm.   Of  Toronto. 
Boyd,  F.     Arm.    "Spes  mea  in  Coelis."     (G.  4783.) 
Boyd,  G.     Arm.    "Spes  mea  in  Coelis."     Arms  same  as  above. 
Boyd,  Gardiner.     Arm.  "Confido." 
Boyd,  John  R.     Arm.  "Confido."     Of  Toronto. 
Boyd,  L.  K.     Arm.  "Spes  mea  in  Coelis."     Arms  same  as  above. 

Boyd,  Mossom  M.  Arm.  "Spes  mea  in  Coelis."  Lumber  merchant 
of  Bobcaygeon  Ont. 

Boyd,  William.     Arm.  "Confido."     Of  Hamilton,  Ontario. 

Boyd,  W.  T.  C.     Arm.  "Confido."     Of  Bobcaygeon. 

Boys,  T.  Ross.     Arm.     No  motto.     Of  Toronto. 

Boys,  William.  Chip.  Arm.  No  motto.  Hon.  William  Fuller 
Boys,  born,  son  of  Dr.  H.  Boys  of  Toronto,  in  New  York,  1833 ; 
Toronto  Univ.;  bar  1861;  mayor  of  Barrie  1873-75;  Junior 
Judge,  County  of  Simcoe  1883. 

Bradford,  Henry  Martin.  Arm.  Sg.  "Jarrett,  London."  Educa- 
tionist of  Windsor,  N.  S.  Born  London  1855;  M.  A.  St.  John 
College,  Cambridge;  came  to  Can.  where  he  was  head  master 
of  a  school  at  Halifax;  later  head  master  of  Collegiate  School 
of  Windsor,  N.  S.  1892. 

Bradshaw,  Richard.  Pict.  1917.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  Canadian 
Allis  Chalmers  Co.,  Toronto. 

Brampton,  Primitive  Methodist  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab. 
Breackenbridge,  J.  Baldwin.     Arm.  "Spes  mea  in  Coelis."     (G. 

Breckenbridge,  John,  Belleville  1838.     Lab. 
Brelingham,  Sydney.     Arm. 


Brereton,   William   Westropp.     Arm.    Mant.    "Opitulante    Deo." 

Notable  Canadian. 
Brewster,  B.,  Jr.     Lab. 
Brobant,  W.  E.     Lab. 

Brothechead's,  W.,  Circulating  Library,  218  South  St.    Lab. 
Brouch,  Olive,  Bookstore,  Fredericton,  N.  B.     Lab. 
Brough,  Mr.  S.  Lab. 
Brough,    (William).     Arm.    "Deo   duca   fortuna   Comitante."     Of 

Toronto.     (G.  S.  2669.) 
Broughton,   Frederick.     Arm.   Mant.   with  festoons.     "Bis  vivir, 

elir  bence,"   "Si  je  puis."     Two  varieties.     President,   Great 

Western  Railway.     Of  Hamilton  (G.  S.  2670.) 

Broun,  Adam.  Lab.  Born  Edinburgh  1826;  Canada  1833;  Mon- 
treal; Hamilton  1850.     Postmaster  of  latter  City. 

Brown,  Cheg.  James  Montreal.    Lab. 

Brown,  Clifford  H.     Pict.  by  owner;  Engraver  of  Toronto. 

Brown,  The  Library  of  Colvin.     Lab. 

Brown,  George,  Bow  Park,  Canada.  Cr.  "Floreat  Majestas." 
Printed  on  tinted  paper.  Born  in  Edinburgh,  Scotland  1818; 
New  York  1838;  later  Toronto.  With  his  father  published 
"The  Banner"  supporting  the  Free  Church  of  Scotland.  1844 
founded  "The  Toronto  Globe"  as  a  weekly;  1853  it  was  issued  as 
a  daily.  M.  P.  185 1  and  leader  of  "Clear  Grits";  Prime  Minister 
1858;  resigned  from  Cabinet  1865;  Senator  1873.  Declined 
both  Knighthood  and  Lieutenant-Governorship  of  Ontario; 
was  shot  by  a  discharged  employee  March  1880;  died  May  1880. 

Brown,  Louise.     Pict.  1918.     By  owner.     Art  Student  Toronto. 

Brown,  T.  Crawford.  Arm.  Mant.  Minister  of  St.  Andrew's  (Pres- 
byterian) Church  Toronto;  married  a  daughter  of  Sir  Lyman 
Melvin  Jones  of  Toronto. 

(Browne,  Frank  H.)     Cr.    No  motto.     Of  Montreal. 

Browne,  Harold  C.  G.     Arm.  Sg.  "Pugh  Bros,  London." 

Browne,  John  Ownsworth.     Arm.     Of  Ontario.     (G.  478 5.) 

(Browning)  E.  A.  B.     Cr.  Mon.     "In  Cruce  salus."     Of  Montreal. 

Bruce,  Herbert  A.     Pict.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Bruce,   John  Wyndham.     Arm.    "Fuimus,"    "Duw  ar  fy  rham." 

(G.  4785O 
Brumagin,  J.  W.   Lab. 
Brunet,    Rev.    Messire,    Seminaire    de    Quebec,     c.    1840.     Lab. 

Botanist.     (G.  4786.) 






c      o 


OQ  ^  if) 

a.  a  > 

-J  m 


z      < 

Bryce,  Myrtle.  Pict.  1918.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  British 

Bryd,  F.     Arm.     Of  Ontario. 

Buchanan,  Alexander.  Arm.  "Juvo  audaces.  Clarior  hinc  honos. " 
Sg.  "Suffield,  sculp."  Born,  son  of  Dr.  John  Brown  Buchanan 
of  49th  Regiment  of  Foot,  in  Gosport,  Eng.  1789;  accompanied 
his  father  who  came  with  his  regiment  to  Canada  with  Col. 
Isaac  Brook  in  1802;  bar  of  Lower  Can.  1819;  King's  Council 
x835;  Judge  of  Court  of  Bequests  1838-40;  appointed  com- 
missioner with  Hon.  C.  R.  Ogden,  Hon.  C.  R.  Day,  and  G.  W. 
Wickstead,  to  revise  the  acts  and  ordinances  of  Lower  Can.  and 
to  consolidate  them  in  1842;    died  in  Montreal  1851. 

Buchanan,  Arthur  William  Patrick.     Ann. 

Buchanan,  Jno.    Cr. 

Buchanan,  Wentworth  J.  Arm.  Born,  second  son  of  Alexander 
Buchanan,  in  Montreal  1828;  Bank  of  Montreal  1853;  Local 
Mgr.  1853;   Gen.  Mgr.  1881. 

(Buckland)  Arm.  Mant.  "Spe  alendus  est  animus."  Sg.  "John- 
son Sc."     Professor  of  Agriculture  and  Bursar  of  Toronto  Univ. 

Bucklin,  D.  W.,  Esq.,  Watertown,  N.  Y.  Lab.  (Can?) 

Bull,  F.  R.     Arm.     Of  Woodstock,  Ont. 

Bull,  George  A.  Arm.  Mant.  "Sol,  mi,  re,  fa."  George  Armstrong 
Bull,  Born  in  Dublin  1828;  Canada  at  an  early  age;  studied 
theology;  ordained  deacon  of  Church  of  England  1851;  priest 
1852  by  Bishop  Strachan;  curate  of  St.  George's;  later  at 
Barton;  and  at  Glanford  1853-86;  rector  of  Stamford  1886. 
(G.  S.  2672.) 

Bull,  George  P.  Arm.  George  Perkins  Bull  the  father  of  George 
A.,  Richard  and  Harcour  Berland  Bull.  Died  at  Hamilton, 
Ont.  1847. 

Bull,  H.  B.  (?)  Of  Hamilton.  Legislative  Assemb  y  and  later 

Bull,  Richard.  Arm.  Same  as  George  A.  Bull.  Of  Hamilton. 
Inspector  of  the  Standard  Life  Co.  of  London. 

Bullock,  John.  Pict.  Arm.  Two  varieties,  one  without  name. 
Took  a  prominent  part  in  the  Siege  of  Quebec. 

Burland,  Ex  Libris  Jeffrey  H.,  Montreal.  Bank  note  design.  Born 
Montreal  1861;  son  of  George  Bull  Burland.  B.  Sc.  McGill 
University;  assistant  to  his  father,  who  was  President  of  the 
American  Bank  Note  Company  in  Ottawa  and  Montreal  1882- 
1907;  succeeded  to  the  Presidency  of  the  Company  1907;  died 
suddenly  October  9th,  19 14  while  in  England  as  Commissioner 
for  the  Canadian  Red  Cross. 


Burns,  Robert  E.,  Barrister  and  Attorney  of  Law,  Niagara,  N.  C. 

Lab.  with  border.     Robert  Easton  Burns,   son  of  Rev.  John 

Burns  a  Presbyterian  clergyman  who  emigrated  from  Scotland 

in  1803.     Bom  at  Niagara  1805;    educated  by  his  father;  law; 

bar  1827;  Judge  of  Niagara  District  1836;  resigned  and  moved 

to   Toronto    1838;    Judge  of   Home   District    1844-4S;   Judge 

of  Queen's  Bench  1850;   died  1863. 
Burry,  James  L.     Arm.     Two  varieties. 
(Burton,  Hon.  Francis  Nathaniel)  c.  1800.     Jac.  Arm.  "Dominus 

providebit."     Lieut.  Gov.  of  Lower  Can.  1819. 
Burton,  G.  W.,  Hamilton,  N.  C.     Lab. 
Burton,  George  William.     Arm.   Born,  son  of  Admiral  George  Guy 

Burton   R.    N.,    in   Sandwich,    Kent,    Eng.    1818;    Can.    1836; 

law;  bar  of  Ontario  1842;  Judge  of  the  Court  of  Appeals  1874; 

Chief  Justice  and  President  of  Supreme  Court  of  Jurisdiction 

of  Ontario  1897;    knighted  1901;    died  1901. 

Burton,  Warren  F.,  Hamilton,  Ontario.     Lab. 

Burwell,  (Lewis)  The  latter  written.  Arm.  "Ex  industria." 
A  surveyor  in  Upper  Canada. 

Bury,  Ex  libris  Comitis  R.,  Visart  de.  Symb.  Alleg.  Belgian 
Consul  for  New  Brunswick,  and  Consular  Agent  for  France 
at  St.  John,  N.  B.     (G.  S.  2671  and  Acad.  Vol.  1.  p.  96.) 

Bustin,  W.  R.  Arm.  "Je  ferai  mon  devoir."  William  Richdale 
Bustin  of  a  Northumbrian  family,  born  in  England;  Univ.  Edin- 
burgh; commission  in  H.  M.  10th  and  98th  regiments  of  Foot; 
served  in  Mediterranean  and  on  the  Continent;  came  to  New 
Brunswick  1848;   died  1874.     (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  3.  p.  116.) 

Butler,  Edward  Kent,  Strothearn.  c.  1820.  Arm.  No  motto. 
Of  Windsor,  N.  S.  Was  Lieut.  Col.  of  35th  (Royal  Sussex) 
regiment  of  Foot;  ensign  1818;  Lieut.  1825;  Capt.  1826;  Major 
1833;  Lieut.  Col.  1836;  retired  c.  1841.  He  was  the  son  of 
John  Butler  who  lived  in  great  style  near  Windsor  and  who 
was  a  close  friend  of  H.  R.  H.  Edward,  Duke  of  Kent  during  the 
latters  stay  in  the  Province.  The  name  Edward  Kent  prob- 
ably came  from  this,  and  the  Duke  may  have  put  his  name 
sake  into  the  army  and  seen  to  his  advancement. 

Butler,  John  Butler.  Arm.  No.  motto.  John  Butler  Dight, 
nephew  of  Hon.  John  Butler,  and  as  his  adopted  heir  took  the 
name  of  Butler.  He  kept  a  shop  in  Halifax,  but  after  the  death 
of  his  uncle  he  went  to  England  in  1795.  Returned  to  Halifax 
later  and  was  made  Deputy  Commissary  and  Storekeeper  Gen. ; 
member  of  H.  M.  Council  1804. 

Butler's  Circulating  Library.     Lab. 


Cabel's,  Z.,  Library,  St.  John,  N.  B.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2673.) 

Cadieux,  L.  M.,  pretre,  cure  des  Trois-Rivieres.  Lab.  Two  varie- 
ties.    Died  June  13th,   1838.     (G.  S.  2674.) 

Cain,  W.  C.  Pict.     Chief  Clerk,  Dept.  of  Lands,  Government  of  Ont. 

Cairns,  Mrs.  H.,  Quebec.     Lab.  with  border.     (G.  S.  2675.) 

Cairns,  Hamby  F.,  Quebec.     Lab.  with  border. 

Caldwell,  Sir  John,  Bart.  Arm.  Sups.  Eldest  son  of  Sir  James 
Caldwell  the  third  baronet;  succeeded  1784;  Receiver  Gen.  of 
Lower  Provinces  under  Lord  Dalhousie;  owned  much  land  in 
Can.;  died  1830. 

Caldwell,  Lenora.  Pict.  By  Ida  Jones.  Occupational  Therapy 
Aide,  Toronto. 

Callbeck,  Phillips.     Lab. 

Calneck,  W.  A.  Lab.  Historian  of  Nova  Scotia  (Acad.  Vol.  4. 
No.  1.  p.  84.) 

Calona,  E.  Pict.     Of  Montreal. 

Cameron,  Charles  E.  Pict.  By  J.  W.  Spencely  1897.  A  Bookplate 
collector  of  great  activity  and  perhaps  misguided  enthusiasm 
who  flourished  like  a  green  bay  tree  some  years  ago.  Unfor- 
tunately or  otherwise  he  was  cut  down  in  his  prime.  He  made 
a  tentative  list  of  early  Canadian  Bookplates  and  together  with 
a  fellow  collector  he  is  said  to  have  swept  Canada  bare  of  Book- 
plates.    He  had  several  other  personal  plates  besides  this  one. 

Cameron,  Allan  Gordan.     Cr.    "Pro  rege  et  patria." 

Cameron,  Arm.  "Hinc  orior,"  "Pro  rege  et  patria."  John  Cameron 
of  Toronto,  Mgr.  of  the  Commercial  Bank  c.  1854. 

Cameron,  John  Hillyard.  Arm.  Sups.  "Pro  rege  et  patria."  Two 
varieties,  one  with  different  crest  and  added  motto,  "Unite." 
Bom,  the  son  of  Angus  Cameron  the  paymaster  of  the  Royal 
Canadian  Rifles,  at  Beaucaire  in  Languedoc  181 7.  In  1825 
the  70th  Highlanders  in  which  Angus  Cameron  was  then  an 
Officer,  came  to  Canada,  and  in  183 1  were  stationed  at  Toronto 
where  John  H.  Cameron  was  sent  to  Upper  Canada  College. 
Studied  law;  attorney  and  solicitor  1838;  bar  1838;  retained 
as  member  for  town  of  Cornwall  1844;  Sol.  Gen.  1846 ;  Executive 
Council  1847;  returned  for  Toronto  1854;  defeated  for  same 
seat  by  Hon.  George  Brown  1858;  represented  Countv  of 
Peel  1861.     (G.  4789.) 

Cameron,  J.  Hillyard.     Same  Arms  and  Motto  as  above. 

Campbell,  Arch'd.  H.  Cr.  "Non  obliviscar."  Two  varieties. 
Bora  in  Carbrook,  Scot.  1819;  Edinburgh  Univ.;  Can.  1845; 
lived  in  Toronto. 


Campbell,  D.,  M.  D.,  Edin.     Arm.  Mant.  "Nunquam  obliviscar," 

"Per    crucem    ad    lucem."     Dr.    Duncan    Campbell,    born    in 

Argyleshire,   Scot.    1811;    Edinburgh  Univ.    1835;  Can.    1834; 

surgeon  for  a  battalion  during  rebellion  of  1837-38;  Hamilton, 

Ont.;  Niagara  until  1858;  died  in  Toronto  1879.     (G.  479°-) 
Campbell,  Edward  Clarke.     Arm.  "Ne  obliviscaris,"  "Vix  ea  nostra 

Campbell,  F.  A.,  V.  S.  Ont.     Same  plate  as  D.  Campbell  M.  D.  name 

altered.     A  Veterinary  Surgeon  of  Toronto. 
Campbell,   Geo.     Arm.   sups.     "Ne  obliviscaris,"   "Vix  ea  nostra 

voco."     Born  in  Tatamagonche,  N.  S.  1832;  bar  1856;  partner 

of  Hon.  Adams  G.  Archibald  until  1867;  lived  for  a  time  in 

Campbell,  John  Henry  Mayne.     Arm  with  name  in  circle.     "Non 

obliviscar."     Of  Toronto.     Formerly  director  of  Bank  of  B.  N. 

A.  now  retired,  living  in  London,  England. 
Campbell,   Lome  Colin,    M.    D.     Arm.     Same   plate  as   Duncan 

Campbell,  name  altered.     Born,  son  of  Duncan  Campbell,  185 1 ; 

studied  medicine  1872;  died  at  Port  Arthur  1885.     (G.  4791.) 

Campbell  of  St.  Hilaire.     Cr.  "Pro  aris  et  facis." 

Campbell,  Stedman  B.     Arm.     "Ne  obliviscaris,"  "Vix  ea  nostra 

voco."     Upper  Can.  Coll.   1833-4;    M.  P.  P.  Ontario  House, 

York.  (Toronto)  (G.  4792-) 
(Canada)  Science  and  Art  Department  of  the  Commander  of  Council 

in  Execution.     Lab. 
Canada,  Department  of  Crown  Land.     Lab. 
Canada,  Department  of  Justice  Library.     Lab. 
Canada    Life.     Presented    by    the — to —    Arm.    "Concordia    res 

parvae    Crescunt."     19 16.     By    Stanley    Harrod.     This    is    a 

presentation  plate  to  be  used   in  a  book  entitled  "Canada's 

Future"  edited  by  E.  A.  Victor. 
Canada,  National  Gallery  of.     Dec.     Symb.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 
Canadian  Society  of  Civil  Engineers.     Pict. 
Canadian  Tabard  Inn  Service.     Lab.  and  Type-set  border. 

Carbray,  Felix.  Arm.  Mant.  Motto  in  Irish.  Consul  for  Portugal 
at  the  port  of  Quebec.  Member  Quebec  legislature.  Born 
in  Quebec   1835. 

Card  well,  Ye  Booke  of  Wm.  F.,  L.  L.  B.     Lab. 

Carey,  Mr.  Daniels,  Barrister,  Winnipeg,  Manitoba.     Lab. 

Carey,  John  P.  Arm.  "Sine  macula."  Advocate  at  Toronto, 
c.  1837.     (G.  S.  2676.) 







Carleto.v  Literary  Association.  Lab.  Masonic  Society  organ- 
ized in  Carleton  N.  B.  in  1867. 

Carme,  Alexis,  Le  Hoblet  der  Plessis,  N.  P.  &  J.  C.  S.  M.  &  C.   Lab. 

Carr,  Mr.  William  Ogle,  3  stone  Buildings  Lincolns  Inn.  Lab. 

Carroll,  Charles.  Arm.  Of  Nova  Scotia.  Came  to  Can.  from 
Maryland  in  1775.  (Book  Lovers'  Almanac,  N.  Y.  1894,  and 
G.  4793-) 

Carroll,  John.  Arm.  "In  fide  et  in  bello  fortis."  Of  Ont. 
(G.  S.  2677.) 

Carruthers,  F.  F.  Arm.  "Promptus  et  fidelis."  English  barris- 
ter who  came  to  Canada  and  practised  law  in  Toronto.  Lived 
in  Yorkville;  died  i860.     (G.  4794.) 

Carter,  A.  G.  Pict.  Sg.  "Carl  Ahrens."  1919.  Traveller  for  the 
Soole  Press,  etc. 

Carter,  John  Reid.  (?)     Of  Ontario.    (G.  4795.) 

Cartwright,  John  S.  Arm.  No  motto.  Of  Kingston.  Died 
i860.     (G.  4796.) 

Cartwright,  Rev.  William  Henry,  M.  A.     Arm.     Of  Kingston. 

Cary,  G.  T.  Lab  with  border.     Of  Quebec. 

Cassels,  Robert.     Cr.     "Avise  la  fin."     Of  Montreal?    (G.  4797.) 

Caswall,  Henry.  Arm.  "Non  multa  sed  multum."  Sg.  "R.  M. 
sculp."  By  the  English  artist  Mountaine.  Two  varieties. 
Born  in  England  18 10;  came  to  U.  S.  and  took  orders  in  the 
Protestant  Episcopal  Church;  later  moved  to  Canada  where 
he  lived  for  some  years ;  returned  to  England  and  was  appointed 
Vicar  of  Figholden  Wilts.;  died  Pa.  1870. 

Cathcart,  Alan,  Lord  Cathcart  of  Cathcart.  Arm.  No  motto. 
Spent  many  years  in  Canada  as  adjutant  2nd  Batt.  Royal  Welch 

Catherwood,  H.  Wilson.     Arm.  Mant.     "Virtus  siler  praemium." 

Catholic  Apostolic  Church,  Toronto.     Lab.  and  Rules. 

Cawthra,  Henry  Victor  Holton.  Arm.  Mant.  "Maintien  de  droit." 
Of  Toronto. 

Cawthra,  William  Herbert.  By  E.  M.  Chadwick.  Of  a  well  known 
Toronto  family. 

Central  Presbyterian  Church,  Mission  School  Librarv.  Lab. 
(G.  4798.) 

Chadwick,  Edward  Marion,  Toronto.  Arm.  "In  candore  decus," 
"Tou jours  pret."     (G.  4801  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 


Chadwick,  Edward  Marion.  Same  arms  as  above,  by  owner  to 
replace  copper-plate  supposed  to  have  been  lost,  which  has 
since  been  found.     This  plate  is  a  zinc  process  block. 

(Chadwick,  Edw.  M.)  Same  as  last  but  differing  in  details  and 
without  name.  Barrister  and  genealogist.  Son  of  John 
Craven  Chadwick  of  Guelph,  Ont.  Born  at  Ancaster  1840; 
bar  1863  ;  Toronto;  author  of  "Ontarian  Families."  Also  books 
on  several  tribes  of  Indians,  is  an  honorary  chief  of  the  "Six 
Nations"  and  the  "Mohawks." 

Chadwick,  Richard  Ellard  Carden.  Arm.  By  his  father  E.  M. 
Chadwick.  Born  1885;  Civil  Engineer  and  Contractor;  grad- 
uated 1906  School  of  Practical  Science,  Univ.  of  Toronto;  was 
assistant  Engineer  Bridges  and  Docks  City  of  Toronto;  now 
with  Foundation  Company  of  New  York;  was  in  charge  of  the 
Foundations  of  the  Woolworth  Building,  and  is  at  present 
in  charge  of  all  Canadian  work  of  the  Foundation  Company. 

Chalmers,  Geo.     Lab.     Of  Trafalgar  Ont. 

Chambers,  R.  Lab.  with  border,  c.  1850.  Advocate  and  once 
mayor  of  Quebec.     (G.  S.  2679.) 

(Chapman,  William)  Arm.  with  heavy  Mant.  "Crescit  sub  pondere 
virtus."  Born  in  England,  but  lived  in  Toronto  and  bequeathed 
his  librarv  to  the  Public  Library  of  Toronto.  (G.  4802,  and 
G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Chapman,  William.     Arm.  Motto  as  last. 

Chapter  Library,  The.     Arm.     By  E.  M.  Chadwick. 

Charlton,  A.  Maiide.     Cr.  "Sans  varier." 

Charlton,  Edward,  M.  D.  Arm.  Cr.  but  no  motto.  Of  New- 

Chausse,  Alcide,  a  Montreal.  Arm.  form  Symb.  Sg.  "F.  C.  S." 
Architect.  Born  St.  Sulpice  P.  Q.  1868;  son  of  Edouarde  A. 
Chausse.  Educated  St.  Mary's  Academy;  studied  Architecture 
Montreal  and  Chicago;  appointed  City  Architect  Montreal 
1 900 ;  author  of  several  Architectural  works ;  isJ.P.F.R.A.I.C, 
F.  R.  I.  B.  A. 

Chausse,  Alcide,  a  Montreal.     Pict.  Sg.  "F.  C.  S." 

Chausse,  Alcide,  Pict. 

Chester,  J.  W.     Pict.     1916.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Chester,  J.  W.  Pict.  1918.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Associate  of 
the  Royal  College  of  Art,  London;  Instructor  of  Design  and 
Crafts  Toronto  Technical  School;  was  Chief  Instructor  of  the 
School  of  Occupational  Therapy,  University  of  Toronto,  in  con- 
nection with  the  Soldiers  Civil  Re-Establishment. 


Chevrefils,  Jean  Olivier,     c.  1820.     Lab.  Priest  of  Quebec.     (G. 

Chevrieres  de  la  Croix  du  Dauphine  France.     Arm.  (G.  4804.) 
Chittenden,  J.  E.  Lab. 
Church  University  of  Upper  Canada,  Toronto  Medical  Dept. 

Arm.     (G.   S.   2681.) 
Clark,  Anna  L.,  St.  John,  N.  B.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2682.) 
Clark,  Harold.     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard.     Dentist  of  Toronto. 
Clark,  Wm.  Mortimer.     Cr.  in  Garter.     "Touch  not  the  cat  bot  a 

Clark,  Sir  William  Mortimer  Kt.     Arm.  Mant.     "Touch  not  the 

cat  bot  a  glove."     By  W.  W.  Alexander.     Born  Aberdeen  1836; 

Canada   1859;  Ontario  Bar   1861;    Q.   C.    1887;    Lt.-Gov.   of 

Ontario  1903-08;  is  a  Senator  of  The  University  of  Toronto. 
Clarke,    Librarv   of   G.    H.     Lab.    on   blue   paper.     Of   Toronto. 

(G.  S.  2683.) 
Clarke,  Mary  Louise.     Pict.     This  is  a  copy  of  a  plate  published 

in  the  "Studio"  October  1905. 
Clarke,  Thomas.     Cr.  in  garter.     No  motto.     (English?) 
Clemes,   M.  B.     Dec.     By  Gustav  Hahn.     Of  Toronto. 
Clode,  Chas.  John.  Mon.  19 16.     By  Stanley  Harrod.     Student  of 

Close,  A.  J.  Burrowes.     Arm.  "Forti  nihil  difficile."     Two  varieties. 

Of  Toronto.     Real  Estate  Broker;  died  c.  1901.     (G.  S.  2684.) 
Clougher,   T.   R.,  Toronto.     Lab.   Publisher,  Agent  of  "Toronto 

Globe"  London,  England. 
Clouston,  E.  S.  Arm.     "Through."     Son  of  S.  Clouston.    Entered 

Bank  of  Montreal  1865;    Asst.  Gen.  Manager  1887;  General 

Manager  1890;    First  President  Banker's  Association  1893. 

Clouston,  Osla  Seaborne.     Dec.   Arm.    "Through." 

Cochran,  Thos.,  of  Lincolns  Inn.  Arm.  Sg.  "Silvester,  sc.  27 
Strand."  Born  at  Halifax  1777;  educated  at  Windsor  and 
Quebec;  studied  law  in  Eng.  1795;  Chief  Justice  of  Prince 
Edward  Island  1801 ;  Judge  King's  Bench  of  Upper  Can.  1803; 
drowned  in  Lake  Ontario  1804;  in  the  wreck  of  the  govern- 
ment schooner  "Speedy." 

Cockburn,  James.     Lab.   (English?) 

Cogne,  J,  Bromston.    Lab. 

Comstock's,  H.  L.,  Law  Library.     Lab. 

Conant,  German  Seminar  Library.  Arm.  "Conanti  dabitur." 
Plate  of  Thomas  Conant  of  Ontario,  a  descendent  of  Roger 


Conant  who  came  to  Can.  from  Mass.  in  1786.     Born  1842; 

author  of  historical  sketches,  critical  essays,  etc.,  which  appeared 

in  the  "Toronto  Globe." 
Condell,  Mr.,  New  Bond  St.    Lab.    (English?) 
Conger,  Wilson  Sevmour.     Ann.    "Semper  fidelis."     Of  Toronto. 

(G.  4807.) 
Congregational  Church  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab. 
Congregational  College  of  British  North  America,  Montreal. 

Lab.  (G.  S.  26S6.) 
Connolly,  J.  H.     Arm.    "In  fide  salus."     Of  Niagara.     (G.  4808.) 
Connor,  George  Skefhngton.     Arm.  printed  in  grey,  light  green,  dark 

green  or  pink.     Bom  at   Dublin;    educated  at   Trinity  Col.; 

Can.  1832;  law;   practised  1859;  member  for  Oxford  until  1862; 

lecturer  in  Law  at  Toronto  Univ.  1848;  Sol.  Gen.  1858;  Judge 

of  Court  of  Queen's  Bench  1863;     died   1863.     (G.  4809,  two 

varieties  of  the  plate,  motto  "Nemo  fidelior") 
Convers,  E.  B.     Lab. 

Cook,  James  P.,  Jr.     Dec.     By  H.  Ecclestone,  Toronto. 
Cooke,  Bates.     Lab.  (English?) 
Cooke's  Church  S.  S.  Library.     Lab. 
(Cooper)  .  C.  W.  C.    Mon.  in  garter.    "Esse  quarn  videri."    Lawyer 

of  Toronto. 

Cooper,  Walter  T.  H.     Cr.  "Love  serve." 

Cooper,  Rev.  William.     Lab. 

Copp,  F.  Edwin,  94  Gloucester  St.,  Toronto,  Ont.,  Can.  Lab. 

Copp,  Walter  B.     Lab. 

Copp,  William.    U.  C.  Coll.    Lab.  with  Typeset  border. 

Coppock,  Russell,  Solicitor,  Stockport.     Lab.  (English?) 

Corner,  Marguerite  Victoria.  Of  Toronto.  Dec.  191 7.  By  Stan- 
ley Harrod. 

Cornish's,  Rev.  George  H.- — Library.  Lab.  Born  Exeter  Ont.  1834; 
ordained  to  the  Methodist  Ministry  1862  ;  L.  L.  D.  Rutherford 
College  1887;  editor  "Cyclopedia  of  Methodism  in  Canada." 

Cote,  Cerile  H.  O.  Lab.  Cerile  Hector  Octave  Cote,  M.  D.,  born  in 
Quebec  1809;  M.  P.  1834;  involved  in  the  rebellion  of  1837; 
fled  to  United  States  where  he  renounced  the  Catholic  religion 
and  became  a  Baptist  clergyman,  dving  in  Hinesburgh,  Vt. 
1850.     (G.  S.  2687.) 

Cote,  Ex  Libris  Cerile  H.  0.     Emb.  Symb. 
Cote,  Ex  Libris  Cyrilli  H.  O.     Small  reproduction  of  last. 
Cottingham,  H.  Arm.  Sg.  "Conally."     Clergyman  of  Niagara. 




Cousins,  Dr.  J.  Reginald.     Arm.  "In  Deo  confido."  (G.  4810.) 

Cowan,  Frederick.     Arm.  "Aymez  loyaultc."     (G.  S.  2688.) 

Cowan,  John.     Lab.  very  ornate  border.     Of  Port  Hope,  Ont. 

Coyne,  John.     Arm.  "Nil  desperandum . " 

Cox,  L.  Estelle.     Dec.     By  Edwin  J.  Cox. 

Cram,    George   Washington.      Pict.       1894.     By   George   Wharton 

Edwards.     Was  the  contractor  for  the  Welland  Canal  1876-77; 

lived  in  Norwalk,  Ct.     Collector  of  Bookplates.     (G.  S.  2680.) 

Cramahe  and  Haldimand  Friendly  Library,  Ontario.  Lab. 
(G.  S.  2691.) 

Creighton,  George  Wright.     Arm. 

Crews,  Heber.     By  PL  Ecclestone  Toronto.     Son  of  Rev.  Dr.  Crews. 

Cringan,  A.  T.  Pict.  19 16.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Mus.  Bac. 
Instructor  of  Singing  Toronto  Model  and  Normal  Schools,  and 
Univ.  of  Toronto. 

Croasdaile,  Henry  E.,  Lieut.  R.  N.,  J.  P.  for  the  Province  of 
British  Columbia,  Nelson,  B.  C  1897.     Ann.  Sg.  "Vinycomb." 

(Croft),  C.  W.  C.  Mon.  Cr.  "Esse  quam  videri."  By  Rolf  and  Smith 
Toronto.     Plate  of  C.  W.  Croft,  Toronto. 

(Croft,  Henry)  Arm.  "Esse  quam  videri."  Professor  of  Chemistry 
in  Univ.  of  Toronto.  Two  varieties  of  this  plate,  one  with 
the  motto  above,  the  other  with  it  below  the  shield.     (G.  4812.) 

Croft,  James.     Cr.  No  motto.     Professor  Croft  Univ.     Of  Toronto. 

Croil,  James,  Montreal.  Lab.  Author  and  journalist.  Born  in 
Glasgow,  Scot.  1 821;  Glasgow  Univ.;  Can.  1841;  purchased 
the  historic  Chrysler  farm  in  Williamsburgh,  Ont.,  the  scene 
of  the  battle  of  18 13;    removed  to  Montreal  1869. 

Crooks,  Rob't.  Pilkington.     Arm.  Main.  " Perse verando."  (G.  4813.) 

Crookshaxk,  George.  Ann.  "Cavendo  tutus."  Bom  of  Scotch 
parentage  in  New  York  1763;  came  to  St.  John  after  American 
Revolution,  being  brought  there  in  1796  by  his  brother-in-law 
Hon.  William  Magill  and  removing  to  Toronto;  Deputy  Com- 
missioner Gen.  until  1812;  retired  1812;  died  1859.     (G.  4814.) 

Cumberland,  Pendarves.     Arm.     Maul.     F.  W.  Cumberland  civil 

engineer  and  architect  who  designed  Toronto  Univ.  Born  in 
London  1820;  came  to  Can.  at  an  early  age;  designed  St.  James 
Cathedral,  the  Normal  School,  Osgoode  Hall,  and  Toronto 
Univ.;  died  1881.  The  Univ.  of  Toronto  is  acknowledged 
to  be  without  parallel  the  finest  example  of  Norman  Gothic 
architecture  in  America. 

Cunningham,  Henry.     Lab. 


Currelly,  C.  T.  Pict.  Curator  of  Royal  Ontario  Museum.  Au- 
thority on  Egyptology  and  Professor  of  Industrial  Art  Univ. 
of  Toronto. 

Currie,  James  G.,  St.  Catherine,  C.  W.  Lab. 

Curtis,  Liscombe  John.     Seal  and  Cr.  "Velle  lux  facem." 

Cuthbert,  Honble.  James,  c.  1800.  Arm.  in  garter,  Cr.  and  Mant. 
above.  Grandson  of  the  first  Seignior;  for  many  years  member 
of  the  Special  Council  of  Lower  Can.  Was  Seignior  of  Berthiet, 
Province  of  Quebec. 

Cuthbert,  James,  Esqr.  Arm.  First  Seignior  of  Berthiet,  Lanoraie, 
and  MasKinonge.  Was  at  the  taking  of  Louisburg,  with 
Wolfe  at  Quebec,  and  was  selected  by  General  Murray  to 
carry  the  news  of  the  fall  of  the  city  to  Eng.  Appointed  by 
Lord  Dorchester  to  the  first  Legislative  Council  formed  after 
the  conquest.     Was  a  pioneer  settler  in  Lower  Canada. 

Cuthbert,  R.     Watch  &  Clockmaker,  Jeweler  &c,  Wyndham  St., 

Guelph,  Ont.     Circular  Trade  Lab.  used  as  bookplate. 
Cutten,  W.  H.,  Barrister  at  Law,  Guelph,  Ontario.     Lab. 

Dagenais,  Ex  Libris   Dr.  A.     Colored  Lab.  with  border. 

Dalhousie  College  Library,     Arm. 

Dalhousie,  Earl  of.     Arm.     "Ora  et  labora."     (G.  S.  2692.) 

Dallas,  Frederick.  Engr.  Lab.  Two  varieties.  Of  Ontario. 
(G.  4815  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Daly,  D.  Cr.  "Deo  et  Regi  fidelis."  Hon.  Sir  Dominick  Daly; 
born  in  County  Galway,  Ireland,  1798;  came  to  Quebec  as 
Secretary  to  one  of  the  governors  1825;  at  the  union  was 
appointed  Provincial  Secretary  of  Canada,  and  member  of  the 
Board  of  Works;  Eng.  1851;  Gov.  of  Tobago;  Lieut. -Gov.  of 
Prince  Edward  Island;  knighted;  died  1868  while  acting  Gov. 
of  Australia.     (G.  S.  2693.) 

Daly,  Hon.  Sir  Dominick.     Arm. 

Daly,  M.  B.  Cr.  "Deo  et  Regi  fidelis."  Sir  Malachy  Bowes  Daly 
son  of  Sir  Dominick.  Born  in  Quebec  1836;  educated  in  Eng.; 
bar  of  Nova  Scotia  1864;  member  for  Halifax  in  Can.  House  of 
Commons  1878-87;  Lieut. -Gov.  of  Nova  Scotia  1890-1900; 
K.  C.  M.  G.     1900. 

Dandy,  From  the  Library  of  Wm.  D. — Lab.  with  quotation. 

Dasque,  Bibliotheque  de  M.,  a  la  Cure  de  Quebec.     1774.     Lab. 

Davidson,  Amy  Caroline.     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Davidson,  George.     Arm.     Of  Toronto. 


Davidson,  Randall.  Arm.  Sups.  "Viget  in  cinite  virtus."  Born 
Montreal  1862;  educated  Royal  Military  College,  Kingston; 
Entered  North  British  Mercantile  Insurance  Co.  1882;  Can. 
Manager  1901. 

Davis,  James  Boyd.  Arm.  "Aequam  servare  mentem."  Of  Ont. 
(G.  4816.) 

D'Avray,  J.  Marshall.  Lab.  Dec.  border.  Arrived  in  New  Bruns- 
wick Chief  Superintendent  of  Schools  1853;  later  occupied 
the  Chair  of  Modern  Languages,  University  of  Frederickton. 
Died  187 1.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  3.  p.  193.) 

Dawson,  F.  J.  C,  Levindon,  C.  W.  Lab. 

Dawson,  G.  Herbert,  Libraire,  Quebec,  c.  i860.  Lab.  Two 
varieties.     (G.  S.  2694.) 

Dawson,  Thomas.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Quebec. 

De  Blois,  Joseph  Francois.     Lab. 

De  Blois,  Lewis.  Arm.  "Nathaniel  Hurd  Sculp."  (Acad.  Vol.  2. 
No.  3.  p.  193.) 

De  Lane  Institute,  Toronto.     Lab. 

Delarvar,  John,  Earl  of.  Arm.  "Jour  de  ma  vie."  (G.  4818.) 

De  La  Salle  Institute,  Toronto,  1873.     Lab.    (G.  4817.) 

De  Lury,  Alfred  T.  Dec.  By  Alex  Scott  Carter.  Professor  of 
Mathematics,  University  of  Toronto. 

Denebon,   William,    Esq.     c.    1790.     Cr.     Of   Montreal. 

Denison  of  Rusholme,  George  Taylor,  in  the  City  of  Toronto 
Canada.  Arm.  Mant.  " Perse verando."  Born  in  Toronto  18 16; 
Upper  Can.  College;  law;  bar  1840;  military  service  1837; 
organized  Queen's  Own  Rifles  i860;  died  1873.  He  is  con- 
sidered as  the  founder  of  the  volunteer  force  of  Canada.  (G.  S. 

Denman,  Frances  LeMoine.     Pict.     (G.  S.  2695.) 

Denny,  Edward.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 

Derome,  Ex  Libris  J.  A.,  Rimouski  Die-Measis.     A.  D.  18 — .     Lab. 

Desbarats,  Ex  Libris  George.  Lab  with  border.  Of  Montreal. 
Queen's  Printer,  old  United  Prov.  of  Canada;  published  "Cana- 
dian Illustrated  News," 

Desborough  &  Son,  Finsbury  Place,  South  E.  C.  Lab.  (English"') 

Desborough,  Young  &  Desborough,  Sisse  Lane,  Bucklersburv.  Lab. 

Des  Brisay,  Guy.  Arm.  Mant.  1917.  "Confiance  en  Dieu."  By 
Stanley  Harrod.  Of  Toronto;  descended  from  an  old  French 


Deschenaux,  Prre.  Louis,  Avocat  &  Notaire,  Quebec,  c.  1780. 
Lab.    Two  varieties.     (G.  4819  and  Appdx.) 

Deslauriers,  A.  H.  P.     Lab. 

De  Soyres,  John.  Arm.  Sups.,  M.  A.  D.  D.,  Rector  in  St.  John, 
N.  B.  of  Hugenot  descent. 

Dessaules,  Jean.     Lab.     Seigneur  of  St.  Hyacinthe. 

Dessaules,  L.  A.  Lab.  Son  of  Hon.  Jean  Dessaules,  and  nephew 
of  Hon.  Louis  Joseph  Papineau. 

Dewar,  J.  F.,  M.  D.  Arm.  "Quid  non  pro  patria."  John  Forest 
Dewar  of  the  old  Midlothian  family,  bom  in  Edinburgh  1834; 
Edinburgh  Univ.  practised  in  Turin,  Italy;  Canada  1859; 
settled  at  Port  Hope;  died  there  1877.  (G.  4820.  Two  varie- 
ties of  the  plate.) 

Dewers,  Thomas,  Solicitor.     Lab.   (Dewes?  English?) 

Diamond,  Law  Library  Mr.  W.  H.  Belleville,  Ont.  Lab.  (W.  J.?) 

Dicklow,  Private  Library  of  A.  L.  Lab.     Of  Toronto. 

Dickinson,  Arm.     "Nee  timeo  neq  speno." 

Dickson,  Casimir.     Arm.  "Cubo  sed  euro."    (G.  4821.) 

Dickson,  Casimir.     Lab.  with  border.     Of  Toronto. 

Dickson,  Robert,  Barrister,  Attorney  at  Law  and  Notary  Public 
Niagara,  Upper  Canada.     Lab.  with  border.     A  senator. 

(Dickson,  W.  H.)  Arm.  "Fortes  fortuna  juvat."    Of  Niagara  &  Gault. 

Dickson,  William,  Woodlawn.  Arm.  "Cubo  sed  euro."  Of  Wood- 
lawn,  Niagara.     (G.  4822.) 

Dixon,  Alexander.     Arm.  "Fortes  fortuna  juvat." 

Dixon,  Rev.  Alex.,  Guelph,  Ont.,  Archdeacon  of  Niagara.  Arm. 
Born  Longford,  Ireland  c.  1820;  B.  A.  Toronto  1848;  ordained 
1849;  Archdeacon,  Guelph  1883;  D.  C.  L.  Trinity,  Toronto, 
1892.  (G.  S.  2697.) 

Dixon,  B.  Homer,  Esq.  Arm.  Two  crests  in  garter  ribbons. 
Dexter-Dixon,  "Fortes  fortuna  juvat";  sinister-Fraser,  "Je 
suis  pret."  (G.  4823.) 

Dixon,  B.  Homer.  K.  N.  L.  Arm.  Same  general  design  as  last  but 
more  elaborate,  plumes  on  helmet  instead  of  mantling,  flags 
and  decoration  added.  Benjamin  Homer  Dixon,  son  of  Thomas 
Dixon,  Knight  of  the  Order  of  Netherlands  Lion;  and  of  the 
Order  of  the  Lily  of  France.  Born  in  Amsterdam  1819;  Con- 
sul Gen.  of  the  Netherlands  in  Can.  1862;  retired  1895;  died  in 
Toronto  1899.  He  was  of  the  Scotch  family.  His  grandfather 
Thomas  altered  the  name  to  Dixon  from  Dickson  before  going 
to  Holland  in  1788.  B.  H.  Dixon's  father  was  born  in  1781, 
came  to  the  United  States   18 16-18  and  married  in  Boston 


Miss  Mary  B.  Homer;  he  returned  to  Holland,  but  finally 
returned  and  died  in  Boston  in  1849,  leaving  two  sons  and  a 
daughter,  the  latter  married  William  H.  Boulton,  M.  P.  of 
Toronto,  and  as  her  second  husband  Professor  Goldwin  Smith, 
D.  C.  L.  of  Toronto. 

Dixon,    Thomas,    Walkertown,    Ont.    Lab.    with   border.     Several 

Doan,  A.  W.  Ross,   Arm.  Sups.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
Dobbyn,  Andrew.     Lab.     (English?) 

Donaldson,  James,  Halifax,  N.  S.  1824.     Lab.  with  border. 
Donly,  Ex  Libris  Harrison  Beauregard  &  Emma  Brook.     Pict.  Sg. 

"EMBD."  The  Journalist  of  Simcoe,  Ont.,  born  1862. 
D.  B.  Mon.  Symb.  Mrs.  Bernard  T.  Donson  of  Toronto. 
D'Odet,  Catherine,     c.  1750.     Plate  printed  in  red.     Ancestress  of 

the  D'Orsonnens  family. 

Dorchester.  Cr.  and  coronet.  No  motto.  Guy  Carleton,  Lord 
Dorchester,  called  "the  savior  of  Quebec."  Born  1725;  accom- 
panied Wolfe  to  Canada;  appointed  commander  in  chief  of 
H.  M.  forces  in  Can.  1767-82;  Eng.  1786;  made  a  peer  and 
Gov.  and  Capt.  Gen.  of  Quebec  1786;  retired  1796;  died  1808. 

Dorman,  Aniceta  Ruth.  Pict.  (Angel)  19 17.  By  Stanley  Harrod. 
Of  Toronto. 

Dorman,  Aniceta  Ruth.  Pict.  (Angel  Plate  etched)  1918.  By 
Stanley  Harrod.     Of  Toronto. 

Dorman,  Aniceta  Ruth.  Dec.  191 5.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of 

Dorman,  Anna  E.  Pict.  1918.     By  Stanley  Harrod.     Of  Toronto. 

Dorman,  Philip.  Pict.  1915.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Born  1843  in 
England;  was  Lloyd's  Agent  in  Buenos  Aires  for  about  30 
years;  retired  and  travelled,  finally  settling  in  Toronto  in 
1909  where  he  died  in  1916. 

Dosque,  Bibliotheque  de  M.,  a  la  Cure  de  Quebec.  Lab.  Died  in 
Quebec  1774.     (G.  4824.) 

Douglas,  Louis  Archambaud,  Comte  de  Montreal.  Arm.  "Jamais 

Douglas,  Louis  Archambaud,  Comte  de  Montreal,  Chevalier  des 
orders  de  St.  Maurice  et  St.  Lazare.  Arm.  (As  last)  Born 
in  Montreal  1747;  succeeded  1770;  died  in  Paris  1842.  His 
uncle  was  Charles  Joseph  de  Douglas,  Comte  et  Seignieur  de 
Montreal  in  France.  (G.  4825.  There  are  several  varieties 
of  the  plate.) 

Douglas,   Louis  Archambaud,   Comte  de  Montreal.     Pict.   Alleg. 


Douglas,  Sylvester.     Arm. 

Doutre,  Leon.  Lab.     Of  Montreal.     (G.  S.  2698.) 

Dowland,  James.  Cr.  and  garter.  No  motto,  name  on"garter  ribbon. 
Of  Toronto. 

Downes,  Revd.  Henry.     Arm. 

Downey,  John.     Lab. 

Drake,  M.  Tyrwhitt.  Two  crests.  "Vigilandum."  Hon.  Montague 
William  Tyrwhitt-Drake  of  the  family  from  Bucks,  Eng.  Born 
in  King's  Walden,  Herefordshire,  1830;  law;  soliciter  1851;  Can. 
1859;  British  Columbia  bar  1873;  Judge  Supreme  Court  of 
B.  C.  1889;  (Tyrwhitt  or  Tyrnwhitt?) 

Draper,  Mrs.,  Hazeldene.  Lab.  engraved  and  ornamented.  Wife 
of  W.  H.  Draper. 

Draper,  W.  H.  Arm.  "Pace  sive  in  bello."  Two  varieties.  William 
Henry  Draper,  born  in  Surrey,  Eng.  1801;  Can.  1820;  law 
1823  ;  bar  1828 ;  came  to  Toronto;  elected  to  represent  Toronto 
1836;  Executive  Council  1836;  Sol.  Gen.  1837-41;  Atty.  Gen. 
1841;  Puisne  Judge  Queen's  Bench  1847;  Chief  Justice  of 
Court  of  Common  Pleas  1856;  transferred  to  Queen's  Bench 
Chief  Justice  Upper  Can.  1863;  President  Court  of  Appeal 
and  Error  1869;  died  1877.  This  plate  is  found  both  as  a 
direct  print  from  the  copper  and  as  a  litho  offset.    (G.  4826.) 

Drumm,  A.  Cyril.  Mon.  1918.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  London, 
Ont.,  sometime  curate  of  Holy  Trinity  Church  Toronto. 

Drummond,  Andrew.  Arm.  "Prius  mori  quam  fidem  fallere."  Sg. 
"Murdoch  and  Son  Edinburgh."  Born  Edinburgh  181 1.  Can. 
1834;  entered  Commercial  Bank,  Kingston  1836;  Manager  By- 
town  (Ottawa)  1843;  Manager  Bank  of  Montreal  1846;  retired 

Drummond,  Andrew  Mortimer.  Arm.  Motto  same  as  Andrew 
Drummond.     Coat  quartered. 

Drummond,  George  Alexander.  Arm.  Sg.  "Murdoch  &  Son,  Edin- 
burgh." Born  in  Edinburgh  1829;  Can.  1854;  senate  1880; 
lived  in  Montreal. 

Duff,  Archibald.     Lab.  with  border.     Of  Sherbrooke. 

Dufferin  House,   Toronto.     Arm.     Prize  Lab. 

Dufferin,  Earl  of.  Arm.  Gov.  Gen.  and  Commander  in  Chief  of 
Prince  Edward  Island  1872-78. 

Dufferin  and  Ava,  Marquis  of.     Arm. 

Dufferin,  Frederick  Temple,  Baron  Dufferin  and  Clandeboge. 
Arm.  Sups,  in  seal.     "Straightforward." 

Duffield,  W.  D.,  Hamilton.     Lab.     Name  on  Ribbon. 


Duggan,  John.  Arm.  Mant.  "Virtute  et  valore."  Printed  on 
White  and  Tinted  papers.  Two  varieties,  crest  in  first — lion  pas- 
sant, in  second — lion  rampant.  Of  a  well  known  Toronto 
family  in  the  early  days;  lived  at  the  S.  E.  Corner  of  Richmond 
and  Victoria  Streets.     (G.  4827  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Dunbar,  Willm.,  Esqr.  Cr.  "Impromptu."  Of  Montreal.  (G.  4288 
and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Duncombe  &  Matheson,  Barristers  etc.,  Simcoe,  Ontario.  Lab. 
with  border. 

Dundas  Mechanics  Inst.  &  Library  Association.     Lab. 

Dunn,  Martin,  Newcastle  on  Tyne.     Lab.  (English?) 

Dunsford.  (;)     Came  to  Can.  c.  1820.     (G.  4829.) 

Dunsford,  James  Wicks.  Arm.  Born  in  Gloucestershire  1814; 
Can.  1837;  Legislative  Assembly  of  Upper  and  Lower  Can. 
1861;  died  1882.  He  was  the  son  of  Rev.  James  H.  Dunsford 
rector  of  Fretherne  and  Vicar  of  Frampton-on-Severn.  (G. 

Dunsford,  W.  H.  Arm.     Of  Brantford. 

Duquet,  Livre  De  La  Bibliotheque  de  J.  Norbert,  Typographe, 
Quebec.     Pict. 

(Durham,  Lord.)  Arm.  Sups.  "Le  jour  viendra."  John  George 
Lambton,  First  Earl  of  Durham,  born  1792;  was  raised  from 
Baron  to  Earl  1833;  one  of  the  four  Statesmen  who  drew  up 
and  supported  the  Reform  Bill  of  1830;  Gov.  Gen.  of  Can. 
1838;  stayed  only  a  few  months,  but  on  his  return  to  England 
wrote  his  famous  Report  on  the  evils  of  Gov.  in  Can.,  and  the 
Remedy;  Chiefly  owing  to  this  Report,  Responsible  Govern- 
ment, and  later,  Federation  were  accomplished.     Died  1840. 

Dursford,  Ontario.  (?)  Came  to  Can.  c.  1820.  (See  Dunsford 

Duvernay  Bibliotheque.  Pict.  Alleg.  (Minerva,  beaver,  etc.,  name 
on  banner)  Ludger  Duvernay,  born  1799;  founded  the  French 
Canadian  National  Association  1834;  Burlington,  Vt.  1837. 
He  was  the  founder  of  "La  Minerve"  and  of  the  St.  Jean  Baptiste 
Association,  and  he  was  banished  in  1837  for  political  reasons. 
While  in  Burlington  he  issued  the  "Patriate  Canadien."  Re- 
turned to  Montreal  1842  and  died  there  1852. 

Easton,  W.  Arm.  No  motto.     Of  Ontario.   (G.  4831.) 

Eaton,  Edgar  Allison.   Arm.    Mant.    "Vincit  omnia  Veritas."    1916. 

By  W.  W.  Alexander  of  Toronto. 
Eaton,  Gilbert  McCrea.     Ann.  Mant.  "Vincit  omnia  Veritas."  1916. 

By  W.  W.  Alexander. 


Eaton,  Sir  John  Craig,  Kt.    Arm.  Mant.    "Vincit  omnia  Veritas." 

1918.     By  W.  W.  Alexander.     President  of  the  T.  Eaton  Co. 

Ltd.,  Department  Store  of  Toronto,  Winnipeg  &c. 
Eaton,  John  David.     Arm.  Mant.   "Vincit  omnia  Veritas."   1916. 

By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
Eaton,  Lady.     Arm.  1918.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
Eaton,    Margaret   W.    Pict.     By   W.    W.    Alexander.     Widow   of 

Timothy  Eaton,  founder  of  "The  T.  Eaton  Co." 
Eaton,  Timothy  Craig.  Arm.   Mant.   "Vincit  omnia  Veritas."   1916. 

By  W.  W.  Alexander. 

Echart,  I.  R.,  Quebec.     1850.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2700.) 

Ede,  Thomas.  Pict.  1918.  By  Sister  S.  M.  Sebastian  of  Loretto 

(Edgar,  Hon.  Sir  James  David)  Arm.  Sups.  Mant.  "Man  do  it," 
"Salutem  disponit  Deus."  Born  1841  at  Hatley,  P.  Q.;  edu- 
cated at  Lennox ville  and  Quebec;  law  18 41;  bar  1864;  M.  P. 
1872;  Speaker  Canadian  House  of  Commons  1896;  Privy  Coun- 
cillor 1897;    K.  C.  M.G.  1898;  died  1899. 

Edgar  of  Keithock  in  Forfarshire,  male  representative  of  Edgar 
of  Wedderlie.  Arm.  Mant.  Mottoes  as  above.  Plate  of 
Sir  James  David  Edgar. 

Edgar,  Pelham.  Arm.  Mant.  Mottoes  as  above.  191 8.  By 
Morley  J.  Ayearst.  Son  of  Edgar  Laird  of  Keithock,  Scot.; 
Professor  of  English,  Victoria  College,  Univ.  of  Toronto;  married 
Miss  Bolton  of  a  well  known  Upper  Canada  family. 

Edmonds,  William.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  New  Westminster,  B.  C. 

Edmonston  &  Douglas,  Edinburgh.     Lab.    Trade  card?  (English?) 

Edrol,  Symb.     Mrs.  Edrol  Morton  of  Toronto. 

Edwards,  Joseph  Plimsoll.     Engraved  Lab.     Of  Londonderry,  N.  S. 

Egleson,  James.     Arm.  "Sub  Cruce  salus."     A  merchant  of  Ottawa, 

Eland,   Stephen  Eaton.     Cr. 

Eliot,  G.  P.  Cr.  in  garter.  Of  Royal  Grenadier  Volunteers.  Of 

Elliott.     Arm. 

Elliott,  Emily,  Pict.  Sg.  "E.E." 

Elliott,  Essie.     Pict.  Sg.  "E.E" 

Elliott,  Leighton.  Pict.  Arm.  Sg.  "E.E." 

Ellis,  John.  Arm.  The  old  Plate  of  Rev.  John  Ellis  of  North- 
ampton.   Eng.  1784,  used  by  his  great  grandson  of  Swansea,  Ont. 



Elmsley,  John  Esq.,  Upper  Canada.  Ann.  "Soyez  fidele."  Son 
of  the  Chief  Justice.  Was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council; 
died  in  Toronto.     (G.  4833.) 

Elmsley,  J.,  Arm.  "Soyez  fidele."  Two  varieties.  Born  in  Eng. 
1762;  Middle  Temple  1790;  Chief  Justice  of  Upper  Can.  1796; 
and  of  Lower  Can.  1802;  died  in  Montreal  1805.    (G.  4833.) 

Entomological   Society   of   Ontario,    Incorporated    1871.     Lab. 

Essex  County  Law  Library.     Lab. 

Evans,  H.  Sugden.  Cr.  "Libertas."  Born  London  1830;  Can.  1877  ; 
Montreal;  Ottawa  1884;  appointed  Dominion  Public  Analyist 
1884;  was  F.  C.  S.  and  F.  R.  M.  S. 

Evill,  Henry.     Cr.  in  garter.     "Virit  post  funera  virtus." 

Ewart,  John  Hamilton.    Pict.    (Children  before  fire.) 

E wart,  John  Hamilton.  Pict.  (View  of  Toronto.)  By  C.  Valentine 

Fabre,  Edward  E.,  &  Co.  Montreal,   c.  1850.    Lab.    (G.  4834.) 

Fabrique  Notre  Dame  de  Quebec,  P.  Q.  c.  1825.     Lab.  (G.  4837.) 

Fairbairn,  The  Property  of  Thos.  M.  Lab.    Of  Peterborough. 

Fairbank,  Charles  Oliver.  Petrola,  Ont.  Arm  in  Colour  "Finem 
respice".     By  W.  W.  Alexander    c.  1900. 

Fairchild,  G.  M.,  Jr.  Pict.  George  Moore  Fairchild,  Jr.  born  in 
Quebec  1854;  New  York  as  a  boy;  educated  at  Univ.  of  New 
York;   business  in  Quebec;  retired  1890.     (G.  4836.) 

Falcombridge,  Toronto.  Arm.  Two  shields,  One  crest.  Arms, 
dcxter-Falconbridge,  sinister — Bruce  of  Skelton  (adopted  at 
marriage  of  head  of  the  Falconbridge  family  to  heiress  of 
Bruce  in  time  of  Edward  III).  Hon.  William  Glenholme  Fal- 
conbridge the  son  of  John  K.  Falconbridge  who  came  to  Canada 
from  Ireland  in  1837.  Born  at  Drummondville  1846;  Univ. 
Toronto;   law;  bar  1871;  Judge  Queen's  Bench  1887. 

Farmer,  Arthur  Augustus.     Cr.  in  garter.     "Hora  e  sempre." 

Farwell  Esq.  Lab.     "Nil  sine  magna  labore." 

Fearing,  Daniel  B.  Pict.  Symb.  (Ships)  Sg.  S.  H.  to  D.  B.  F.  1918. 
By  Stanely  Harrod.  Hon.  D.  B.  Fearing  of  Newport,  R.  I.  a  col- 
lector of  angling,  fish  and  ship  Bookplates,  died  1918. 

Fearing,  Daniel  B.,  Fish  Armorial.  Book  Plate  Collection.  Mock 
Arm.  191 8.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Fearing,  Daniel  B.,  Moule's  Heraldry  of  Fish.  Book  Plate  Col- 
lection, Mock  Arm.  1918.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 


Felton,  William  Locker.  Cr.  No.  motto.  Born  on  Isle  of  Minorca 
1812;  son  of  Hon.  William  Bowman  Felton  who  was  British 
Consul  at  Leghorn,  and  came  to  Canada  and  bought  a  farm 
near  Sherbrooke  where  he  died  in  1837.  Law;  bar  of  Quebec 
1834;   retired  to  Belvedere,  Sherbrooke,  1837;  died  1877. 

Felton,  William  Hughes.  Emb.  Advocate  of  Quebec,  later  of 
Sherbrooke.     (G.  S.  2702.) 

Fenwick,  G.  E.,  M.  D.  Arm.  Mant.  "Perit  ut  vivat."  George 
Edgeworth  Fenwick,  born  in  Quebec  1825;  McGill  Univ.  Medi- 
cal School  1846;  Professor  of  Clinical  Surgery  at  McGill  1867; 
Professor  of  Surgery  1876.    (G.  S.  2703.) 

Fenwick,  George  S.  (?)    Of  Kingston. 

Ferguson,  James  B.     Arm. 

Ferguson,  Jean  B.     Dec.  191 7.     By  owner,  of  Toronto. 

Ferguson,  Wm.  Chalmers.  Arm.  Mant.  "Fortuna  comes."  By 
Morley  J.  Ayearst.  Head  of  Dept.  of  Modern  Languages  Univ. 
of  Toronto  Schools  until  1918  when  he  was  made  Professor 
of  Modern  Languages,  Faculty  of  Education,  Univ.  of  Toronto. 

Fergusson,  A.,  Perth.     Lab.  with  border,     c.  1820.     (G.  S.  2704.) 

Fergusson,  Adam,  Advocate.  Arm.  with  festoons.  "Arte  et  marte." 
Born  in  Edinburgh  1783;  Can.  1833;  founded  settlement  of 
Fergus;  Legislative  Council  Upper  Can.  1839;  died  1862. 
(G.  S.  2705.) 

Ferland,  J.  B.  A.,  Ptre.  c.  1846.  Lab.  with  border.  Born  in 
Montreal  1805;  educated  at  Kingston  and  College  of  Nicoles; 
Holy  Orders  1823;  priest  1828;  vicar  at  Riviere  du  Loup 
and  St.  Roch  Quebec;  Superior  at  Nicoles  1841;  resident  at 
archepiscopal  palace  1848;  published  "Observations  on  the 
history  of  Canada."  1851,  "Note  on  the  Registers  of  Notre 
Dame  of  Quebec"  1854,  "Life  of  Bishop  Plessis"  etc.  died  in 
Quebec  1864. 

Ferrie,  Colin  Campbell.     Lab. 

Ffytche.     Arm.  "Spes  juvat."     (G.  4838.) 

Ffouckes,  W.  Wynne.     Lab.  (English?) 

Firehall  Library.     Lab. 

Firth,  Wm.  Arm.  "Firth  fortunfil  the  feathers."  Atty.  Gen.  Upper 
Can.  1 783-1862.     (G.  S.  2706.) 

Fitzgerald,  R.  R.  Arm.  Rowan  Roberts  Fitzgerald  of  Charlottetown, 
P.  E.  I.  the  son  of  Rev.  David  Fitzgerald  who  was  born  in 
Ireland  in  18 13,  married  a  daughter  of  Rowan  Purdon,  M.  D. 
and  came  to  the  Prince  Edward  Island  1847.  R.  R.  Fitzgerald 
was  born  in  Fermanagh,  Ireland  in  1847;  law;  bar  1870;  Judge 
at   Charlottetown. 




,— J 





Fitzsimons,  Henry.    Arm.     "Beati  pacifice." 

Fleming,  Georgina  Stewart.     Engraved  Lab.  c.  1850.     Of  Montreal. 

Fleming,  J.  Harry.  Pict.  Sg.  "drawn  by  Allen  Keefer."  Of  Toronto. 
Well  known  ornitholgist  who  owns  largest  private  ornitho- 
logical  collection    in   America. 

Fleming,  Sanford,  C.  M.  G.,  May  1880.  Presentation  Lab.  Born 
1827,  Kircaldy  Scotland;  Can.  1845;  was  instrumental  in  con- 
struction of  a  R.  R.  connecting  Red  River  with  Canada,  which 
was  completed  under  his  supervision  1876;  was  created  K.  C. 
M.  G.  1897;  and  was  honoured  by  many  Universities;  wrote 
"England  and  Canada,"  "The  New  Reckoning,"  also  many 
Reports.     (G.  S.  2707.) 

Fletcher,  I.  Lab.  with  border. 

Fletcher,  John.  c.  1800.  Arm.  No  motto.  Was  the  son  of 
the  rector  of  Dedham,  Essex;  St.  Paul's  School,  London.  Born 
in  Eng.  1767;  law;  Can.  1810;  Provincial  Judge  of  District 
of  St.  Francis;  died  at  Sherbrooke  1844.     (G.  4839.) 

Flint,  Thos.  C,  Toronto.     Circular  Lab.  with  quotations. 

(Flood,  John.)  Arm.  Mant.  "Vis  unita  fortior."  died  182 1.  (Acad. 
Vol.  2.  No.  4.  p.  278.) 

Floyd,  L.  H.   Dec.  Of  Toronto. 

Flynn's  Circulating  Library,  14  Alexander  St.,  Montreal,  c. 
1840.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2708.) 

Flytche.    Arm.    (?) 

Forbes,  Anthony,  c.  1790.  Arm.  Sg.  "Huntly  sc,"  Captain  in  47th 
regiment  of  the  Imperial  Army  of  Great  Britain.  This  same 
plate  was  used  by  his  grandson  the  Hon.  Francis  Gordon  Forbes, 
judge  in  Liverpool,  N.  S. 

Forbes,  John  Murray.  Arm.  "Altius  ibunt  qui  ad  summa  nituntur." 
Epsicopal  Clergyman,  U.  S.A.  (G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Ford,  Bibliotheque  en  Association  ae,  Quebec.     Lab. 

Ford,  D.  B.  0.  Arm.  Motto  ribbon  empty.     Of  Brockville. 

Forsyth,  Joseph  Bell.  Arm.  Born  in  Quebec  1830;  Collector  of 
Customs  at  that  port. 

Fortin,  B.,  Pretre.  c.  1830.  Lab.  Barthelemi  Fortin  died  2nd  March 
1850.     (G.  S.  2709.) 

Foster,  C.  M.  Pict.  By  C.  M.  Manly.  A  well  known  physician  of 

Foster,  George  Green,  K.  C.  Arm.  "Sequor  agnum." 

Fox,  Arthur,  Dubbs.  (>)  (G.  S.  2710.) 

(Francis)  A.  A.  F.  Mon.  and  Cr. 


Fraser,  James.  Chip.  Arm.    Of  Nova  Scotia. 

(Fraser,  William).     Cr.  "Je  suis  pret."     Lawyer  of,  Windsor  died 

Frau,  Library  of  Thomas  P.   Lab. 
Freeman,  Daniel.  Arm.   Descendent  of  Edmund  Freeman  who  came 

to  the  United  States  in  the  ship  "Abigail"  in  1635.     Born  in 

Windham,  Norfolk,  Ont.  1837 ;  bar  1865 ;  removed  to  California. 
Freeman,  Henry  G.    Lab. 
Frobisher,  Joseph,     c.   1783.     Merchant  of  Montreal,  one  of  the 

founders  of  the  North  West  Co. 

Frothingham,  George  H.  Arm.   Of  Montreal. 

Fry,  Edward.  Arm.  No  motto.  Of  St.  Andrews,  N.  B.  (Acad.  Vol. 
2.  No.  4,  p.  278.) 

Fuller,  Charles,  Toronto.     Lab. 

Gagnon,  C.  E.  Riviere  du  Loup  en  Haut.  c.  1S30.  Lab.  Notary. 
(G.  vS.  2712.) 

Gagnon,  Ignace,  Negociant  de  Quebec.      Lab.  c.  1825.    (G.  4842.) 

Gagnon,  Ex  Libris  P.,  Quebec.  Emb.  Student  of  Canadian  bib- 
liography, and  author  of  "Essai  de  Bibliographie  Canadienne" 
1895.  After  his  death  his  collection  went  to  a  public  library 
and  a  supplement  to  the  Essai  was  published.  Gagnon  was 
the  first  collector  to  make  any  real  list  of  Canadian  Bookplates, 
but  his  list  is  far  from  comprehensive,  and  gives  no  biographical 
information.   (G.  4843.) 

Gaynor,  George  W.,  Frederiction.     Lab.  with  border. 

(Galissonniere,  Rolland  Michael  Barrin,  Comte  de  la)  Arm.  c. 
1750.     Gov.  of  Can.  1747  (G.  S.  2715.) 

Gallaher,  Ziba.     Pict.     By  H.  Ecclestone.     A  lawyer  of  Toronto. 

Galloway,  Mr.  J.  H.,  Solicitor,  Hull.  Lab.  (English?) 

Gardiner,  Herbert  Fairbairn,  Hamilton,  Ontario.  Half-tone  por- 
trait of  owner. 

Gascoyne,  Bn.,  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab. 

Gascoigne,  Sir  Edward,  of  Barnhow  in  the  county  of  York,  Baronet 
of  Nova  Scotia.     Arm.  (G.  S.  2713.) 

Gatien,  J.  B.,  Pretre.  Lab.  with  border,  c.  1800.  Cure  of  Ste- 
Famille,  Isle  d'Orleans.     (G.  S.  2714.) 

(Gaulin).     SeeRemigius. 

Geddes,  Gamble.  Arm.  "Capta  major."  Of  Toronto.  (G.  S. 


Gibb,  Sir  George  Duncan,  Bart.  M.D.,  L.  L.  D.,  M.  A.,  F.  G.  S. 

Arm.     "In  Deo  confido."    (G.  S.  2717.) 
Giles.    Arm.  "Nil  conscire  sibi."    J.  Beavan  Giles  of  St.  Catherine. 

(G.  S.  2718.) 
Gill,  L.,  Pretre.     Lab.     Of  Quebec. 
Gilman,  F.  E.,  M.  A.,  D.  C.  L.,  Advocate.     Lab.     Hon.  Francis 

Edward  Gilman,  son  of  Stephen  M.  Gilman,  Danville,  P.  Q. 

Born  Danville  1842;  law;  bar  1865;  Quebec  Legislature,  Council 

1887;  lived  in  Montreal. 
Gilmore,  G.  M.,  Smithville,  C.  W.  Lab.  (G.  4844.) 
Gilmour,  Robert.     Arm.    "Perseveranti  dabitur."    (G.  4845.) 
(Gilpin,  Rev.  Edwin)  Arm.  "Dictis  factisque  simplex."     Born  at 

Aylesford,  N.  S.  182 1;    son  of  Edwin  and  Eliza  Gilpin.     Was 

Dean  of  Nova  Scotia  in  1899.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  N.  4.  p.  276.) 

Girdwood,  G.  P.  Cr.  in  garter.  "Vitae  via,  virtus."  Gilbert 
Prout  Girdwood,  M.  D.,  M.  R.  C.  S.,  born  in  London  1832; 
Univ.  Coll.  and  St.  George's  Sch.  of  Med.;  army  1854;  surgeon 
H.  M.  Grenadier  Guards;  Can.  1862  with  first  battalion  at  time 
of  Trent  affair;  retired  1864;  Professor  of  Chemistry  in  Medical 
Faculty  in  McGill  Univ.  1879.     (G.  S.  2719.) 

Girouard,  D.  Arm.  Hon.  Desire  Girouard  son  of  Jeremia  Girouard. 

Born  1836;    law;    bar  i860;    represented  Jaque  Cartier  1878- 

96;  Judge  Supreme  Court  of  Can.  1895;  published  several  val- 
uable historical  works. 
Girouard,  J.  J.  Lab.  with  ornamental  border,     c.   1840.     Notary 

and  patriot  of  St.  Eustache.    (G.  S.  2720.) 
Giroux,  Jean  Olivier,  Pretre.    Lab.  with  type-set  border,     c.  i860. 

Cure  of  St.  Benoit.  (G.  S.  2721.) 
Gissing,  F.  F.,  Private  Library.  Lab. 
Glass,  Please  return  this  book  to  David,  and  oblige.     Lab.     Born 

Ontario  1840;   bar  1864;   Mayor  of  London,  Ont.  1858;   M.  P. 

1872;   Q.  C.  1876;    Speaker  of  the  House  1886. 
Glazeb rook,  Arthur  Jas.  Arm.  Tudor.   Mant.   "Dum  spiro  spero." 

Sg.  I.W.  (?)W.  I.  (?)inMon. 
Glazebrook.     Above  plate  altered  to  read  Ex  Libris  Glazebrook. 
Glen,  John.     Ann.     "Alte  pete."  (?) 
Goode,  Arthur.     Pict.  ("Angel  holding  a  soul.")     By  Harold  Nelson 

in  three  colors.     Of  Ontario;    at  one  time  connected  with  the 

Carlton  Studio  in  London. 
Gooderham,  Maude.     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 
Gould's  W.  N.,  Private  Library.     Two  varieties. 
Gordon,  Henry  Perry,  Esq.,  Lincolns  Inn.  Lab.  (Percy'  English5) 


Grace  Church  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab. 
(Graham)  Arm.  Mant.  "For  right  and  reason."     Of  16th  Battalion 
Royal  Grenadiers.     (G.  S.  2722.) 

Graham,  R.  J.     Arm. 

Grammar  School,  Kingston  C.  W.  185-.     Prize  Lab.  with  border. 

Grasett,  Frederick  le  M.  Arm.  "Meliora  sequi."  Born  in  Toronto 
1 851;  studied  medicine  in  Toronto  and  Edinburgh;  Toronto 
after  1882.  Was  son  of  the  Very  Revd.  Dean  Grassett.  (G.  S. 

Grasett,  Henry  James.  Arm.  "Meliora  sequi."  Son  of  Dr.  Hemy 
Grasett  Deputy  Inspector  of  Army  Hospitals  who  came  to 
Canada  in  18 13.  Born  at  Gibraltar  1808;  St.  John  Coll.,  Cam- 
bridge; ordained  in  Quebec  1834;  rector  in  Toronto  1837 ;  Dean 
1867.     (G.  4846.) 

Graves,  Fred.  (5)     Of  Ontario.     (G.  4847.) 

Gray,  John.  Arm.  with  festoons.  First  President  of  the  Bank  of 
Montreal  1817-20. 

Greene,  T.  W.,  Esq.,  Q.  C.     2  New  Square  W.  C.  Lab.  (English?) 

Greenleaf,  Richard  Cranch.   (?) 

Greig,  Wm.  Ann.    "In  spes  infracta."  (G.  4848.) 

Grenier,  Ex  Libris  Francisci,  Montensis.     Lab.  (G.  4849.) 

Grenier,  J.  B.,  etudiant  en  medecine,  Montreal.     Lab. 

Griffith,  Dorothy.  Pict.  Of  Toronto.  This  plate  is  a  direct  copy 
of  a  plate  by  Harold  Nelson  for  Edith  A.  Kingsford. 

Griffith,  H.  C.     Dec. .     Sg.  A.  S.  Carter.     Headmaster  Ridlev 

Groom,  William,  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab.  (English  ?) 
Groves,  Fred.     Arm.     No  motto.     Barrister  of  Toronto,  son  of  an 

Angelican  Clergyman.     (G.  S.   2724.) 
Guelph,  Ont.,  The  Church  of  Our  Lady  Immaculate.     Pict?    Lab. 
Guelph,  Grammar  School,  Midsummer  Examination,  185-.     Lab. 

&  border. 
Guelph  Mechanics  Institute,  Ontario.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2725.) 
Guelph,  Free  Library,  Ontario.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2726.) 
Guelph  Public  Library,  Ontario.     Arm.     Lab.  "Floreat  scientia." 
Gunn,  William.    Arm.    "Aut  pax,  aut  bellum."     Born  in  Glasgow, 

Scot.,  1816;    Can.  1836.     Of  Walkerton,  Ont.  (G.  4850.) 

Guthrie,  D.,  Barrister,  Guelph.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  Donald 
Guthrie,  born  in  Edinburgh  1840;  Toronto  1854;  law;  attorney 
1863;  barrister  1866;  Queen's  Council  1876;  Member  of  House 
of  Commons  for  South  Wellington  1876. 


Guy,  Etienne.  c.  1770.  Lab.  with  type-set  border,  Surveyor  in 
Montreal   c.  1825. 

Gwynne,  Dr.     Cr.  in  garter.     Of  Toronto. 

Gzowski,  Arm.  No  motto,  name  on  motto  ribbon.  Colonel  Sir 
Casimir  Stanislaus  Gzowski  whose  father  was  an  officer  in  the 
Imperial  Guard  of  Russia.  Born  in  St.  Petersburg  18 13; 
educated  in  the  Military  Coll.  of  Kremenetz;  held  commission 
in  the  Russian  army;  came  to  Canada  and  studied  law;  em- 
ployed in  Public  Works  Dept.  1841-47;  helped  to  organize  the 
Dominion  Rifle  Assn.;  made  A.  D.  C.  to  the  Queen  1879;  staff 
officer  in  Engineer  Force  of  Canada;  K.  C.  M.  G.  1890;  died 
in  Toronto  1898.  The  family  belong  to  the  old  Polish  Nobility 
(G.  4851.) 

H.,E.  J.     Lab. 

(Haddon',  R.,  B.  A.)     Lab  used  in  Presentation  Copies  of  "Life  of 

Dr.  Duff"  to  Theolog.  Clases,  Knox  Coll.  Toronto  Dec.   '82 

(Name  in  M.  S.) 

Hagar,  Chas.  W.  Arm.  "Sub  cruce  salus."  Sg.  "F.  Adams  sc." 
Of  Montreal.     (G.  S.  2727.) 

Hagar,  George  F.     Arm.     (Like  last)     Of  Montreal. 

Hagar,  John.     Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Hagar,  William.     Arm.  "Sola  Virtus."     Of  Ontario.     (G.  S.  2728.) 

Hagerman,  J.  F.  Ann.  "My  Country."  Judge  of  Ontario.  (G. 

Hagerty,  J.  H.  Arm.  "Altior."  Hon.  Jno.  Hawkins  Hagerty,  born  in 
Dublin  1 816;  Trinity  Coll.;  Canada  1834;  law  1835;  bar 
1840;  Bench  1856;  Chief  Justice  Court  of  Common  Pleas 
1868;  Chief  Justice  Queen's  Bench  1878;  President  Court 
of  Appeal  and  of  Supreme  Court  of  Judicature  with  title  of 
Chief  Justice  of  Ontario  1884;  retired  1897;  knighted  1897; 
died  1900.     (G.  S.  2729.) 

Haight's,  C,  Library.  Lab.  Three  varieties.  Of  Toronto,  author 
born  1825;  published  "Country  Life  in  Canada  50  Years  Ago." 
iS    -  re  and  there  in  the  Homeland."     1895;  (G.  4853.) 

(Haldane,  Mrs.  John).     Arm.  Mant.  and  Cr.  of  Toronto. 

Haldimard,  William.     Arm.     No  motto.     (G.  4854.) 

Hale,  Edw.  Robert.     Arm.     By  Nathaniel  Hurd  of  Boston.     With 
pperell  at  Louisburg.     (G.  4855.) 

Haliburtow  Lord.  Ann.  "Watch  well."  Sg.  "A.  Wyon,  sculp." 
.\r(hur  Laurence  Haliburton,  G.  C.  B.,  first  baron,  son  of 
Justice  Haliburton  ("Sam  Slick")  formerly  judge  in  Nova  Scotia, 


later  M.  P.  in  British  House  of  Commons.  Born  in  Windsor, 
N.  S.  1832;  bar  1858;  served  on  Commissarial  Staff  1855— 
70;  Civil  Service  as  Asst.  Director  of  Supplies  and  Transport 
at  War  Office;  Director  1878-88;  Asst.  Under  Secretary 
of  State  for  War  1888-95;  Permanent  Under  Secretary  1895- 
97;  created  C.  B.  1880;  K.  C.  B.  (Civil)  1885;  G.  C.  B.  (Civil) 
1897;    Baron  Haliburton  of  Windsor,  N.  S.  1898. 

Hall,  Arm.  Sg.  "J.  T.  Rolph,  Toronto."  "Dat  cura  quietum." 
(G.  4857.) 

Hall,  Charles  L.,  Niagara.     Lab. 

Hall,  Dr.  G.  B.  (?)     Of  Toronto. 

Hall,  J.     c.  1780.     Lab.  with  border.     Of  Montreal. 

Hall,  Dr.  J.  L.     c.  1830.     Lab.  (G.  4856.) 

Hall,  Ex  Libris  Dr.  J.  L.   c.  1830.     Lab.  Sg.  "Jones  sc."  (G.  4856?) 

Hall,  W.  Carleill.  Arm.  Mant.  No  motto,  word  "Carleill"  on 
Ribbon.     Name  in  facsimile  signature. 

Hamilton  and  Gore,  Mechanic's  Institute.     Lab. 

Hamilton,  Harold  V.  Dec.  By  Ida  Hamilton.  Mgr.  of  Burlington 
Steel  Co. 

Hamilton,  Henry.    (?) 

Hamilton,  Ida.     Dec.     By  owner.     Of  Hamilton  Ont. 

Hamilton,  I.  P.,  Quebec,     c.  1830.     Lab.    (G.  4858.) 

Hamilton,  James  W.     Dec.     By  Ida  Hamilton. 

Hamilton,  Jessie.     Dec.     By  Stanley  Harrod.     Of  Toronto. 

Hamilton,  John.     Arm.  Nephew  of  the  Bishop  of  Ottawa. 

Hamilton  Mechanics  Institute,  Ontario.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2730.) 

Hamilton,  O'Springer.     Lab. 

Hamilton,  P.  S.  Arm.   "Through."  Col.  Hamilton  of  Halifax,  N.  S. 

(Hamilton),  S.  V.  H.  Dec.  By  Ida  Hamilton.  Mrs.  S.  V.  Hamil- 

Hamilton,  Rev.  Wm.  Arm.  Pict.  "Contra  patriae  inimicos." 
Printed  on  tinted  paper.  Of  Belfast  who  settled  in  Can.  and 
died  in  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2731.) 

(Hampden)  Arm.    "Vestigia  nulla  retrorsum." 

Harcourt,  W.  Vernon.  Cr.  By  Rolph  &  Smith.  Journalist  of 

Harding,  J.  J.     Arm.  in  seal.     Of  Belleville. 

Harger's  Library,  C.     Lab.     Three  varieties. 

Hargraft,  Allan  A.,  10  Bedford  Rd.  Upper  Canada,  Toronto,  Can. 







Harris,  Benj.  G.     Lab.  with  border.     President  of  Mutual  Life  Ins. 

Co.  of  Baltimore,  Md.;  bom  Newton,  N.  J.  21  July,  182 1 ;  lived 

at  Niagara,  U.  C.   1826-37;    at  Guelph,  Ont.   1837-45;    died 

at  Baltimore  July  7,  1899. 
Harris,    Edward.     Lab. 

Harris,  Helen  Mary.     Dec.     Symb.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 
Harrison,  Robert  A.     Arm.  Mant.  "Absque  virtute  nihil."    Hon. 

Robert   Alexander   Harrison,   born   in   Montreal    1833;     Univ. 

Toronto;  law;  bar  1854;  House  of  Commons  for  West  Toronto 

1862-72;    Chief  Justice  Queen's  Bench  of  Ontario  1875;  died 

1878.     (Harrisson?  G.  4859-) 
Harrison,  Thomas.     Arm.     Of  New  Brunswick.    (G.  4860.) 
Harrod,  Stanley,    Pict.    191 7.     By  owner.     Born  188 1  Leeds,  Eng.; 

studied  Arts  &  Sciences  Buenos  Aires;    Can.  1906;    Instructor 

of  Design  and  Crafts,  Toronto. 
Harrod,  Stanley.    Pict.    (Herald)  191 7.     By  owner. 
Harrod,  Stanley.     Pict.   (Ship)    191 7.     By  owner. 
Harrod,  Stanley.     Pict.     (Ship)  etched  1918.     By  owner. 
Harrod,  Thomas.     Mon.     By  Stanley  Harrod.     Of  Leeds,  Eng. 
Hart,  Alexr.     Cr.     No  motto.     Of  Montreal. 
Hart,  Charles  Theodore.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 
Hart,  Edna.    Pict.   By  Dorothy  Stevens  of  Toronto. 
Hart,   Frederick  Lestrange.     Arms  and  motto  of  Charles  Theo. 

Hart  Plate. 
Hart,  Ex  Libris  Gerald  E.  Pict.   Sg.   "Edwin  Cox  &  Co.,  Montreal." 

Two  varieties.     Numismatician  of  Montreal,  born  1849;  author 

of  "The  Fall  of  New  France.,"     "Rebellion  Notes  of  1837," 

"The  Quebec  Act  of  1 7  74-"  (G.  4861.) 
Hart,  R.  A.,  Baldwin — .     Ann.    Of  Montreal. 
Harte.     Arm.     Of  Three  Rivers. 

Hartt,  Harris  D.,  Frederickton,  N.  B.     Lab.  with  type-set  border. 
Harvey,  Revd.  J.  Michell.     Cr.  "Delectat  et  ornat." 
Haskell,  Coburn.     Arm.  Mant.    Sg.    "E.  Cox.  &  Co.,  Montreal." 
Haskell,  William  A.  Arm.  Mant.     "Vincet  Veritas."  Sg.    "E.  Cox 

&  Co.,  Montreal." 
Hastings  Division  No.  8  Library.     Lab. 
Hastings,  Alexander  0.     Arm.     (?) 

Hastings,  This  Book  belongs  to  W.  Lab.  with  rhyme.     Of  Toronto. 
Hastings,  William  A.     Arm. 
Hathaway.  Mr.  E.  Penrose,  5  old  Sq.  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab.  (English?) 


Hathaway,  Ex  Libris  Rufus  Hawtin.     Pict.  Sg.  "J.  M."  (J.  E.  H. 

Macdonald.)  ^ 

Haviland,  T.  Heath,  Prince  Edwards  Island.  Lab.  with  type-set 

Haviland,  T.  Heath,  Prince  Edwards  Island.  Arm.  "Spes  est  in 
Deo."  Thomas  Heath  Haviland,  born  in  Charlottetown,  P.  E.  I. 
1822;  educated  in  Brussels,  Belgium;  law  in  Charlottetown ; 
bar  of  P.  E.  I.  1846;  Provincial  Assembly  for  Georgetown  1846- 
76;  Senate  1873 ;  during  his  career  was  also  in  Executive  Coun- 
cil, was  Colonial  Secretary,  Sol.  Gen.  Speaker,  and  leader  of 
the  Conservative  Party;    resigned  1876;    Lieut. -Gov.   1879. 

Hay,  John  D.,  Toronto,  Canada.  Cr.  "Renovate  animos."  Mer- 
chant of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2733.) 

Head,  Dr.  Chip.  Arm.  No  motto,  c.  1770.  Apothecary  in  Hali- 
fax for  many  years. 

(Hector,  John)  J.  H.  Mon.     Cr.  Barrister  of  Toronto. 

Heartfon,  County  Law  Association.     Lab. 

Heath,  D.  W.,  Solicitor,  Nottingham.     Lab.   (English?) 

Hedley,  Anthony  (?)  Quebec. 

Hedley,  Arit.,  Quebec.  Arm.  "Vive  ut  vivas."  Sg.  "Lambert."  c. 
1825.  Lumber  Merchant  in  Quebec,  founded  Hedlewille. 
(G.  S.  2734.) 

Henderson,  James  A.  Arm.  Mant.  "Gradatim"  "Sola  vertus 
nobilitat."  James  Alexander  Henderson,  D.  C.  L.,  son  of 
Capt.  James  Henderson,  R.  N.  Born  at  Stoke,  near  Plymouth, 
Devonshire,  England,  1821;  Canada,  1825;  law  at  Kingston ;  bar 
1834;   Master  in  Chancery  1851.     (G.  4862.) 

Henderson,  William.  Arm.  "Sola  virtus  nobilitat."  Two  varie- 
ties, one  with  motto  above,  and  one  with  motto  below  the  crest. 
Born  in  Scotland;  Can.  1833;  lived  in  Toronto.  (G.  S.  2732.) 

Hendrick,  W.  G.  Eng.  Lab.  with  facsimile  signature.  In  charge  of 
one  of  the  Departments  of  the  Rolph  Clark  Stone  Co.  of  Toronto. 

Hensley,  Mrs.  Laura  Genevieve.  Of  Frankfort,  Kentucky.  Pict? 
Married  Judge  Torrence  of  Montreal  in  1875. 

Heward.     Arm.     Stephen  Heward  of  Toronto. 

(Hewlett).    Arm.  Mant.  "Vitam  impendere  vero."     An  old  U.  E. 

Loyalist  familv  of  N.  B.  now  extinct.     (Acad.  Vol.  7  No.  1.  p. 

Hick,  Ernest  Frederick,  Toronto.     Mock.  Arm.  Sg.  A.  H.  H.  (oward) 

Hicks,  Ex  Libris  Stephani,  A.  D.  18 — .  Lab.  with  type-set  border. 
Two  varieties.     (G.  S.  2735.) 


Higginson,  A.  T.    Ann.     "Deus  mihi  fortis  turris."    Of  Montreal. 

G.  S.  2736.) 
Hill,  Albert  J.,  A.  M.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  New  Westminster,  B.  C. 
(Hill,  Lord)  Arm.    "Avancez." 
(Hill,  Rev.  James  J.)     Arm.  "Je  viendrai  bon."     Of  Toronto. 

Hill's  Lending  Library,  2  Place  d'Armes,  Montreal.  Lab.  with 
Rules  and  Advertisement. 

(Hills)  Bishop  of  Columbia.  Arm.  No  motto.  Arms — Diocese  of 
British  Columbia  impaling  Hills.  (Diocesan  arms — the  arms 
of  Durham  Univ.  Coll.  with  a  chief  of  the  arms  of  Miss  Burdett- 
Coutts  the  founder  of  the  diocese.)  George  Hills  son  of  Admiral 
Hills,  educated  at  Durham ;  senior  curate  to  Dr.  Hook  of  Leeds ; 
vicar  of  Tarmouth ;  appointed  as  first  Bishop  of  British  Columbia, 
resigned  1892;  was  then  made  vicar  of  Parliam  with  Hachester 
in  Suffolk  where  he  died  in  1 895 .  He  organized  the  three  dioceses 
of  British  Columbia,  Westminster  and  Caledonia,  and  was 

Hepton,  Dorothy  Maclaren.     Pict.  Symb.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 

Hodder,  Dr.  W.  M.  Lab.  Prominent  Physician  of  Toronto.  (G. 
4863  &  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Hodgins,  John  George.  Arm.  Mant.  "A  cruce  ad  coelum."  This 
plate  is  sometimes  printed  from  the  copper  and  sometimes  as  a 
Litho.  offset.  Born  1821;  Can.  1833;  educated  Victoria  Coll. 
law;  bar;  Deputy  Superintendent  of  Education  1855;  Deputy 
Minister  of  Education  1876-89;  librarian  and  historiographer 
of  the  Education  Dept.  for  Ontario  1889;  published  numerous 
works  on  education.     (G.  S.  2738.) 

Hodgkinson,  J.  Dec.  1915.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  English;  came 
to  Can.  c.  1904;  B.  A.  McGill  Univ.;  took  orders,  Curate  of 
Holy  Trinity  Church  till  19 16;  went  home  and  joined  the 
Canadian  Chaplain's  Service,  German  War  1916. 

Hodgson,  George  Wright.  Arm.  Mant.  "In  hoc  signo  spes  mea."  Of 
Charlottetown,  P.  E.  I.    (Acad.  Vol.  6.  No.  2.  p.  124.) 

Hoffman,  J.,  Quebec.  Arm.  "Virtute  non  astuita."  Sg.  "J.  Smillie 
Jun.  fee.  Quebec."  c.  1828.  Born  1800;  died  in  Quebec  June 
12,  1829.    (G.  4864  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Holder,  J.  Edward  N.  1854  Lab.  with  Latin  inscription.  Lived  N. 
B.  or  N.  S.  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  4.  p.  237.) 

Holtum,  Edith  K.  Mon.  19 16.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  English,  lived 
chiefly  in  Buenos  Aires;  Canada  1900;  returned  to  Buenos  Aires 

Holyoake,  Henry.     Arm.  "Sacra  gucrcus." 


Holy  Trinity,  Church  of  the — Parochial  Lending  Library.     Lab. 

with  Rules.  < 

Holy  Trinity,  Sunday  School,  Dec.     By  Stanley  Harrod  191 6. 
Holy  Trinity,   Sunday  School  Library  of  the  Church  of  the — 

The  Gift  of  the  late  Mrs.  Wheeler."    Lab. 
Holy  Trinity,  Sunday  School  Library  of  the — Lab.     Six  varieties. 
Holy  Trinity,  Church  of  the — Sunday  School,  Toronto.     Prize  Lab. 

Two  varieties. 

Holy  Trinity,  Church  of  the — -Choir  Library.     Emb.  Lab. 

Honon,  Martin.     Lab. 

Hooper,  Angus  W.  Pict.   Alleg.     Of  Montreal. 

Hooper,  George  R.     Cr.  "Justus  esto  et  non  metue." 

(Hope)  Arm.  "Ad  spes  non  fracta,"  "Camden."  Sir  James  Hope 
who  at  one  time  commanded  the  B.  N.  A.  Squadron  at  Halifax. 

Hope  Chapel,  Union  Sabbath  School  Library.     Lab. 

Horswell,  Hazel.     1919  Pict.     By  owner. 

Hough,  Henry,  Guelph  C.  W.  Lab.  with  Rhyme  and  ornate  type- 
set border. 

Howard,  A.  H.  Dec.  Symb.  By  owner.  A  well  known  designer 
and  illuminator  of  Toronto,  prepared  most  of  the  important 
addresses  during  the  last  twenty-five  years;  a  member  of  the 
Royal  Canadian  Academy;    English  by  birth;    died   191 5. 

Howard,  Allan  McLean.  Ann.  "Pro  fide."  Arms — Howard  quar- 
tering McLean.  Son  of  James  Scott  Howard  of  Toronto.  Born 
in  Toronto  1825. 

Howard,  B.  E.   Dec.   191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Howard,  C.  S.    Dec.    Mon.    191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

(Howard)  E.  I.  V.  H.     Dec.  (Bee-Hive).     1915.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

(Howard)  F.  A.  H.     Dec.  (Plant).     1915.     By  A.  K.  Howard. 

Howard,  James  Scott.  Arm.  "Pro  fide."  Born  in  Bandon,  Cork, 
Ireland,  1 798 ;  was  a  grandson  of  Nicholas  Ouard  a  Hugenot  who 
left  France  after  the  revocation  of  the  Edict  of  Nantes;  came 
to  Can.  1819;  Postmaster  of  York  for  nine  years;  Treasurer 
of  Home  District  (i.  e.  counties  of  Wellington,  Simcoe,  Peel, 
and  York);  married  the  daughter  of  Capt.  Archibald  McLean 
of  New  Brunswick;    died  1866. 

(Howard)  Arm.  Sups.  "Virtus  mille  scuta."  This  plate  was  at  one 
time  used  by  Dr.  R.  J.  B.  Howard,  F.  R.  C.  S. 

Howard.  As  above  but  with  name.  These  are  the  arms  of  the 
Duke  of  Norfolk  and  their  use  is  improper. 








fcfN    • 

V    n 

X  < 


Ns  *fc 


~    < 




">  ! 


^               * 

^           X 

O               * 
>               ^ 

^   V 


Howard,  Joseph.     Lab. 

Howard,  L.  C.  S.     Mon.  191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Howard,  Murray  (?)  Sg.  "G.  W.  E.  Facie.  W.  R.  Duff  Etch." 

Howard,  S.  H.  Dec.  191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Howell,  George  Alexander,  Pict.  Of  Toronto.  Born  in  Liver- 
pool N.  S.;   business  man,  director  of  several  Companies. 

Howland,  Katherine  V.     Lab. 

Hubert,  Bibliotheque  de,  Mgr.  a  la  cure  de  Quebec,  c.  1797.  Lab. 
(G.  4865.) 

Hugel.  Arm.  Mant.  "Ich  havs  gewagt."  Baron  Adolph  von 
Hugel  of  Port  Hope  and  Montreal.     (G.  S.  2739.) 

Hughes.     Arm.  "Duwa  Dignon."     (Probably  Canadian.) 

Hughes,  The  Gift  of  David  John — of  St.  Thomas,  Ontario,  Canada. 

Huk,  Ernest  Frederick.  (?)    Of  Toronto. 

Hunt,  Thomas  Sterry.  Ann.  Born  in  Norwich,  Conn.  1826;  con- 
nected with  the  Canadian  Geological  Survey  1847-72;  Pro- 
fessor at  the  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology  1872-78; 
died  in  Montreal  1892.  His  library  was  destroyed  by  fire 
shortly  after  his  death.  While  in  Canada  he  was  Professor  of 
Chemistry  in  Laval  Univ.  of  Quebec  1856-62;  F.  R.  S.  1859; 
L.  L.  D.  Univ.  of  Cambridge  1881;  President  of  Royal  Soc. 
of  Can.  1884;    published  many  scientific  works. 

Hunter,  Arm.     'Cursem  perficio."     (G.  4866.) 
Hunter,  Jessie  D.  Pict.  1909.     By  H.  Ecclestonc. 
Huntington,  The  Gift  of  the  Countess  of,  and  her  Christian  Friends 
in  London,  to  the  People  of  Nova  Scotia — 1788.     Lab. 

Hunton.     Lab. 

Huot,  P.,  Ptre,  Quebec,  c.  1850.  Lab.  Died  Januarv  1868. 
(G.  4867.) 

(Hurd)  H.  Cr.  "Laus  Deo."  Thomas  Hurd,  barrister  of  Toronto 
1840-60.     (G.  S.  2740.) 

Hurrill,  A.,  Lincolns  Inn,  Lab.   (English?) 

Hutton,  A.  Watson.  Pict.  191 7.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Formerly 
Headmaster  of  the  English  High  School  of  Buenos  Aires;  re- 
tired c.  1907;  came  to  Canada  c.  19 13  but  returned  to  Buenos 
Aires  almost  immediately;  is  M.  A.  Edinburgh  and  Fellow 
of  the  Educational  Institute  of  Scotland. 

Inwood,  This  is  the  property  of  Fred.  G. —  Lab.  with  warning. 
Irving,  George  T.  Pict.    191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 


(Irving),  I.  AeJ.  Mon.  Cr.  "Fortitudine."  Hon.  Jacob  Aemelius 
Irving  b.  S.  Carolina;  emigrated  to  Upper  Canada  1837 ;  member 
of  Legislative  Council  of  Canada;    died  1856.) 

Irving,  Hon.  Jacob.    (?)     Of  Niagara. 

Jack,  David  Russell.  Arm.  Editor  of  "Acadiensis"  of  St.  John,  N.B. 
and  writer  upon  subjects  of  antiquarian  Canada.  His  maga- 
zine has  included  a  series  of  articles  on  Canadian  Bookplates. 
(Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  1.  p.  37.) 

Jack,  David  Russell.  Arm.  By  E.  M.  Chadwick.  (Acad.  Vol.  2. 
No.  4.  p.  278.) 

Jack,  David  Russell.  Arm.  1902.  By  Rolph,  Smith  Co.  (Acad. 
Vol.  3.  No.  1.  p.  67.) 

Jack,  David  Russell.  By  the  Bay  of  Fundy  Pict.  By  Mrs.  G.  W. 
Daniel.  For  use  at  owners  summer  residence.  (Acad.  Vol.  3. 
No.  4.  p.  310.) 

Jack,  Ex  Libris  Edward.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.     Born  at  St. 

Andrews,  N.B.     1826;    lived  in  St.  John;  died  at  Fredericton 

Jack,  I.  Allen,    Lab.    Barrister,  Q.  C,  D.  C.  L.,  former  Recorder  of 

St.  John,  N.  B.    (Acad.  Vol.~i.  No.  2.  p.  100.) 

Jackson,  John  Ley.     Cr.  in  Garter.     "Spes  mea  in  Deo." 

Jacob,  Arthur.  Pict.  1916.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  the  British 
Aluminium  Company  London,  England. 

Jarvis,  W.  M.   Cr.  "Nil  sine  labore." 

Jeffrey,  Thomas  Nickerson.  Arm.  Sg.  "C.  W.  Torbett,  Halifax." 
Collector  of  H.  M.  Customs  at  Halifax;  member  of  H.  M. 
Council  181 1 ;  married  a  daughter  of  R.  J.  Uniacke  1806. 

Jeffries,  Dr.  John.  Arm.  No  motto.  Born  in  Boston  1744; 
Harvard  1763;  went  to  Halifax  on  evacuation  of  Boston; 
appointed  chief  of  the  surgical  staff  of  Nova  Scotia;  practised 
medicine  in  London  1779;  later  returned  to  Boston;  Eng. 
again  1780;  died  1819.  He  was  surgeon  of  the  British  ships 
in  Boston  Harbor  1771-74,  and  was  at  the  Battle  of  Bunker  Hill. 

Jendwine,  J.  W.,  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab.  (English?) 

Jenkins,  Robert.     Lab. 

Jenkins,  John.     Lab. 

Jesus,  Convent  des  Soeurs  des  S.S.  nous  de  Jesus  et  de  Marie  etablie 
a  Longueuil.     1846.     Lab. 

Jesus  Marie,  Acadieme.     Lab. 


Johnston,  James  W.  Arm.  Sg.  "C.  W.  Torbett,  sculp."  Born 
1792;  Sol.  Gen.  of  Nova  Scotia  1835;  Atty.  Gen.  1843;  Judge 
Supreme  Court  1863.  The  first  statesman  to  advocate  Con- 
federation of  the  North  American  colonies.  (Acad.  Vol.  3. 
No.  2.  p.  131.) 

Johnston,  The  Library  of  R.  H.  Arm.  Lab.  Arms  of  Victoria  Coll. 
Univ.  of  Toronto.  Was  used  by  that  institution  at  one  time 
as  Johnston  was  Librarian  there  for  a  number  of  years. 

(Johnson,  Sir  William.)     Arm.  Sups.  "Deo  regique  debeo."     (G. 

Jones,  Arm.   "Diligentia."     Of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2741.) 

Jones,  L.  Melvin.  Arm.  Mant.  "Deus  pascit  corvus"  Lyman  Mel- 
vin  Jones,  born  Ont.  1843;  Mayor  Winnipeg  1887-8;  M.  P. 
for  Shoal  Lake  1888.  General  Manager  Massey  Harris  Co. 
of    Toronto. 

(Jones)  Llewellyn,  Newfoundland.  Arm.  No  motto.  Rev. 
Llewellyn  Jones,  Bishop  of  Newfoundland.  Born  Liverpool 
1840;  B.  A.  Trinity  Coll.  Cantab  1862;  M.  A.  1866;  D.  D. 
1878;  ordained  1865;   Bishop  of  Newfoundland  1878. 

Jones  Ex  Libris  A.  E.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  Rev.  Arthur  E. 
Jones,  S.  J.  archivist  of  St.  Mary's  Coll.  Montreal.  Born  1838; 
entered  S.  J.  1858;  ordained  1873;  D.  C.  L.  Univ.  Toronto; 
author  of  "  Huronia ' ' ;  died  Jan .  1 9 1 9 . 

Jones,  Rev.  W.,  Granby,  P.  Q.  Lab.  Episcopal  clergyman  who  had 
the  parishes  of  Farnham  and  Brome,  P.  I.  (G.  S.  2747.) 

Joseph,  Frank  John.  Arm.  "Vincit  qui  se  vincit."  Of  Ont.  Law 
clerk,  Osgoode  Hall;  killed  in  a  R.R.  accident.    (G.  4871.) 

(Jopling)  Arm.  "Qui  laborat  vincit."  Joseph  Jopling  A.  M.  I.  C.  E. 

Joseph,  J.  H.     Arm.  Mant. 

Joyce,  Herbert.     Arm.     "Interger  vitae." 

Kay,  Please  return  to  Geo.,  Montreal.  Lab.  (G.  S.  2743.) 

Kean,  A.  D.  Lab.  with  rhyme.     Three  varieties.     Of  Barrie.     (G.  S. 

Keith,  L.  Elsie.     Pict.  Sg.  "F.  D.  S."     By  F.  D.  Stewart  of  Toronto. 
Kelle,  W.  C.  (?) 

Kenah,  W.  K.  Arm.  No  motto.  William  Kenah,  son  of  Capt. 
Joseph  Kenah  of  the  104th  regiment.  Born  181 9;  lived  in  St. 
John,  N.  B.;   died  1846,  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  2.  p.  97.) 

Kennedy,  John,  U.  C.  College,  Toronto.     Lab. 


Kennedy,  W.  P.  M.  Cr.  "Avise  le  fin"  William  Paul  McClure 
Kennedy;  professor  of  English  at  St.  Michael's  College  Toronto, 
and  lecturer  in  the  History  Department,  Univ.  of  Toronto. 

Kerby,  James.  Cr.  Emb.  "The  only  safe  course  is  to  serve  God." 
Two  varieties.     Of  Toronto.     (G.  4872.) 

Ker,  James,  of  the  Inner  Temple.  Arm.  "Pro  Christo  et  Patria." 
(Shield  containing  open  book  with  Masonic  (?)  emblems.) 

Kerr,  Brown  &  Co.,  Warehouse  Library.     Lab. 

Kerr,  Lewis.     Lab. 

Kerr,  W.  C.  Attorney  at  Law,  Toronto.     Lab. 

Kerr,  W.  H.     Cr.     Of  Toronto. 

Kersabiec,  Marie,  Seok'han  de  nee  de  Beaujeu.     Lab.  with  border. 

Ketchum,  Jesse.  1855.  Arm.  Lab.  "By  the  liberality  of  Jesse 
Ketchum  Esqr.  the  Upper  Canada  Religious  Tract  and  Book 
Society,  Incorporated  1855,  presents  this  to — ".  The  donor 
of  this  plate  was  a  native  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  known 
as  "Father  Ketchum."  He  lived  for  some  time  in  Toronto,  but 
in  1845  returned  to  Buffalo  where  he  died  in  1867.  He  was 
interested  in  schools  for  the  young.     (G.  4873.) 

Keyser,  William  Swift.     Arm.  Mant.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 

Kilby,  Ralph  H.  Arm.  "Custodio  sacrum."     i860.     Of  Montreal. 

(G.  S.  2745O 
Kilgour,  James  Frederick.     Dec.  Symb.     Born  Oct.   1874;  Law; 

bar  1896;   B.  A.,  L.  L.  D.,  of  Brandon. 

King,  Ex  Libris  T.  D.  Pict.  Arm.     No  motto.     Of  Montreal. 

Kings  College  Library.  1801.  Lab.  The  first  university  of 
British  origin  established  in  Canada.  It  was  discussed  c.  1770, 
and  in  1788  was  founded  by  an  act  of  Parliament.  Opened  in 
1790  and  a  Royal  Charter  granted  in  1802. 

King's  College,  New  Brunswick,  Arm.  Royal  Arms  undifferenced, 
except  for  reversal  of  crest.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  2.  p.  126.) 

(Kings  College,  Windsor)  Bibliothecae  Collegii  Regalis  apud 
Windesorum.  Arm.  (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  1.  p.  42.) 

Kings  College,  Presented  to A.  B.  of,  Windsor,  N.  S.  18 — .  Lab. 

Kingsmill,  J.  J.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  Four  varieties.  John 
Jucherean  Kingsmill,  son  of  Lieut.  Col.  Kingsmill  of  H.  M. 
66th  regiment  and  Sheriff  of  Niagara.  Born  in  Quebec  1829; 
Toronto  Univ.;  Law;  bar  1852;  County  Judge  of  Bruse  1866- 
93;  died  1900. 

Kingston,  Presented  by  the  Corporation  of  the  City  of,  To — .   Lab. 

Kingstone,  Mr.  Frederick  W.     Lab.   Two  varieties. 



Kinnin,  Frank  Nicholas.     Lab. 

Knechtel,  Geraldine  E.     Cr.     By  Taylor. 

Knox  College — Bequeathed  to  the  Library  of — by  Rev.  Alex. 
Topp.     D.  D.  Lab.  printed  in  blue. 

Knox  Collegium  Toronton,  Incor.  1858.  Arm.  Prize  Lab.  A.  D. 

Laberge,  C.  J.     Lab. 

Laflamme,  R.     Lab. 

Lafleur,  Paul  T.     Emb.    "Lege  et  age."     Of  Montreal. 

La  Fontaine,  L.  H.  Pict.  Lab.  Hon.  Sir  Louis  Hippolyte  La 
Fontine,  Bart.  Born  in  Boucherville  1807;  law;  M.P.  1830; 
defeated  1841;  Atty.  Gen.  of  Lower  Can.  1842;  resigned  1843; 
in  opposition  until  1848;  then  the  Lafontaine-Baldwin  admin- 
istration was  formed;  in  power  until  1851;  retired  1851;  Chief 
Justice  of  Lower  Can.  1853;  made  a  baronet  1855;  died  1864. 
(G.  S.  2746.) 

La  Fontaine,  The  Honbl.  Sir  Louis  Hippolyte,  Bart.,  Chief  Jus- 
tice of  the  Queen's  Bench,  Lower  Canada.     Arm. 

Lagneux,   Louis,   Avocat.     Lab. 

Laidlaw,  R.  A.     Dec.  191 5.     By  A.  Scott  Carter.     Of  Toronto. 

Laing,  John  William.  Arm.  Educated  at  Cambridge,  M.A.; 
headmaster  of  the  Victoria  Grammar  School,  Victoria,  B.  C. 

Lally,  Arm.  Sups,  and  Banners,  "Just  and  valliant."  Edmund  T. 
Lally  of  Barrie. 

Lamothe,  Libraire  ecclesiastique  de  J.  M.,  rue  Notre  Dame  vis  a  vis 
la  Semenaire,  Montreal,  Lab.  (G.  S.  2747.) 

Lang,  Gulielmi  Roberti.  Scientiae  Doctoris.  Arm.  Mant.  Sg.  G. 
J(ohnston)  1903.  D.Sc.  Glasgow;  Professor  of  Chemistry 
Univ.  of  Toronto;  on  active  service  during  German  War; 
attached  to  Headquarters  Staff  Military  Dist.  No.  6. 

Langton,  Anne.  Arm.  No  motto.  Only  sister  of  John  Langton  the 
Auditor  Gen.  of  Can.  1856-78.  She  was  born  in  Farfield, 
Yorkshire  1804;  came  to  Can.  with  her  brother  in  1837 ;  died  in 
Toronto  1893.     (G.  S.  2749.) 

Langton,  Hugh  Hormby.   Arm.   Of  Toronto. 

Langton,  John.    (?) 

Langton,  Thomas.     Ann.     "Loyal  au  mort."    Born,  eldest  son  of 

John  Langton,  1849;    Upper  Can.  Coll.  and  Univ.  of  Toronto; 

law;  bar  1872;   (G.  S.  2750  and  G.  S.  2748.) 

Larkin,  Patrick.  Emb.  Lab.  Captain  Larkin,  Contractor  of  St. 
Catharines.     (G.  4875.) 


(La  Rocque)  Ann.  "Fais  bien  et  laisse  dire."  Sg.  "F.  Adams, 
Montreal."  Francois  Antoine  La  Rocque,  merchant  of  Mon- 
treal; died  at  St.  Hyacinthe  1865.     (G.  S.  2751.) 

La  Rocque,  Armand.     Lab. 

Lartioue,  J.  J.  c.  1825.  Lab.  The  Rt.  Rev.  Jean  Jacques  Lar- 
tique,  born  in  Montreal  1777;  named  by  Pope  Pius  VII  in  1820 
as  Bishop  of  Felmessa  in  Lycia,  and  Suffragan  Bishop  to  the 
Bishop  of  Quebec;  consecrated  in  the  parochial  church  of 
Montreal  by  Bishop  Plessis  on  Jan.  21,  1821;  first  Roman 
Catholic  Bishop  of  Montreal;  advocated  British  Supremacy 
1837-38;    died  April  19,  1840.     (G.  4876.) 

Law  Society  of  Upper  Canada.  By  order  of  the  Convocation 
with  the  Compliments  of  the.     Lab. 

LaunJere,  W.,  N.  P.  Quebec,  c.  1825.  Lab.  Two  varieties. 
Notary  of  Quebec.     (G.  4877.) 

Lawrence,  Mr.  Philip  Henry.     Lab. 

Learmont,  W.  J.  Cr.  with  books,  "L,"  etc.  "Spero."  Sg.  "Edwin 
Cox  &  Co.,  Montreal."     (G.  S.  2752.) 

(Lee,  Thomas)  Lab.  with  rhyme.  Of  Fredericton,  N.  B.  (Acad. 
Vol.  2.  No.  2.  p.  128.) 

Lee,  Thomas,  Jn.,  Fredericton.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  (Acad. 
Vol.  2.  No.  2.  p.  128.) 

LeemIng,  John.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 

Lefroy,  Augustus  Henry  Frazer.  Arm.  "Mutare  sperno."  Born 
Toronto  1852,  son  of  General  Sir  J.  H.  Lefroy  K.  C.  M.  G.  and 
Emily  Merry,  daughter  of  Sir  John  Beverley  Robinson.  Since 
1900  was  Professor  of  Roman  Law  and  Jurisprudence  and 
History  of  English  Law,  Univ.  of  Toronto.  About  19 14,  became 
Editor  of  Canadian  Law  Times.  Author  of  "A  Century  of 
Constitutional  Development  on  the  N.  A.  Continent,"  "Legis- 
lative Powers  in  Canada";  also  joint  translator  with  J.  H. 
Cameron  of  "A  Short  History  of  Roman  Law."  Wrote  many 
articles  on  Legal  and  Constitutional"  Law.  Died  March  1919. 
This  plate  is  found  both  as  a  direct  print  from  the  copper  and 
as  a  Litho  offset.     (G.  4878.) 

Legurne,  Bibliotheque  de  Mr.,  a  la  cure  de  Ouebec.     c.  1790.    Lab. 

(G.  4879-) 
Leitchfield,  John.     Arm. 

Lelievre,    S.    Lab.   with   type-set   border.     Barrister   of   Quebec. 
Leslie.  Edward  Stuart.     Arm.  Mant.     Son  of  James  Leslie. 

Leslie,  James.  Arm.  Mant.  Two  varieties.  "Grip  fast."  Son 
of  Capt.  James  Leslie  of  the  15th  regiment.     Born  1786;  Aber- 


deen  Univ.;  married  a  daughter  of  Patrick  Langan,  Seigneur 
of  Bourchennin  and  De  Ramsay,  1815;  merchant  in  Montreal; 
volunteer  181 2;  Executive  Council  1848;  Provincial  Secretary 
and  Register  1848-51;  Assembly  1841-48;  Legislative  Council 
1867;  Senate  1867;  died  1873.     (G.  S.  2753.) 

Leslie,  James  Norman  Stuart.  Ann.  "Grip  fast."  Son  of  Patrick 
Leslie.     (G.  S.  2754.) 

Leslie,  Patrick.     Arm.     Of  Montreal.     Son  of  James  Leslie. 

Lewis.     Arm.     Two  sizes. 

Lewis,  J.  Harvey.     Arm.     Of  Toronto. 

Lewis,  John  Travers,  D.D.,  The  Bishop  of  Ontario  1862.  Seal. 
Born  1825;  Trinity  Coll.  Dublin;  ordained  1848;  Canada  1850; 
parish  of  Twekesbury  1850-54;  rector  of  St.  Peters  at  Brock- 
ville;  Bishop  of  Ontario  1861;  Metropolitan  of  Canada  1893; 
Archbishop  of  Ontario  1894;  died  1901. 

Lewis,  Ray.  Pict.  1918.  By  Carl  Ahrens.  (Miss  Rae  Levinsky.)  A 
singer  of  Israel,  who  takes  a  deep  interest  in  social  work  among 
her  own  people.  Was  selected  when  eight  years  old  to  play 
a  boy's  part  with  Sir  Henry  Irving  during  his  visit  to  Toronto. 
At  sixteen  she  joined  a  Dramatic  Company  and  played  Classical 
Roles.  Left  the  stage  and  started  Literature  and  Play  writings; 
has  since  been  successful  in  plays;  fairy  tales  and  poetry. 

Lincolns,  William.     Lab. 

Lindsey,  Charles.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  Born  Lincoln- 
shire, Eng.  1820;  Can.  1841;  editor-in-chief  of  the  "Toronto 
Leader"  the  organ  of  the  Conservative  Party,  1853;  Registrar 
of  Deeds  for  Toronto  1867;  author  of  "The  Prairies  of  a  Wes- 
tern State"  i860,  "The  Life  and  Times  of  William  Lyon  Mac- 
kenzie and  the  Rebellion  of  1837"  (1862),  "Rome  in  Canada" 
(1879),  etc. 

Litchfield,  John.  Arm.  No  motto.  Of  Nova  Scotia.  (See 

Livius,  Chief  Justice  of  Quebec.  Arm.  Several  varieties.  Born  in 
Bedford,  Eng.  1727;  Portsmouth,  N.  H.  where  he  was  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Council  of  the  State  of  New  Hampshire;  proscribed 
by  the  Act  of  1778;  went  to  England;  appointed  Chief  Justice 
of  Quebec  1777;  served  until  1786;  England;  died  1795. 
(Allen  No.  505  and  G.  4880.) 

London,  Ontario,  Church  of  England  Young  Mens  Association.  Lab. 

London  Mechanics  Institute  Library.  Lab.  printed  in  green  or 

Longley,  George  C.  Maitland,  Ontario,  Canada.  Arm.  "Finnavit 
fidem."     Sg.  "F.  Adams  sc."     Two  varieties.     (G.  S.  2756.) 


Longueuil,  Convent  des  Soeurs  des  SS.  Noms  de  Jesus  et  de  Marie, 

etabli  a.  c.  1846.     Lab.  Pict.  (G.  481 1  or  4881?)'' 
Loretto  Abbey,  St.  Aloysius,  Ont.  (?)  Lab.  (G.  4881.) 
Loretto  Abbey  College.     Pict.  Arm.  191 8.     By  Sister  Sebastian. 
Loranger,  F.  G.     c.  1825.     Lab.     A  Priest.     (G.  S.  2757.) 
Lord  Bishop  of  the  Diocese.     Arm.     By  E.   M.  Chadwick  of 

Lotbiniere,  M.,  le  Marquis  de.     Ann.  "Fors  et  virtus."     Gov.  of 
Can.  under  the  French  regime.     (Allen  No.  518  and  G.  4882.) 

Loupret,  C,  Iberville,  P.  Q.     Lab. 

Lovell,  Ex  Libris  Johannes.     Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Lowe,  Roberti  Gul.     Dec.  Mon. 

Lowell,  John,  Montreal.     1857.     Lab.  (G.  4883.) 

Lowrey,  Grosvenor  Porter.     Lab.  (English?) 

Lusignan,  Alphonse,  Saint  Hyacinthe.  Lab.  Born  1843;  law;  bar 
1868;  practised  in  St.  Hyacinthe  until  1874;  clerk  in  Inland 
Dept.  Ottawa;  author  of  several  books  on  law. 

Lyman,  F.  S.,  Q.  C.  Cantab.  B.  A.  Arm.  "Specte  mur  agendir." 
Frederick  Styten  Lyman,  barrister  of  Montreal. 

Lyon,  James.     Lab. 

Lyon,  N.  S.  (?) 

Maberly,  Alfred  William.     Ann. 

Macaulay,  J.  J.  Ann.  "Dulce  periculum."  Son  of  John  S.  Macau- 
lay.     (G.  S.  2758.) 

Macaulay,  John  Simcoe.  Arm.  "Dulce  periculum."  Colonel, 
the  Hon.  John  Macaulay  eldest  son  of  Dr.  James  Macaulay  of 
the  33rd  Foot  who  came  to  Can.  c.  1795  with  his  regiment 
the  Queen's  Rangers.  Boni  in  Eng.  1791;  educated  there; 
Royal  Engineers;  Captain;  lecturer  in  the  Military  Coll. 
Woolwich;  Can.  1835;  settled  at  Toronto;  married  a  daughter 
of  John  Elmsley ;  took  part  in  the  construction  of  the  Welland 
Canal;   Colonel  1837;   Eng.  1843;  died  there  1855.     (G.  4884.) 

Macdonald,  Hugh  J.  Arm.  Mant.  Scotsman  of  Winnipeg,  only 
son  of  the  Rt.  Hon.  John  A.  Macdonald,  G.  C.  B.  and  Isabella 
daughter  of  Alexander  Clark  of  Dalnavert,  Scotland.  Born  in 
Kingston,  Ont.  1850;  Queen's  Coll.  and  Toronto  Univ.;  bar 
1872;  Winnipeg  1882;  House  of  Commons  1891-93;  Privy 
Council  and  Minister  of  the  Interior  in  the  Tupper  adminis- 
tration 1896. 

Macdonald,  Joan.     Pict.     By  Thoreau  Macdonald  of  Toronto. 

Macdonald,  John  A.  Cr.  "Per  mare  per  terras."  Plate  of  Sir 
John  A.  Macdonald,  see  below. 

Macdonald,  John  A.  Arm.  Sir  John  Alexander  Macdonald, 
K.  C.  B.,  D.  C.  L.,  L.L.D.  born  in  Sutherlandshire,  Scot.  1815; 
Royal  Grammar  School  of  Kingston;  law;  bar  1836;  Queen's 
Council  1846;  Executive  Council  1847-48;  1854-58;  1858-62; 
Receiver  Gen.  1847;  Commissioner  of  Crown  Lands  1847-48; 
Atty.  Gen.  for  Upper  Can.  1854-58;  Prime  Minister  1858;  re- 
signed; Postmaster  Gen.  1858  but  resigned  the  day  after  he  was 
appointed;  Atty.  Gen.  1858-62;  1864-67;  Minister  of  Militia 
1862;  H.  M.  Privy  Council  1872;  sat  for  Kingston  in  Canadian 
Assembly  from  1844  until  the  Union;  House  of  Commons 
1867,  1872,  1877;  Prime  Minister  1878;  D.  C.  L.  from  Oxford 
1865;  L.L.D.  from  Queen's  Coll.;  D.  C.  L.  from  Trinity  Coll. 
Toronto;  Knight  Commander  Grand  Cross  of  the  Bath  1867; 
Knight  Grand  Cross  of  Royal  Order  of  Isabella  Catalina  of  Spain 

Macdonald,  J.  A.  Arm.  "Per  mare  per  terras."  Of  Ontario. 
(G.  4885.) 

Macdonald,  L.  G.,  Advocate.     Lab. 

Macdonald,  Rolland.     Arm.     Of  St.  Catherine. 

(Macdonald,  J.  D.)  Arm.  "Craggan  an  phitiach,"  "Per  mare  per 
terras."  John  Duff  Macdonald  M.  D.  born  Scotland  1819; 
Licensed  Royal  Col.  of  Surgeons  Edinburgh  1839;  R.  N.  Canada 
1848;  M.  D.  Victoria  Univ.  1867.  (G.  S.  2759.) 

Macdonell,  Very  Rev.  Angus.  Lab.  c.  1840.  Of  Kingston. 
Born  1 791  at  Glengarry  U.  C;  took  orders  1822;  Vicar  General 
at  Kingston  Ont.  (G.  S.  2760.) 

Macdonell  of  Greenfield,  Glengarry  Scotland,  now  of  Canada. 
Arm.  "Per  mare  per  terras."  Served  during  the  American 
Revolution  under  Gen.  Simcoe.  First  Sheriff  of  Home  District; 
M.  P.  for  the  Highland  Constituency  of  Glengarry;  Speaker 
of  the  House;  died  1842.     (G.  4886  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

(Macdonnell)  The  Willows,  Sept.  20,  1872.  Arm.  with  border. 
Of  Toronto. 

Macdonnell,  Samuel  S.  (?) 

Macdonnell,  William  John.  Arm.  "Craggan  an  phithiach," 
"Per  mare  per  terras."  Of  Toronto.  Born  Boston  1814,  of 
U.  E.  L.  descent;  was  French  Consul  in  Toronto  for  over  30 
years;  Leg.  of  Honour;  published  "Reminiscences  of  Rt.  Rev. 
Alexander  Macdonell,  First  Catholic  Bishop  of  U.  C";  Knight 
of  the  Holy  Sepulchre;  died  1893.     (G.  4887.) 

Macdonagh,  Francis,  Esq.    Q.  C.    Lab. 


Macdougal,  A.  D.     Lab.  ., 

Macfarlane,  W.  S.     Lab.  with  rhyme.     Of  Montreal. 

Mack,  Theophilus,  M.  D.  St.  Catherines,  C.  W.  Cr.  in  garter. 
"Malo  mori  quam  foedari."  Son  of  the  Rev.  Mr.  Mack  who 
came  to  Can.  1829.  Born  in  Dublin  1820;  Upper  Can.  Coll.; 
Lieut,  in  Provincial  Navy  1837-38;  studied  medicine  in  the 
military  hospital;  graduated  from  Geneva  Coll.  1843;  settled 
in  St.  Catherines;   died  1881.     (G.  4888.) 

Mack,  Wm.  G.     Cr.  "Constans  sibi  Veritas." 

Mack,  Wm.  G.,  L.L.D.     Arm.  Mant.    "In  esperanza."     Sg.  "Kirk- 
Mack,  W.  Arm.     Like  last  plate.     (G.  S.  2761.) 
Mack,  W.  Gordan,  Advocate.     Arm.  Mant.  (G.  S.  2761.) 
MacKay,  W.  Macdonald.     Dec.  1896.     By  R.  Thomson. 
Mackenzie,  G.  L.  B.     46  Admiral  Rd.,  Toronto,  Ont.    Can.    Lab. 

Mackintosh,  Ex  Libris  Hugh  Fraser,  Toronto,  Ontario,  1896.  Cr. 
in  garter.  Born  Hamilton  Ont.  1862;  member  of  firm  of 
Tolton  &  Mackintosh  Commission  Merchants  Toronto;  a 
frequent  contributor  to  the  secular  &  Religious  press ;  was  for 
two  years  editor  of  "Catholic  Weekly  Review";  author  of 
"Life  of  Father  Louis  della  Vagna" ;  "A  History  of  the  Catholic 
Church  in  the  Pro  v.  of  Ontario";  is  one  of  the  few  "Old  Guard" 
Canadian  Bookplate  Collectors  but  has  taken  no  active  interest 
in  the  subject  for  some  years. 

Maclaren,  David.     Cr.  "Ab  origine  fidus."     Of  Ottawa. 

Maclaren,  John  J.  Lab.  John  James  Maclaren  born  Lachute  P.  Q. 
1842;  B.  A.  Victoria  Univ.  1862;  M.  A.  1866;  L.L.D.  1868; 
Law  Quebec  Bar  1868;  Q.  C.  1878;  author  several  Legal  Works; 
Judge  1 90 1. 

MacLean,  Andrew  Dyas.  Cr.  "Virtue  mine  honour."  By  Morley 
J.  Ayearst.  Son  of  the  Proprietor  of  MacLean  Publishing 
Co.,  Toronto;  held  a  commission  in  the  C.  E.  F.  in  the  German 
War  1914. 

Maclean,  F.     Lab.  with  rhyme.     (G.  S.  2762.) 

MacLellan,  A.  L.  &  D.,  Belleville,  C.  W.  Lab.  with  type-set 
border.     On  yellow  paper. 

MacMechan,  Archd.  McKellar.  Pict.  Designed  by  owner,  drawn 
by  H.  M.  Rosenberg  of  Halifax,  N.  S.  Born  Berlin  Ont.  1862; 
B.  A.  Toronto  1884;  author  and  editor;  Chair  of  English  Dal- 
housie  Coll.  1899. 


MacMahon,  Hugh.  Cr.  "Sic  nos,  sic  sacra  tuemur."  Judge  of 
Supreme  Court,  Common  Pleas  Division,  Ontario,  1887.  Born 
in  Guelph,  1836.  This  plate  is  found  both  as  a  direct  print 
from  the  Copper,  and  as  a  Litho  offset.  (G.  4889  and  G.  S. 

Macmurchy,  Marjory.     Pict.     By  K.  J. 

Macnab,  Allan  Napier.  Arm.  "Timor  omnis  abesto."  Born  at 
Niagara  1798;  served  in  War  of  181 2,  taking  part  in  the  attack 
on  Toronto  by  the  Americans  in  April  1813;  law;  Assembly 
1829;  commanded  militia  on  Niagara  frontier  1837;  routed  the 
insurgents  near  Toronto  Dec.  7,  1837,  and  burnt  the  steamer 
"Caroline";  knighted  for  services  1838;  Speaker  of  the  New 
Legislature  1844;  Prime  Minister  1854-56;  Baronet  1858;  re- 
tired 1857;  died  1862.    (G.  4890.) 

Maconlet,  J.  Jeremy.     Arm. 

Macpherson,  Arm.  W.  Molson  Macpherson  of  Quebec.  Born 
1848  at  Montreal;  moved  1870  to  Quebec;  President  of  several 
Companies,  and  of  Molson 's  Bank  1897. 

MacTavish,  Newton.  Cr.  Mant.  "Ne  obliviscaris."  By  Stanley 
Harrod.     Editor  of  "The  Canadian  Magazine,"  of  Toronto. 

Magrath.  Arm.  "Salus  in  fide."  The  Rev.  J.  Magrath  of  Ontario, 
1827-51.     (G.  S.  2763.) 

Maidment,  James.     Arm.     No  motto. 

Maitland,  Mr.  Robert,  Toronto,  C.  W.  Lab. 

Malouin,  J.  A.  Lab.  "Etudiant  endroit."   c.  1830.    (G.  4891.) 

Manley,  Rev.  Wm.  (?)    Of  Ontario.    (G.  4892.) 

Manley,  I.   Arm.   Of  Ontario.     (G.  S.  2764.) 

(Manley),  J.  M.    Mon.    Cr.   No  Motto.     John  Manley  of  Toronto. 

Manfield,  Bertha  A.  Mon.  191 7.  By  Stanlev  Harrod.  Of  Thirsk 

Manfield,  Dorothv.  Mon.  191 7.  Bv  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  Thirsk 

Manfield,  Vera.  Mon.  191 7.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Of  Thirsk 

(Manitoba)  Ex  Libris  Manitobainsis.     Arm.  Lab. 

Manning,   Alex.,   Toronto.     Arm.     No   motto.     Born   in    Dublin, 

Ireland  1 819;  Can.  1834;  was  mayor  of  Toronto.     (G.  4893.) 
Marin,  J.,  Pretre.     Lab.     Two  varieties. 
Markby,  William  Temple.     Lab.  (English?) 
Marsden,  T.     c.  1820.     Lab.     Ran  a  school  in  Quebec.  (G.  4894.) 


Marsden,  W.,  M.  D.  Cr.  printed  on  four  kinds  of  tinted  paper. 
Born  at  Bolton,  Lancashire,  Eng.  1807;  Can.  1812;  studied 
medicine  and  practised  in  Quebec.     (G.  4895  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Martin,  Archer.  Arm.  Mant.  in  seal.  Son  of  Edward  Martin  of 
Hamilton.  Born  1865;  lav/  at  Winnipeg;  bar  1887;  Victoria. 
B.  C.  1894;  Judge  of  Supreme  Court  of  British  Columbia  1898. 

Martin,  Edward.  Arm.  Son  of  Richard  and  grandson  of  Richard 
("Humanity")  Martin  of  Nallinahinch  Castle,  M.  P.  for  Galway, 
author  of  the  "Martin  Act"  for  the  prevention  of  cruelty  to 
animals,  and  the  original  of  Godfrey  O'Malley  in  Charles 
Lever's  "Charles  O'Malley."  Born  1834;  bar  1855;  practised 
in  Hamilton,  Ont.  (G.  4896.) 

Martin,  Edward,  Q.  C.     Arm.     (G.  4896.) 

Martin,  Francis  Appley,  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab.  (OfTley?  English?) 

Martin,  H.  G.     Cr.  Dec.  191 5.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Martin,  Horace  Tassie.  Arm.  "Initium  sapientiae  est  timor 
Domini."  Author  of  "Castoralogia,  or  the  History  and  Tra- 
ditions of  the  Canadian  Beaver,"  1892.     (G.  4897.) 

Martin,  Horace  Tassie,  Montreal.     Ann.  Motto  as  last. 

Martin,  H.  W.     Cr.  Dec.  1915.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Martin,  James.  Arm.  Of  Ontario.  Two  var.  one  with  crescent 
for  difference  and  one  with  mullett.     (G.  S.  2766.) 

Martin,  Mary.     Dec.  Mon.  191 7.    By  Stanley  Harrod.    Of  Toronto. 

Martin,  S.  S.  Pict.     By  V.  Smith.     Of  Toronto. 

Martin,  Wilfred  Harold,  Toronto.  Seal  Arm.  Bv  A.  H.  Howard 
(Sg.  A.  H.  H.) 

Martin,  W.  H.     Cr.  Dec.  1915.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Massey,  Alice  Vincent.     Pict.     1908.     By  M.  T.  R.  (?) 

Massey,  Vincent.  Arm.  Pict.  191 8.  By  Alex.  Scott  Carter.  Baliol 
Coll.  Oxford  and  Victoria  Toronto;  a  member  of  the  firm  of 
Massey  Harris  and  Co.  Toronto;  Lt.  Col.  C.  E.  F.  German  War 

Matchett,  Lloyd  Leroy,  Toronto,  Canada.  Dec.  191 7.  By  Ida  D. 
Sutherland  of  Toronto. 

Mathews,  G.  H.    Ann.    Mant.    Sg.    "C.  Adams  &  Co."     Of  Mon- 
Matthews,  W.     c.   1840.     Pict.     By  R.  Brown.     Of  Toronto. 

Maturin,  Rev.  Edward.  Arm.  Mant.  Church  of  England  clergy- 
man who  became  a  Catholic  and  wrote  "Defense  of  the  Claims 
of  the  Catholic  Church,"  Halifax,  1859.  (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  4.  p. 








Mavor,  Ex  Libris  James.     Pict.     By  Allan  Wright,  London.  (See 

G.  S.  Appdx.) 
Mavor,  Ex  Libris  James.     Lab.  (See  G.  S.  Appdx.) 
Mavor,  James.     Symb.     "Surcite  eamusad  fratres  et  verbem  lucis." 

By   Selwyn   Image   Oxford.     Born   in   Scotland    1854;     Univ. 

Glasgow;     Professor    of    Political    Economy,    Glasgow,    1888; 

Professor  of  Political  Economy  and  of  Constitutional  History 

in  Univ.  Toronto  1892;    author  of  "Wage  theories  and  Sta- 
tistics," 1888,  and  other  books  on  Economics.     (G.  4898  and 

G.  S.  Appdx.) 
May,  Edwin  Newton.     Arm.  Mant. 
May,  S.  Passmore,  M.   D.     Arm.  heavy  Mant.     Born  at  Truro, 

Cornwall,  Eng.  1828;    Can.  1853;  M.  D.  Victoria  Univ.  1863; 

Legion  of  Honour  1878;  lived  in  Toronto. 
McAdam,  Josie  G.     Lab. 
McAllister,  Hall.     Arm.  (American?) 
McAllister,   Alex  L.     Cr.   "Par  mare  par  terras."     By  W.   W. 

McAllister,  J.  Edgar,  Somerled.     Cr.  "Par  mare  per  terras."     By 

W.  W.  Alexander. 
McAndrew,   Robert.     Arm.   Mant.     "Fortuna  juvat."     Of   Mon- 
treal.    (G.  S.  2767.) 
McAuley,  F.  M.     Cr.     "Dulce  periculum."     By  Miss  Turquand. 

Plate  of  Miss  Fanny  McAuley. 
McCallum,  Daniel,  Quebec.     Arm.  "In  ardua  tendit."     By  Smillie. 

(G.  4899.) 
McCarthy,  D'Alton.     Arm.  with  festoons.     Born  in  Oakley  Park, 

near  Dublin,  Ireland,  1836;  Can.  1847;   law;   bar  1858;  M.  P. 

McCarthy,  James  Francis,  Canada  West.     Arm.     Two  varieties. 
McCarthy,  Justin.     Arm.  with  festoons,     c.    1800.     Advocate  of 

McCord,  Mary  Nicholena.     Dec.     By  H.  M.  Rosenberg  of  Halifax. 
McCullock,  James  W.,  Pictou.     Lab.    c.  1790. 
McDonald  &  Rigby,  Halifax,  N.  S.     Lab. 
McDonald,  W.  M.,  1876.     Lab. 
McDougal,  Library  of  J.  M.,  Aylmer,  Que.     Lab.     Born  Three 

Rivers  1858;    law;    bar  1879;    K.  C.  1893;  moved  to  Aylmer; 

later  to  Hull,  P.Q. 
McElderry,  John  Edward.  Arm.  Born  Toronto;  Mgr.  Guelph  and 

Toronto  Ontario  Investment  and  Savings  Company. 


McGibbon,  D.  Lome.     Cr.  "Nil  sine  labore."     Sg.  E.  J.  Cox  Mon- 
treal,  '09.     Born  Montreal   1870;    President  of  a  number  of 

Companies  of  Montreal. 
McGill,   Library  of,   Montreal.     Arm.   seal,   "Grandescunt  aucta 

labore.     In  Domino  confido."    (G.  4901.) 
McGill  University,  Library  of  the  Medical  Faculty.     Lab.     Six 

varieties.     (G.  S.  2768.) 
McGill  University,  Library  of.     Arm.  (Half-tone.) 
McGill  University,  Library  of  Arm.     (Zinc  block.) 
McGill  University,  Royal  Victoria  College.     Arm. 
McGill  University,  Library  of.     Wm.  H.  Drummond,  M.  D.  Arm. 
McGill  University,  Presented  to  Redpath  Library  by  John  R. 

Redpath.     Eng.  Lab. 
McGill  University,  Presented  to  Redpath  Library  by  Lady  Roddick 

Eng.  Lab. 
McGill  University,  Library  of.     (G.  H.  Blackader)  Dec.  191 7. 
McGill  University,  Library  of.  (Sir  William  Davison)  Portrait  Lab. 
McDonnell,  James.     Arm. 
McEvenue,  Leather  Lab. 

McGrath,  T.     Arm.     Of  Newmarket,  Ont.  (G.  4902?) 
McIntosh,  A.  H.  Lab.  with  rhyme.     Of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2769.) 
McIntosh,  Robert  Duncan.     Dec.     By  owner.     Of  Toronto. 
McIntyre,  Neil  Cameron.     Arm.  "Per  arduo."     Of  Ont.  (G.  4903.) 
McKenzie,  R.  Tait.     His  Book.     Port.  Sg.  "A.  J."   Of  Montreal. 
(McLachlin)  H.  F.  McL.     Arm.    Mon.  "Fortes  et  Fidus"    Son  of 

Daniel   McLachlin,   founder  of  Arnprior;   Born    1867;   B.   A. 

McGill  1889;   M.  D.  1892  General  practice  Montreal. 
(McLachlin)  H.  L.  McL.     Arm.  Mon.  "Fortis  et  fidus"  Sg.  "F. 

Adams  sc."     Lumber  merchant  of  Arnprior. 
McLachlin,  Claude.     Arm.  Sups   Of  Arnprior. 
McLaren,  Robert.     Pict.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
McLeod,  Morson  &  McQuarrier.     Lab. 
McLeod,  Ezekiel.     Lab.     Sir  Ezekeil  McLeod  born  Cardwell,  N.  B. 

1840;    L.  L.  B.   Harvard   1867;  Bar   1868;  Q.  C.    1882;  Atty. 

Gen.  1882-3;  M.  P.  1891;   Chief  Justice  New  Brunswick  1914. 

McLeod,  E.  &  R.     Lab.     Of  St.  John,  N.  B. 
(McMaster,  S.  F.)     Cr.  with  border  "Per  ardua." 

McMaster    University    Library,    Toronto.     Arm.     Lab.     Two 

McMaster  University  Library,  Toronto.     From.     Arm.  Lab. 


McMaster  University  Library,  Toronto.  (Mr  &  Mrs  T.  D. 
McGaw.)    Arm.  Lab. 

(McMaster  University)  E.  W.  Dadson  Memorial. 
McMurrich,  W.  B.  Cr.     "Dominus  providebit."     Born  in  Toronto 
1842;  bar  1866;  mayor  of  Toronto  1881.     (G.  4904.) 

McNeilly,  Alex.  J.  W.,  Q.  C.  Arm.  with  two  crests  and  two 
mottoes.     Of  St.  John. 

McQueston,  LB.     Lab. 

McTavish,  John.     Arm.  "Xon  oblitus."     Of  Montreal.  (Allen  No. 

Meaghan  &  Chisholm.     Lab. 

Medcalf,  W.  Ornate  Lab. 

Medley,  Arm.  with  festoons.  Most  Rev.  John  Medley,  born  in 
London  1804;  Wadham  Coll.  Oxford;  ordained  1828;  curate  of 
Souther  in  Devonshire;  St.  John,  Truro  183 1;  vicar  of  St. 
Thomas,  Exeter  1838;  consecrated  in  Lambeth  Palace  Chapel  as 
first  Bishop  of  Fredericton;  made  Metropolitan  of  Can.  when 
Bishop  Oxender  resigned;  died  1892.  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  3. 
P-  U5-) 

Meighan,  John.     Lab.     Of  Pickering. 

Mercantile  Library  Assn.  Lab.     Of  Montreal.     (G.  S.  2771.) 

Meredith,  E.  A.  Ann.  "Sub  spedirtutis  prae  mium."  Edward 
Allen  Meredith  of  Ottawa;  Deputy  Minister  of  Interior;  son 
of  Dr.  Thomas  M. 

Meredith,  William  Symons.  Arm.  "Heb  d  dow  leb  d  dim  a  dew  a 

Merritt.     Arm.  "Presto  et  persto."     Of  St.  Catherines. 

Merritt,  N.  Lab.     c.  1850.     Of  St.  Catherines. 

Merritt,  T.  R.  Arm.  "Presto  et  persto."  Thomas  Rodman  Merritt, 
third  son  of  Hon.  W.  H.  Merritt.  Born  1824;  Dominion  Par- 
liament 1868  and  1872;  lived  in  St.  Catherines,  Ont.  (G.  4905.) 

Merritt,  W.  Hamilton.  Ann.  "Presto  et  persto."  Son  of  Thomas 
Merritt  a  loyalist  who  came  to  New  Brunswick  in  1783 ;  Canada 
proper  1793;  served  in  War  of  181 2;  lived  in  St.  Catherines. 
W.  H.  Merritt  died  1862;  (G.  S.  2772) 

Metcalf,  W.  Dec.  name  on  ribbon.     Of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2770.) 

Metropolitan  Methodist  Sunday  School.     Lab.  with  border. 

Mewburn,  S.  C.  Lab. 

Milburn,  R.  M.,  B.  A.     Lab.     Barrister. 

Miller,  J.  B.    Cr.  "Spei  bonge  atque  animi"    Lumber  merchant. 


Miller,  J.  M.     Montreal.     Lab.  with  type-sef  border. 

Miller,  R.,  Relieur,  No.  114,  rue  Notre-Dame,  Montreal.     Batisse 

des  Soeurs.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2773.) 
Mills,  James  Walters.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 
Milner,  F.  L.  Barrister-at-Law,  Bridgetown,  N.  S.     Lab. 
Missionary    Society,    Methodist    Church    of    Canada.     Toronto 

188-  Lab. 
Moberly.     Cr.     In  garter.     "Adversis  major  par  secundus."     Of 

Moberly.    Arm.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
Moffatt,  Ogilvy.     Cr.     Of  Montreal. 
(Molson)  J.  W.  R.  M.     Lab.  Mon.     Of  Montreal. 
Molson,  Mrs.  John,  M.  A.  E.  M.  Lab.     Of  Montreal. 
Monk,  Arm.     G.  W.  Monk  of  Ottawa. 

Monk,  James,  E.  Societe  Medii  Templi.  Arm.  Two  varieties. 
Born  1744;  appointed  King's  Sol.  of  Nova  Scotia  by  Gov. 
Lawrence  1760;  Sol.  Gen.  of  Nova  Scotia  1774;  Adv.  Gen.  and 
Atty.  Gen.  of  Lower  Can.  1794;  Chief  Justice  of  the  Court  of 
the  Queen's  Bench  at  Montreal;  member  of  the  Legislative 
and  Executive  Councils  of  Lower  Can.;  knighted;  died  in  Eng. 

Monk,  Hon.  Sir  James.     Arm.  (G.  S.  2774.) 

Monning,  Alex.,  Toronto.     Arm. 

Montizambert,  Mr.  Edward.     Lab. 

Montizambert,  Fred'k.  Arm.  Mant.  No  motto.  Born  in  Quebec 
1843 ;  M.  D.  Edinburgh  1864;  Gen.  Superintendent  of  Canadian 
Quarintines.  F.  R.  C.  S.  Edin.  1884;  author  of  many  medical 

Montreal,  Bibliotheque  de.     Lab. 

Montreal,  Library,  MDCCC.  Lab.  First  public  library  in  Mon- 
treal, formed  1796;  and  in  existence  until  1844  when  the  books 
were  purchased  by  the  Mercantile  Library  Association. 

Montreal  Library,  St.  James  St.  Lab. 

Montreal,  Bibliotheque  de  l'lnstitut  Canadien  de,  6  fev.  1851. 
Lab.     Two  varieties.     (G.  4868.) 

Montreal,  St.  James  Club.     Cr.     By  Edwin  J.  Cox  &  Co. 

Montreal,  Coll.  Theo.  in  Dioec,  Johannes  Bureo  Willis.  Arm.  Dec. 
1906.     By  Edwin  J.  Cox  and  Co. 

Montreal,  Coll.  Theo.  in  Dioec,  Pramin  Hoc  Literarium.  Arm.  Dec. 

(Montreal)  Ex  Bibliotheca  Collegii  Marianopolitanensis.     Lab. 


Montreal,  Church  Loan  Library  of,  Estd.  Oct.  1841.  Sg.  "I. 
Matthews,   Litht." 

Montreal,  St.  Marie  College.     Lab.  in  several  different  colors. 

Montreal,  Ste.  Marie  College  of ,  1S78.     Lab.  (G.  4806.) 

Moodie,  J.  W.  Dunbar.  Arm.  John  Weddebar  Dunbar  Moodie, 
fourth  son  of  Major  Moodie  of  Melsetter,  Isle  of  Hay,  the  Ork- 
neys. He  married  Susanna  Strickland  of  Bey  don  Hall,  Suffolk 
and  came  to  Canada  1832.  "Roughing  it  in  the  Bush"  by 
Mrs.  Moodie  describes  their  life  when  her  husband  was  sheriff  of 
Hastings  in  1839. 

Moore,  George.     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Moore,  Win,  D.  D.  No —  Lab.  Born  Upper  Glenarm  Co.  Antrim 
Ireland  1838;  came  to  America  when  a  child;  removed  to  Inger- 
soll  Ont.  1844;  Univ.  of  Toronto  &  Princeton  Sem'y  N.  J.; 
graduated  1865;  ordained  in  Canada  1866;  was  a  founder  of 
Ottawa  Ladies'  College;  D.  D.  Of  Hanover  Coll.  Ind.  1879; 
elected  President  Ottawa  Protestant  Ministerial  Ass'n.  1897. 

(Moreau)  Arm.  "Omnia  possum  in  eo  qui  ne  confortae."  The  Rt. 
Rev.  Louis  Zephirin  Moreau,  born  in  Becancour  1824;  Xicoles 
Seminary;  ordained  1846;  Vicar  Gen.  of  Diocese  of  St.  Hya- 
cinthe  1869;   consecrated  Bishop  1876. 

Morgan,  Basil  Geo.     Pict.     By  J.  E.  H.  Macdonald. 

Morgan,  Henry  J.  Lab.  Emb.  Henry  James  Morgan,  born  in 
Quebec  1842;  chief  clerk  of  Dept.  of  State,  Ont.  Author  of 
"Sketches  of  Celebrated  Canadians."  1862,  "The  Canadian 
Legal  Dictionary."  "The  Canadian  Parliamentary  Com- 
panion," "Canadian  Men  &  Women  of  the  Time"  1898  and 
1912,  etc. 

Morgan,  Patrick.     Ottawa,  Canada.     Large  Lab. 

Morin,  J.,  Pretre.     Lab.  with  border.     (G.  S.  2775.) 

Morland,  Cr.     "Fides  et  fortitude."     Of  Montreal. 

Morland,  William  Wallace.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Montreal. 

Morley,  Mary.  Dec.  1916.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Formerly  of  the 
Toronto  Conservatory  of  Music,  now  in  the  U.S. 

Morison,    Murdock.     Arm.      On   blue   paper.    "Pretio    prudentia 

Morris,  Henry  &  Sons,  Solicitors,  Shrewsbury.     Lab. 
Morris.     Arm.  "Dum  spiro  spero."     Two  varieties.     Hon.  James 

Morris  of  Toronto. 
Morris,  Rev.  J.  Alexander.     Arm.  "Si  Deus  nobiscum  quis  contra 

nos."    of  Richmond,  near  Ottawa. 


Morris,  Robert.     Arm.     No  motto.  < 

Morrison,  Joseph  Curran.  Arm.  "Praetio  prudentia  praestae." 
Printed  on  white,  green,  pink,  or  yellow  paper.  Born  in  Ireland 
1816;  came  to  Toronto;  law;  bar  1839;  M.  P.  1848;  Sol.  Gen.  of 
Upper  Can.  1853;  Receiver  Gen.  1856;  Registrar  of  City  of 
Toronto  1859;  Puisne  Judge  of  Common  Pleas  1862;  Queen's 
Bench  as  Puisne  Judge  1863;  died  1885.     (G.  4908.) 

Morrison,  Seymour.     (?) 

Moseley,  John  Esq.,  Sherwood  House,  Kincardine,  Canada  West, 
North  America.     Type-set  mailing  labels  used  as  bookplates. 

Mott,  Henry.     Arm.  "Ut  sursumdesuper."  Of  Montreal.  (G.  4909.) 

Mountblairy.     Lab. 

Mountain,  G.  Robert.     Lab.   c.  1850.    (G.  S.  2776.) 

Muir,  Robert.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Montreal. 

Mulcahy,  Lovat  A.  Pict.  191 7.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  M.  D.  of 
Buenos  Aires. 

Mundell,  Mr.  W.  Adam,  3  King's  Bench,  Ware  Temple.    Lab. 

Murdy,  C.  T.     Arm.     No  motto.     Of  Lennoxville. 

Murphy,  Edward.  Arm.  "Fortis  et  hospitalis."  Two  varieties, 
one  without  the  name.  Born  in  Ireland  1818;  Can.  1824; 
Senate  1889.     Of  Montreal  (G.  S.  2777.) 

Murray,  Charles  Knight.     Lab. 

Murray,  Charles  S.  (?) 

(Murray)  Arm.  "Furth  fortune  and  fill  the  fetters."  Verse,  "Hie 
est  liber  meus  /  Testis  est  Deus  /  Si  quis  ne  querit  /  Hie  nomen 
erit"  Dr.  C.  S.  Murray  of  Toronto.    (G.  S.  2778.) 

Murray,  Jas.  P.  Same  as  above,  different  arrangement;  President 
Catholic  Truth  Society. 

Murray,  Howard.  Dec.  Sg.  "G.  W.  E.  facie  W.  R.  Duff  Etch." 
Born  N.  S.  1859  B.  A.  London;  Munro  Tutor  in  Classics  Dal- 
housie  College  1887 ;  Classical  Master  1888 ;  later  Principal  Hali- 
fax Academy;   Chair  of  Classics  Dalhousie  College  1894. 

Murray,  Wm.  Powell.     Lab. 

Murray,  W.  T.  Cr.     "Furth  fortune  and  fill  the  fetters." 

Musselman,  J.  Doan.     Pict.     By  H.  Ecclestone  of  Toronto. 

Musson,    Ex   Libris   Balfour.     Pict.     By   W.    W.    Alexander.     Of 

Muttlebury,  James,  M.  D.     Arm.     "Fide  et  virtute."     Came  to 

Can.  from  Eng.  1832 ;  Inspector  of  hospitals;  M.  R.  S.  E. ;  died  in 

Toronto  of  cholera.  (G.  4910.) 
Myrand,  P.  D.  E.  Lab.  c.  1850.    (G.  49"-) 


Napanee  Library.     Lab. 

Napone  Library,  Donation  from .     Lab. 

National  Club   of  Toronto.     Dec.     By  A.   H.   Howard.     Two 

National  Institute.     Lab. 
Nattali,  Benjamin.     Eng.     Lab. 

Nault,  Dr.  Lab  with  type-set  border.  Two  varieties  and  sizes.  Of 
Quebec.     (G.  S.  2779.) 

Neilson  &  Cowan,  Printers,  Quebec,     c.  1880.     Lab.  (G.  4912.) 

Neilson,  Robert.     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Nelson,  Wolfred,  D.  C.  L.,  C.  P.  S.  Lab.  Born  in  Montreal  1792; 
served  as  a  surgeon  in  War  of  181 2 ;  M.  P.  for  Sorel  1827 ;  one  of 
the  leaders  in  the  rebellion  of  1837 ;  won  the  victory  of  St.  Denis 
but  was  captured  and  exiled  to  Bermuda;  settled  at  Plattsburg, 
N.  Y.  1838;  moved  to  Montreal  when  amnesty  declared  1842; 
M.  P.  1844-45;  Inspector  of  prisons;  twice  mayor  of  Montreal; 
died  1863. 

New  City  Hall  Public  Library.     Lab. 

Newcome  (Francis  P.)  Arm.  Engraved  "Revd  T.  Newcome"  Sg. 
"Brock  sc.  302  Strand"  The  "Revd  T"  is  scratched  out  and 
"Francis  P"  added  in  Ms.  A  company  promoter  of  Toronto. 
This  family  holds  the  unique  position  in  Church  history  in 
England  of  having  an  unbroken  line  of  priests  for  eight  genera- 
tions, commencing  in  the  reign  of  Elizabeth,  and  including  one 
Archbishop  and  two  Bishops.  "The  Newcomes"  by  Thackeray 
was  based  upon  a  member  of  the  family. 

Nichol.  Arm.  No  motto.  Colonel  Nichol,  M.  P.  who  distinguished 
himself  in  the  war  of  181 2,  receiving  a  gold  medal  for  his  bravery 
at  the  captuVe  of  Detroit;  lived  in  Niagara;  killed  by  driving 
over  a  cliff  in  a  storm  in  1824. 

Nichols.  Arm.  c.  1830.     By  Smillie?  Francis  Nichols.     (G.  4913.) 

Nichols,  E.  Lib.  Francisco.     Arm.  Pict.     No  motto.     Of  Montreal. 

Nixon,  E.  P.  Pict.    Woodcut.    By  owner  Elizabeth  P.  Nixon. 

Nixon's,  Mrs.   School,   50  Peter  Street,  Toronto.     Prize  Lab. 

Noiseux,  Pretre  F.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.     Francois  Noiseux, 

born  in  Quebec  1748;  author  of  "Liste  chronologique  de  clerge." 

1833;   died  at  Three  Rivers  1834. 

Noiseux,  F.,  Vicaire  General  Cure  des  Trois  Rivieres.  Lab.  with 
type-set  border.     (G.  4914  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Norman,  Richard  Whitmore.  Cr.  "Pluribus  assuesce  mentem." 
A  Clergyman  of  Quebec. 


Normandeon,  The  Property  of  P.  E.,  N.  P.  Montreal,  P.  Q.     Lab. 

North    Ontario    Mechanics'    Institute    Library.     Lab.     Two 


Norwood,  Edward  Everett.     Dec.     By  J.  E.  H.  Macdonald. 

Norwood,  Mary  Rose.     Dec.     By  J.  E.  H.  Macdonald. 

Nova  Scotia  Historical  Society.     Arm.     By  Graham  Johnston. 

Nova  Scotia,  The  Ensign  of.  Arm.  "Munit  haec  et  altera  vincit." 
(G.  S.  2782.) 

O'Brien,  A.  H.,  Dromaland.  Arm.  Mant.  Irish  motto.  Arms- 
quarterly  (1)  lions  for  the  royal  lions  when  an  O'Brien  was 
"king  of  all  Ireland,"  (2)  meaning  lost,  (3)  given  for  bridge 
building,  (4)?  Son  of  H.  O'Brien.  Born  in  Toronto  1865;  Asst. 
Law  Clerk  to  the  House  of  Commons,  Ottawa. 

O'Brien,  Henry,  Dromland.  Arm.  Mant.  Irish  motto.  Son  of 
Lieut.  Col.  E.  G.  O'Brien  a  retired  naval  and  military  officer  in 
charge  of  the  first  settlement  at  Barrie  and  Shanty  Bay,  Lake 
Simcoe.  Bora  at  Shanty  Bay  1836;  educated  in  Toronto;  bar 

O'Brien,  Louise.     Cr.  embossed.     "Lamh  laidar  an  nachtar." 

O'Brien,  Kathleen.     Pict.  Arm.     Of  Toronto. 

O'Brien,  Ex  Libris  Mildred  Constance.  Pict.  Arm.  By  E.  A.  G. 
(View  of  St.  Paul's  Angelican  Church,  Toronto.) 

(O'Brien)  Arm.  Irish  motto.  Dr.  Lucius,  eldest  son  of  Capt. 
Lucius  O'Brien  of  the  Royal  Artillery.  Born  at  Woolwich,  Eng. 
1796;  Edinburgh  Univ.  M.  D.;  practised  at  Kingston,  Jamaica; 
Can.  1832 ;  settled  at  Toronto;  died  in  Ottawa  1871.     (G.  4915.) 

Odell,  Jonathan.  Chip.  Arm.  "Ne  quid  nemeo"  Loyalist,  came  to 
Frederickton  N.  B.  where  he  was  Provincial  Secretary.  Was  in 
Holy  Orders  (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  3.  p.  239.) 

Ogilvie,  A.  J.     Arm.  "Pro  patria."     Of  Montreal. 

Ogilvie,  John.     c.  1800.     Arm.    "Tout  jour."     Of  Montreal. 

Ogilvie,  W.  W.  Arm.  Same  plate  as  last,  William  Watson  Ogilvie, 
Born  at  Cote  St.  Michel,  Montreal,  1835.  A  miller  and  banker; 
J.  P. ;  Director  of  Bank  of  Montreal. 

Ogilvy,  James.     Jac.  Arm.     "A  Fin." 
Ogle,  Mr.,  Paper  Buildings,  Inner  Temple.     Lab. 
O'Grady,  G.  De  C.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Toronto. 
Oldham,  Herbert.     Lab.    Of  Montreal. 
Olivier,  L.  A.,  avocat,  Berthier.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2783.) 






3    z 



Olivier,  Chevre  fils  Jean,  ptre.     Quebec.     Lab.  c.  1820. 

Ontario,  Government  of,  Presented  by  the,  to — .  Arm.  Sups.  1917. 
By  Stanley  Harrod.  Plate  made  for  a  work  on  "Canada's 
Future,"  edited  by  E.  A.  Victor. 

Ontario,  From  the  Legislative  Library  of,  Toronto.     Lab. 

Ontario,  with  the  compliments  of  the  Minister  of  Education. 

Ontario  Model  School  for.  Prize  Arm.  Lab.  June  20,  1872. 
Another  variety  dated  June  30,  1885. 

(Ontario)    Prime  Minister's  File.     Lab. 

Ontario  Session  Statutes  of.  Lab.  Two  var.  Used  in  Presen- 
tation Copies. 

Ontario,  Zion  Church  Sabbath  School  Library.     Lab. 

Ord,  Lewis.  Arm.  Mant.  "Mitis  et  fortis."  Sg.  "J.  T.  Rolph, 
sculp,  2  Rossin  House,  Toronto." 

(O'Reilly)  Arm.  Sups.  "Fortitudine  et  prudentia,"  "Dura  spiro 
spero."     Plate  used  by  Dr.  Charles  O'Reilly  of  Toronto. 

O'Reilly,  James.  Arm.  Of  Ontario.  Barrister  Kingston.  (G. 

Osborne,  John.  Lab.  with  type-set  border.  English  clergyman 
who  lived  for  some  years  in  Toronto. 

Osgoode,  William,  Lincolns  Inn.  c.  1800.  Arm.  No  motto. 
Born  1754;  commoner  of  Christ's  Coll.  Oxford  1769;  M.  A. 
1777;  law;  bar,  Lincolns  Inn  1779;  Can.;  appointed  Chief  Jus- 
tice of  Upper  Canada  1791-92;  Chief  Justice  of  Lower  Can. 
1794;  resigned  and  returned  to  Eng.  1801;  died  1824.  (G.  S. 

O'Shaughnessy,  Mr.,  Lower  Gardiner  St.  Lab. 

O'Springer,  See  Hamilton. 

O'Sullivan,  P.,  Madras.     Lab.  (East  Indian?) 

Ottley,  Sir  Richard.     Lab. 

Ottawa  Y.  M.  C.  A.     Lab.  2  Var.     One  with  Rules. 

Owen,  Isabel  Anne.  Pict.  Wife  of  Mr.  Justice  Owen.  (Acad. 
Vol.  2.  No.  2.  p.  125.) 

Owen,  Jacob  Miller.  Pict.  By  David  McNeeley  Stauffer.  Judge 
of  Probates  Co.  of  Annapolis  Royal,  N.  S.  (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  2. 
p.  125.) 

Owen  Sound  Mechanics  Institute.     Lab. 

Our  Lady  Immaculate,  Church  of,  Guelph,  Ontario.  Emb.  Two 
varieties — Parochial  Library,  and  Sodality  Library.    (G.  4917.) 


Pacaud,  Bibliotheque  de  Louis  Edward,  Commissalre  des  Bouque- 
routes  (Banqueroutes  ?)  Lab.      Of  Quebec. 

Palgrave,  William.     Lab. 

Palgrave,  Mrs.  Leather  Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Pallette,  Louis  T.,  Leur  Trois  Riviers.     Lab. 

Palmer,  Edward,  Prince  Edward  Island.     Lab. 

Pannell,  E.  V.  Pict.  1 91 8.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Bom  London 
1 886;  Can.  1913  ;  Engineering  Expert  of  the  British  Aluminium 
Co.,  Toronto;  Member  Institution  Electric  Engineers;  M.  A.  I. 
E.  E.  (U.  S.)  M.  A.  I.  M.  E.  (U.  S.);  writer  on  Electrical  matters 
in  Technical  magazines. 

Pannell,  Ernest  Vincent.     Symb.     191 5.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Panton,  James  (?) 

Panze,  J.  H.     Lab. 

Papineau,  D.  E.     Montreal  Lab. 

Papineau,  Ida,  Montreal.     Lab. 

(Papineau)  Emb.  (Wreath  of  maple  leaves  encloses  small  sketch  of 
water,  pine  tree,  dove  of  peace,  olive  branch  over  all;  i.e.  Pax, 
Pa — pine,  pin — water,  eau.)  Louis  Joseph  Amedee  eldest  son  of 
Hon.  Louis  Joseph  Papineau  the  statesman  who  became  leader 
of  the  rebellion  of  1837.  Born  in  Montreal  181 9;  law;  practised 
in  Saratoga,  N.  Y.  bar  of  United  States;  New  York  City;  re- 
turned to  Can.  1843;  founded  the  club  of  patriots  known  as 
"Les  Fils  de  la  Liberte" ;  appointed  one  of  the  prothonotarien  to 
the  court  of  Queen's  Bench  of  Lower  Can.  1844-76;  resigned 
1876;  resided  on  the  seigniory  on  the  Ottawa  River  which  he 
inherited  from  his  father  in  187 1;  h  was  Seignor  of  Papineau, 
Quebec,  which  includes  Monte  Bello,  Papineauville,  Plaisance, 
etc.,  on  the  Ottawa  River. 

Parant,  Antoine,  ptre  du  Seminaire  de  Ouebec.     c.   1830.     Lab. 

(G.  4918.) 
Park,  T.  W.     Law  Library.     Lab. 
Parker,  A.  D.   Arm.  Sups  "Sapere  aude." 
Parker,  Ida  Kerr.     Dec. 
Parker,  Percival.     Pict. 

Parkes,  Mr.  James.     Lab.     Advocate  of  Toronto.    (G.  S.  2785.) 
Parkin,  I.  B.     Advocate.     Cr. 
Parkin,  I.  B.,  advocate,  Quebec.     Emb.  (G.  4919.) 
Parsons,  H.  M.     Lab.  with  border. 

Parry,  Glyndon  Owen.  Pict.  191 9.  By  Morley  J.  Ayearst.  "Vir- 
tute  non  verbis."    Student  Faculty  of  Medicine  Univ.  of  Toronto. 

Pasnore,  Rev.  John.     Arm.  with  festoons. 

Patterson,  James.  Arm.  "Hinc  orier."  Two  varieties.  Of 
Ontario.     (G.  4920  and  G.  S,  Appdx.) 

Patteson,  Thos.  C.  Ann.  "Fidum  pectus  amori."  Born  in  Patney, 
Wilts.  Eng.  1836;  King's  Scholar  at  Eaton;  Merton  Coll. 
Oxford;  graduated  with  honors  1858;  Canada;  law;  bar  1863; 
first  editor-in-chief  of  the  "Mail"  a  newspaper  established  in 
Montreal  by  the  Conservative  Party  in  1872.  Postmaster 
Toronto  1879.     (G.  4921.) 

Patton,  Horatio  N.  Arm.  Sg.  "Biddle,  Engr."  Horatio  Nelson 
Patton,  brother  of  William  Patton.  Lumber  merchant  of 
Lewis,  South  Quebec. 

Patton,  William.  Arm.  "Virtus  laudania,"  Sg.  "Biddle,  Engr." 
Born  in  Leyton,  Essex,  Eng.  1800;  Can.  18 19;  lumber  business; 
retired  and  lived  at  Manor  House  on  the  seigniory  of  St.  Thomas 
de  Montmagny  which  he  bought  from  William  Couilliard  in  1 83  5 ; 
died  in  Quebec  1853.     (G.  4922.) 

Paunceforte,  Julian.     Lab. 

Payne  &  Dafr,  Solicitors,  Nottingham.     Lab. 

Pemberton,  Oliver.     Cr.    "Vulnere  sans." 

Pepall,  George  T.     Pict.  191 9.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 

Pepler,  W.  H.     Upper  Canada  College.     Lab. 

Perceval,  M.  H.  c.  1820.  Cr.  Collector  of  Customs  in  Quebec  c. 
1825.    (G.  S.  2786.) 

Percival,  Herbert,  Esq.,  Inner  Temple,  London,  E.  C.  Lab.  (Eng- 

Perkins,  Library  of  J.  A.,  Jr.  Montreal.  Lab.  Three  varieties. 
(G.  4923-) 

Perrault,  Ex  Libris  Dr.  C.  N.     Lab.    c.  1820.    (G.  S.  2788.) 

Perrault,  Chs.  Ov.,  Avocat.  Lab  with  large  ornamental  border. 
Lived  in  Quebec;   killed  in  the  rebellion  of  1837.    (G.  S.  2787.) 

Perry,  Frederick  William.     Dec.  1918.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Perry,  Frederick  William,  Pict.  Symb.    191 7.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Head  of  Quantity  Surveyor's  Dcpt.     Great  Southern  Railway, 

Buenos  Aires. 

Perry,  F.  W.  Mon.   1918.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Peterborough,  Ladies  Evangelical  Episcopal  Sabbath  School.   Lab. 

Petheran,  William  Comer.     Lab.    (English  ?) 

Peyster,  Frederick  de.  Arm.  Sups.  A  Grantee  of  the  City  of  St. 
John  1783;  retired  to  U.  S.  1796.     (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  4.  p.  240.) 

Peyster,   J.   Watts  de.     Arm.   Sups.    "Forti  non^  deficit   telum." 

Grandson  of  above.     (Acad.  Vol.  i.  No.  4.  p.  240.) 
Phillips,  Alfred  M.  Pict.  Rev.  Alfred  Moore  Phillips,  Methodist 
clergyman  of  Gait,  Ont.     Born  near  the  village  of  Wellington, 
Ont.     1846. 
Phillips,  Lilla  Louise  Muriel,  Toronto.     Pict.     By  E.  M.  Chad- 
wick.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  2.  p.  129.) 
Phillott,  Rev.  James.     Cr.    No  motto.     (G.  S.  2789.) 
Philomuheseon  Club  Library.     Lab.  (American?) 
Phipp,  Hon.  Augustus.     Arm.  "Virtute  quies."  (G.  2706  and  4924.) 
Picault,  Bibliotheque  de  Charles,  M.  D.    Lab.    Of  Montreal. 
Pictou  Y.  M.  C.  A.  Library.     Lab.  with  border. 
Pigeon,  Ex  Libris  Narcissi,  minoris  Seminarii  Marianopolitanencis 

alumni  Anno  1833.  Lab. 
Plante,  E.  G.,  Ptre.  Lab.  Ordained  1836.  (G.  4925.) 
Plessis,  J.  O.,  Cure  de  Quebec.  Lab.  Joseph  Octave  Plessis,  the 
greatest  man  since  Francois  de  laval  Montmorency  to  accept 
the  Roman  Catholic  Episcopal  Seat  of  Quebec.  The  son  of  a 
blacksmith,  he  was  born  1762;  ordained  priest  1786;  Pro- 
fessor of  Humanity  Coll.  of  St.  Raphael;  secretary  to  the 
Bishop  of  Quebec;  curate  of  the  capitol;  coadjutor  to  the 
Bishop  Denault  1797;  appointed  Bishop  of  Canatte  in  Pales- 
tine with  the  succession  to  the  Seat  of  Quebec  1800;  Quebec 
1806;  founded  the  College  de  Nicolet  and  the  primary  schools 
of  Quebec;  called  by  the  Crown  to  the  Legislative  Council 
1 81 8;  was  a  loyal  and  patriotic  senator;  died  1825.  (G.  4926.) 
Plessis,  J.  O.,  Eveque  de  Quebec.  Lab.  There  are  other  varieties 
of  Plessis  Labs.  (G.  4927.) 

Plimsoll,  John.     Lab. 

Plummer,  Charles  H.  F.     Arm.  Mant.     No  motto. 

Poetter,  Herman.  Arm.  Mant.  "Malo  mori  quam  foedari." 
Of  the  Civil  Service  Ottawa. 

Polleste,  Louis  T.,  Sem.  Trois  Rivieres.     Lab.  with  ornate  border. 

Polette,  W.  A.     Lab. 

Pope,  J.  Arm.  No  motto.  The  Hon.  Joseph  Pope  of  Charlotte- 
town,  son  of  William  H.  Pope.  Born  in  Devon,  Eng.  1803; 
Prince  Edward  Island  181 9;  Legislative  Council  1830;  had  a 
seat  in  the  Assembly  for  twenty-three  consecutive  years; 
Treasurer  of  P.  E.  I.  1851;  resigned  1853;  absent  from  P.  E.  I. 
for  fifteen  years;  returned  1868;  after  the  Confederation  was 
appointed  Dominion  Auditor  1873;  retired  1883;  resided  at 
Summerville,  P.  E.  I. 



Pope,  William  H.  Arm.  "Impavide  et  recte."  Judge  in  Prince 
Edward  Island.     (G.  S.  2790.) 

Popham,  A.  H.,  Layborne.  Cr.  in  garter.  "Meus  pristina  mansit." 
(G.  S.  2791.) 

Porter,  Thomas  G.  Lab.  with  cross,  rhyme,  Psalm  XXXVII,  21,  etc. 
Clergyman  of  Mattawa. 

Porter,  John  Bonsall.     (?)     Of  Montreal? 

Port  Perry  Methodist  Church  of  Canada  S.  S.  Library  Lab. 

Postlethwaite,  Colin  W.  Arm.  "Virtute  et  numine."  Harbour- 
master of  Toronto. 

Potter,  Charles  Edward.  Pict.  Sg.  W.  Heath  Robinson,  Lon- 
don.    Gen.  Manager  of  the  City  Dairy  Co.,  Toronto. 

Potter,  Henry  Glasford.     Arm.  "Spero  bene  agera."     Of  Toronto. 

Powell,  Charles  Henry.     Arm.  "Aude."     Of  Toronto.  (G.  4928.) 

Powell,  R.  T.  S.     Lab. 

Powell,  Mr.  William  D.  Arm.  No  motto.  Judge  of  Ontario. 
(G.  4929-) 

Powell,  Mr.  Justice.  Arm.  Two  varieties.  Hon.  William  Dum- 
mer  Powell,  born  Boston  1755;  educated  in  Eng. ;  Holland; 
Boston  1772;  bar  1779  by  Middle  Temple;  lived  in  Montreal; 
Detroit  1789;  first  judge  to  preside  over  Detroit  Court;  Chief 
Justice  of  Upper  Can.  1815;  retired  1825;  died  1834.  Of  Welsh 
descent,  the  name  is  Ap  Howell,  (his  home  at  Took  was  called 
"Caer  Howell" —  "Howell's  Place")  and  is  an  allusion  to  the 
mythical  Hoel  to  whom  all  the  Ap  Howells  or  Ap  Hoels  trace 
their  origin.  He  was  the  son  of  John  Powell  born  in  Boston 
1755,  and  the  grandson  of  John  Powell  who  came  to  America 
as  secretary  to  Lieut.  Gov.  Dummer  and  married  the  governor's 
sister.     (G.  4930.) 

Power,  John  J.,  Pictou,  N.  S.     Lab. 

Power,  John  J.,  Halifax,  N.  S.     Lab. 

Prescott,  From  the  Library  of  Lyon  O'Connor  and  Claude.     Lab. 

Prescott,  Genl.  Robert,  Esq.  Arm.  Sg.  "Mitchell,  Bond  St."  Two 
varieties.  Born  in  England  1725;  Capt.  in  15th  Foot  1755;  in 
expedition  against  Rochefort  1757;  in  Louisbourg  expedition 
1758;  aide-de-camp  to  Amherst  1759;  later  under  Wolfe; 
Major  of  95th  Foot  1 76 1 ;  sent  under  Monkton  to  reduce  Mortin- 
nico;  Lieut.  Col.  of  28th  Foot  1775;  at  battle  of  Brooklyn, 
storming  of  Fort  Washington,  expedition  against  Philadelphia, 
etc.;  Colonel  by  brevit  1777;  at  battle  of  the  Brandywine; 
1st  Bridagicr  Gen.  in  expedition  against  French  West  Indies 
under  Gen.  Grant  1778;  Major  Gen.  1781;  Lieut.  Gen.  1793; 
Civil  Gov.  of  Barbadoes  and  Guadeloupe  1794;  relieved  Gen. 


Dorchester  at  Quebec  1796;  Gov.  of  Lower  Can.  1796;  Gov.  of 
Nova  Scotia  1797;  recalled  to  Eng.  by  order  of  the  Executive 
Council  1799;  died  in  Sussex  1816. 

Preston,  Arthur.     Lab. 

Price,  Benjamin.  Jac.  Arm.  No  motto.  Member  of  Gen.  Murray's 
Council  in  1766. 

Prince  Edward  Institute.     Lab.  with  border  and  Rules. 

Prince  Edward  Islands  Legislative  Library.     Lab.  (G.  4931.) 

Proudfoot,  William.  Arm.  "Gradatum."  Born  in  Errol,  Perth- 
shire, Scot.  1823 ;  Can.  1832 ;  law;  bar  1849;  Vice  Chancellor  of 
Court  of  Chancery  for  Ont.  1874;  retired  1890.     (G.  4932.) 

Pugh,  Laura  G.  H.  Lab.  Two  var.  Mrs.  Laura  Genevieve  Hensley  of 
Frankfort,  Kentucky,  who  married  Judge  Torrance  of  Montreal 

Purdon,  Rowan.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Charlottetown,  P.  E.  I. 

Pyke,  L.  E.,  Inner  Temple.     Lab. 

Quebec,  L'Archeveche  de,  1850.     Lab. 

Quebec,  Bibliotheca  Quebecensi  Ex  Academicoe,  1840.     Lab. 

Quebec's,  The  late  Bishop  of — Upper  Canadian  Travelling  Mission 

Fund.     Lab. 
Quebec,  Canadian  Institute  of.     Lab. 
Quebec,  Cercle  Catholique  de.     Lab.  (G.  4799.) 
Quebec,  Cercle  cath.  Biblioth,  paroissiale  du.   Lab.  (G.  4800.) 
Quebec,  Cathedral  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab.  (G.  4934-) 
Quebec,  High  School  of.     Lab.  printed  in  blue.     1859.    (G.  2737.) 
Quebec,  Presented  to  the  Literary  and  Historical  Society  of,  by 

His  Excellency  the  Earl  of   Durham,     c.  1839.     Lab.  (G.    S. 

(Quebec)  Seminarii  Quebecensis  etc.  187 — .     Prize  Lab. 
Quebec,  Societe  Litt.  et  hist.     Arm.?  "Nititur  in  lucem."  (G.  S. 

Quebec,  Instruction  Public  Catholic  Schools.    1859.     Lab.  (G.  4869.) 
Quebec  Library.     1840.     Lab.  (G.  4935-) 
Quebec  Mechanics  Institute,    c.  1840.     Lab.  with  rules.  Founded 

1831.     (G.  S.  2794.) 
Quebec  Moral  Library,  No. of  the.   Lab.  with  rules,   c.  1760. 

(G.  S.  2793-) 
Quebec,  Province  of,  Bureau  of  Provincial  Secretary.     Lab. 
Quebec,  Province  of,  Department  of  Crown  Lands.     Lab. 


Quebec,  Province  of,  Department  of  Public  Instruction.     Lab. 
Quebec,   Province  of,    Department   of   Public   Instruction.     Arm. 

"Labor  omnia  vincit."     Three  varieties,  two  in  French  one  in 

English.     Prize  plate.     (G.  S.  2792.) 
Quebec,  Province  de,  Department  des  Officiers  en  Loi  de  la  Couronne. 


(Quebec,  Province  of,  Department  of  Public  Instruction)  Prize  Lab. 
Strathcona  Trust. 

(Quebec,  Province  of,  Department  of  Public  Instruction)  Price  Lab. 
Scholars  gardens. 

Queen's  University  Kingston  Canada.  Arm.  Pict.  "Sapientia  et 
doctrina  stabilitas."  Sg.  E.  D.  F.  1905.  Only  Canadian  plate  by 
E.  D.  French. 

Queen's  University  Library  Kingston,  Ont.  Lab. 

(Queen's  University)  Latin  prize  lab.  a.  d.  VI.   Kal.,  Mai.,  MCM- 

(Queen's  University)  Latin  prize  arm.  lab.,  for  Gowan  prize. 

(Queen's  University)  Bibliothecae  Collegii  Reginae  Canadensium. 
D.  D.  (Used  for  gifts.) 

Queen's  College  Library  Kingston.  Lab.  with  ornamental 
border,  printed  in  black  on  blue  paper. 

PvAdford,  Arm.    "Fide  et  perseverantia."    (G.  4936.) 

Radford,  Henry  B.  Arm.  No  motto.  Entirely  different  arms 
from  those  of  the  last  plate.     (G.  4935.) 

Rae,  Geo.  Martin,  Barrister.     Lab.     Lawyer  of  Toronto. 

Rae,  Jackson.     Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Rambeau,  Alfred,  Montreal.     Lab.  c.  1835. 

Ramsay,  Robert  Anstruther.     Lab.     Of  Montreal. 

Ramsay,  Robert  A.     Lab. 

Ramsay,  Rev.  Canon.  Arm.  "Ora  et  labora."  Two  varieties,  one 
without  the  name.     Of  Newmarket,  Ont. 

Ramsay,  Septimus.  Arm.  "Ora  et  labora."  Like  last  plate.  This 
plate  is  found  both  as  a  direct  print  from  the  Copper  and  as 
a  litho  offset. 

Ramsay,  W.  M.  Cr.  and  garter.  William  Miller  Ramsay,  born  in 
Edinburgh  1834;  Canada  1857.  Gen.  Mgr.  Standard  Life  Ins. 
Co.  of  Edinburgh. 

Rand,  Benjamin.  Lab.  Of  Halifax.  Born  N.  S.  1856;  Harvard 
M.  A.  &  Ph.D.  1885;  author  of  "Life  of  Rev.  Aaron  Cleveland" 
1888  etc.;   is  a  member  of  Harvard  Philosophical  Dept. 


Ravenscrag.     See  Allen.  < 

Rawle,  James.     Arm.     No  motto. 

Rawson,    Christopher.     Arm.    "Laus  virtutis  actio."     Of   Quebec. 

(G.  S.  2795.) 
Redpath,  Peter.     Lab.     Of  the  Fraser  Institute,   Montreal.      (G. 

Redpath,  Peter.     Arm.    "Ne  timeas  recte  faciendo."    (G.  4938.) 

Redpath,  In  Memorian  Peter  W.  and  Joscelyn  C.  Arm.  plate  used 
by  McGill  University. 

Read,  James,  Lincolns  Inn.     Lab. 

Reed,  Edward  Bayens.     Lab. 

Reeves,  James.  (?) 

Reeves,  John,  Esq.  Pict.  A  loyalist,  later  Chief  Justice  of  New- 

Reeves,  John,  Esq.  Mock  Arm.  "Quite  good  sense."  "Mercy  & 
Truth."     Sg.  "Silvester  sc,  27  Strand." 

(Reid)  Arm.  Sg.  "F.  Adams,  Montreal."     c.  1810.    (G.  4940.) 

(Reid)  Arm.  "Nihil  amanti  durum."  Hon.  James  Reid  who  for 
thirty  years  was  a  judge  of  the  Court  of  the  Queen's  Bench  of 
Lower  Canada.  Bar  1794;  Bench  as  Puisne  Judge  1807; 
Chief  Justice  1823;  resigned  1838. 

Reid,  Presented  to  H.  L.  Storn  by  Mrs.  E.  J.,  in  grateful  remembrance 
of  his  friendship  for  her  late  husband  Judge  Richard  Reid.     Lab. 

Reid,  Lorna  Fyfe.     Dec. 

Remak,  Stephen  L.  Lab. 

Remigius,  Bishop  of  Kingston.  Lab.  Rt.  Rev.  Remigius  Gaulin, 
D.D.  second  Bishop  of  Kingston.  Born  in  Quebec  1787;  or- 
dained priest  1811;   died  1857.     (G.  S.  2796.) 

Renault,  Louis  William.     Pict. 

Renault,  Raoul,  Quebec.  Pict.  "Canadiana  c'est  ma  toquade"  c. 
1896.     (G.  S.  2797.) 

Reynolds,  Thos.  Arm.  Mant.  Born  in  Brickville  1820;  studied 
medicine  at  Univ.  Edinburgh;  died  1859. 

Rice's  C,  Circulating  Library,  123  Mount  St.  Lab. 

Rich,  Wm.  Bennett,  Goderich,  Lake  Huron,  C.  W.  Arm.  "Ditior  est 

qui  se." 
Richard,  Lanceede  I.     Lab. 
Richardson,  Arm.  Mant.    "Audeo." 
Richardson,  Charles,  Niagara,  U.  C.     Lab.  (G.  4941.) 


Richardson,  Sir  John.  Arm.  "Semper  fidelis."  St.  "Jones  & 
Bariff  sc.  36  Theobald's  Rd."  Arctic  explorer;  author  of  "The 
Flora  of  America." 

Richardson,  Thomas.  Arm.  "Virtute  acquiritur  honus."  (G.  S. 

Richman  Library  Association  and  Mechanics  Institute.    Lab. 

printed  on  yellow  paper.     (G.  S.  2799.) 
Richmond,  Wellington  H.,  Toronto,  C.  W.  Lab.     Two  varieties. 

Trade  Card? 
Riddell,  Alexander  F.     Cr.     Of  Montreal. 
Riddell,  William  R.     Arm.  "I  hope  to  serve."     William  Renwick 

Riddell,  born  Ont.  1857 ;  B.  A. ;  B.  Sc. ;  L.  L.  B. ;  bar  1883 ;  Q.  C. 

1897;    Justice  Supreme  Court  Ontario  1906;  author  of  many- 
legal  works. 
(Riddell)  The  Canadian  Library,  presented  to  the  Law  Society  of 

Upper  Canada  by  the  Hon.  Wm.  Renwick  Riddell  L.  L.  D.,  etc. 

Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Ont.     Presentation  Lab. 

Ridley,  This  Book  belongs  to  William.     Lab.  with  rhyme. 
Ridley's,  William,  Book.     City  of  Toronto.     1838.     Lab. 

Ridout,  George.  Arm.  Mant.  1919.  "Aquila  non  capit  muscas." 
Sg.  M.  J.  A.  (yearst)  Wholesale  merchant,  artists  supplies, 

Ridout,  George  P.  Arm.     No  motto.     Of  Ontario.     (G.  4942.) 

Ridout,  W.  L.     Same  as  above,  name  changed. 

Rideout,    Percival    F.     Arm.    "Aquila    non    capit    muscus."     Of 

Rintoul,  William.     Lab.     c.   1845.     Clergyman  of  Toronto.     (G. 

S.  2800.) 
Rintoul    Memorial    Library.     Arm.    Lab.     191 7.     By    Stanley 


Ritchie,  Eliza.  1898.  Pict.  By  H.  M.  Rosenberg.  Born  Hali- 
fax, N.  S.  1856;  Assoc.  Prof,  of  Psychology  Wellesley  Coll., 
Mass.  (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  4.  p.  309.) 

Riviere,  David.     Arm.     Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court,  P.  Q. 

Roaf,  John,  Q.  C.     Lab.     Born  Toronto  1827. 

Robert,  Bibliotheque  de  Mons.,  Pretre  au  Seminaire  de  Quebec. 

Robertson.     Cr.  "Virtutis  gloria  merces."     Andrew  Robertson  of 

Montreal.     (G.  S.  2802.) 

Robertson,  Colin.  Arm.  "Dinna  waken  sleeping  dogs"  "Ductus 
no  coactus." 


Robertson,  F.  Beverley.  Cr.  "Virtutis  gloria  merces."  Two 
varieties.     (G.  4943.) 

Robertson,  Henry.     Lab. 

Robertson,  Henry,  L.  L.  B.,  Collingwood,  C.  W.  Lab.  Law;  bar 
1861;  Q.  C.  1890. 

Robertson,  Robert  A.,  His  Book.  Pict.  By  John  S.  Gordon.  Of 

Robertson,  Thomas.  Arm.  "Virtutis  gloria  merces."  Born  in 
Ancaster  1827;  law;  attorney  1849;  bar  of  Upper  Can.  1852; 
Bench  High  Court  of  Justice  of  Ontario  of  Chancery  Division 
1887;  lived  in  Hamilton,  Ont.  (G.  4944.) 

Robertson,  William,  M.  D.  Lab.  c.  1825.  One  of  the  founders  of 
McGill  Univ.  (G.  S.  2801.) 

Robertson,  William,  M.  D.     Arm.     "Virtutis  gloria  merces." 

Robertson,  Wm.    Lab.  with  type-set  border. 

Robinson,  Beverley.  Arm.  "Propere  et  provide."  Two  varieties. 
(Allen  No.  737)  Son  of  Col.  Beverley  Robinson.  Was  Lieut.  Col. 
of  the  loyal  American  regiment  Commanded  by  his  father. 
Graduated  from  Columbia  Univ.,  N.  Y. ;  law;  married  Nancy, 
daughter  of  Rev.  Henry  Barclay  rector  of  Trinity  Church, 
New  York,  c.  1775-79;  after  the  evacuation  of  New  York  he 
took  a  number  of  loyalists  to  Sherburne,  N.  S.  later  went  to 
New  Brunswick  and  lived  near  St.  John;  died  181 6  while 
on  a  visit  to  New  York  where  his  sons  lived. 

Robinson,  Christopher.  Arm.  Mant.  "Propere  et  provide." 
Advocate  of  Toronto;  relative  of  Col.  Beverley  Robinson,  and 
father  of  the  Hon.  John  Beverley  Robinson.    (G.  S.  2803.) 

Robinsin,  John  Beverley,  Arm.  Mant.  "Propere  et  provide."  Born 
in  Upper  Can.;  educated  in  England;  served  through  War  of 
1 81 2;  member  of  House  of  Assembly  for  ten  years;  member  of 
the  Council  and  Atty.  Gen. ;  fought  during  the  rebellion  with 
his  two  sons;  Chief  Justice  Canada  West;  Deputy  Gov.  of 
Can.  West  (formerly  Upper  Can.)  1846;  was  first  a  C.  B.;  later 
created  a  Baronet.     (G.  4945.) 

Robinson,  Sir  John  Beverley,  Bar't.  Arm.  Mant.  "Propere  et  pro- 

Robinson,  William  Henry.  Arm.  Same  arms  as  John  Beverley 
Robinson;  youngest  son  of  Col.  Beverley  Robinson;  born  1808; 
entered  Army;  retired  with  rank  of  Major  1848;  lived  Kings 
Clear  N.  B.  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  4.  p.  239.) 

Rolph,  Arm.  Frank  Rolph,  engraver  of  Toronto. 


Rolph,  Ernest  Ross.     Dec.  Cr.  "In  omnia  parentus." 

Rolph,  Dr.  John.  Arm.  "In  omnia  paratus."  Born  in  Glou- 
cestershire (Thombury)  1786;  studied  law  and  medicine;  bar  In- 
ner Temple;  M.  R.  C.  S.;  Can.  1821;  transferred  his  law  prac- 
tise to  his  brother  and  went  into  medicine  1832;  practised  in 
Toronto;  was  in  the  outbreak  of  1837;  fled  to  the  States,  but 
returned  to  Can.  1843;  taught  medicine,  and  in  1853  "Rolph's 
School"  was  incorporated  as  the  "Toronto  School  of  Medicine"; 
member  of  Hinck's  administration  in  1851-54;  died  1870. 
(G.  4946.) 

Rolph,  Thomas  (?)  Dominion  Emigration  Agent  in  England. 

Rosenberg,  H.  M.  Dec.  19 10.  By  owner  of  Halifax ;  an  Artist  who 
has  designed  several  Bookplates. 

Ross,  Arthur,     c.  1750.     Emb.  (G.  4948  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Ross,  Arthur,  Montreal.     Cr.  Motto  ribbon  empty. 

Ross,  Charles.   Arm.  "Agnoscar  eventu."     (G.  S.  2804.) 

Ross,  Charles  Dames,  1844.     Lab. 

Ross,  David  Alexander.  c.  i860.  Lab.  Advocate  of  Quebec. 
(G.  4949-) 

Ross,  James  F.  W.     Arm.  "Spem  successus  obit." 

Ross,  James  Leith.     Arm.  Mant.  "Agnoscar  eventu,"  "Virtue  have 

virtue."     Advocate  of  Toronto.     (G.  S.  2805.) 
Ross,  James  Leith.     Arm.  Mant.     By  E.  M.  Chadwick. 
Ross,  James  Leith.     Arm.  Mant.  "Agnoscar  eventu,"  "Virtue  have 

virtue."     By  Morley  J.  Ayearst.     Senior  partner  of  the  firm  of 

Ross  and  Homestead,  Barristers  of  Toronto. 

Ross,  John.     Arm.     "Agnoscar  eventu." 

(Ross)  Arm.    "Vincit  Veritas."     John  Ross,   barrister  and  former 
Atty.  Gen.  of  Upper  Can.     Married  a  daughter  of  Hon.  Robert 
Ross,  Miss,  Quebec,     c.  1850.     Lab.  on  red  paper.     (G.  4947-) 
(Rothwell)  Arm.  Mant.    "Nil  conscire  sibi."     A  civil  engineer  of 
Kingston,  Ont. 

Rouleau,  Albert  O'M.     Pict.     1918.     By  George  Lightwood. 

Rous,  H.  L.  Pict.  By  J.  A.  Varley.  Senior  partner  of  the  print- 
ing house  of  Rous  and  Mann  Toronto. 

Rouville,  Hertel  de.     c.  1800.     Lab.     Of  Quebec.     (G.  4950.) 
Rouville,  Hertel  de,  Ecuier.     Lab. 

(Rowand  Rev.  W.  L.  H.)  Lab.  name  in  M.  S.  with  printed  warning 
from  Scott,  and  border. 


Roy,  James,  Montreal.  Lab.  Bom  Montreal  1S54";  B.  A.  Victoria 
186S;  L.  L.  D.  McGill  1SS3;  ordained,  Church  England  1SS2; 
a  writer  on  Ecclesiastical  subjects. 

Roy.  Guillaume,  Quebec.     Lab.  (G.  4951.)     c.  1S00. 

Roy,  Robert  Maitland.     Arm.  Mant.     "Een  do  and  spare  not." 

Royal  School  of  Cookery,  Library.     Lab. 

Royal  Caxadiax  Rifles.  Company  Xo.  7.     Lab. 

Royal  Military  College.     Royal  Arms;  of  Kingston  Ont. 

Royal  Regime.vt  Caxadiax  Ixfaxtry  axd  Royal  Caxadiax  Dra- 
gooxs.  Library.         Lab.  (G.  S.  2806.) 

Ruggles.  (?)  Brigadier  Gen.  Ruggles  born  1709;  lived  in  Massa- 
chusetts, but  being  a  loyalist  came  to  Nova  Scotia  in  17S3,  took 
up  farming  and  died  at  Wilmot  in  1795. 

Ruxyax,  Theodore.     Lab. 

Russell.  Mr.  &  Mrs.  Walter  Hall.     Pict.     By  M.  H.  B. 

Rutherford,  Andrew.  (?)  Manager  of  an  Insurance  Co..  Toronto. 

Ruttax.  R.  F.  Cr.  "Abseque  labore  nihil."  Born  Ont.  1S56;  M.D. 
McGill  1SS4;   Professor  of  Chemistry  McGill  1891. 

Ruttax,  G.  F.  Cr.  "Abseque  labore  nihil."     Same  plate  as  above, 

name  changed. 
Ryax,  Edward.     Arm.     "Inalamori  quam  faederi."     Two  varieties, 

one  without  the  name. 
Ryrie.  Evan.      Pict.      By  W.  W.  Alexander.      Only  son  of  Harry 

Ryrie  Jeweller  of  Toronto ;   was  killed  in  France  in  the  German 

War  of  1914. 
Ryrie,  Evan.  Pict.  Sg.  T.  B.  M.     A  variation  of  the  above  design. 

Sacre  Coeur  Pexsioxxat  du  Sault  au  Recollet,  Quebec — Presen- 
tation Lab.  18S1  with  border. 

Sadleir,  Henry  H..  Hamilton.     Lab. 

Sampsox.  John.     Ann.  with  festoons.     Xo  motto.     Of    Kingston. 

Saxdiford,  Peter.  Pict.  By  W.  M.  I  ?)  Professor  in  the  Faculty  of 
Education,  Univ.  of  Toronto. 

Saul,  John  Cameron.  Port,  of  Tennyson  from  a  woodcut.  Editor 
of  the  Macmillan  Co.  in  Canada. 

Sauxders,  Capt.  John.  Arm.  Born  1754.  Hon.  John  Saunders 
Chief  Justice  of  X.  B. ;  was  a  noted  Loyalist  during  the  Revolu- 
tion; Judge  of  Supreme  Court  of  X\  B.  1 790;  Chief  Justice  1822  ; 
died  in  Frederickton,  1834.     (Acad.  Vol.  2.  Xo.  3.  p.  195). 


q    F.  NOXSEUX      $ 
J      N°.  1^4*  **« 



Saunders,  John  Simcoe.  Arm.  Born  N.  B.;  educated  at  Oxford. 
Bar  Lower  Canada  1820;  Q.  C. ;  author  of  several  Legal  works. 
(Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  3.  p.  196.) 

Sauvagean,  Tancrede,  Montreal.     Lab. 

Scadding,  Exlibris  Henrici,  Torontonensis.  Pict.  Lab.  "Inter  folia 
fructus."     (G.  4954.) 

Scaddings'  Collection,  Dr.,  A  Boy's  Books — Then  and  Now — 
1818-1881.     Lab. 

Scadding,  Ex  Libris  Henrici,  Torontonensis.     Lab.     Two  varieties. 

Scadding,  Henry,  St.  John's  College,  Cambridge,  B.  A.  1837; 
M.  A.  1840;  D.  D.  1858.  Arm.  Mant.  "Cerno,"  "Ingenio 
non  ferro." 

(Scadding)  Referendo  in  Christo  Patri  (Johanni  Torontonensi) 
Episcopo  Hunc  Librum  in  usum  (Henrici  Scadding  Presbyt. 
Eccles.  Anglic)  summa  cum  observantia  offert  auctor  III  Non. 
Apriles  MDCCCXLV.  Words  in  parenthesis  are  in  M.  S.  the 
rest  in  type.     Lab. 

Scadding,  Henry,  D.  D.  Hon.  Canon  of  St.  James  Toronto,  Matrio 
Coll.  S.  John.  Evan.  Cantab.  1837;  A.  B.  1837;  A.  M.  1840; 
S.  T.  P.  1852;  Admiss.  Cum.  Causa.  Oxon.  1867.  Arm.  Mant. 
"Cerno."  "Ingenio  non  ferro."     (G.  4953.) 

Scadding,  Henry,  D.  D.  Canon  of  St.  James,  Toronto,  etc.,  as  last 
without  the  Hon.  Son  of  John  Scadding  the  Lieut.  Gov.  of 
Upper  Can.  Born  in  Devonshire,  Eng.  18 13 ;  Can.  1821 ;  educated 
in  Upper  Can.  Coll.,  at  Toronto,  and  at  St.  John's  Coll.,  Cam- 
bridge, Eng.,  M.  A.  1840;  Classical  Professor  in  Upper  Can. 
Coll.  1838-62;  rector  of  Trinity  Church  in  Toronto  1847; 
editor  of  the  "Journal  of  the  Canadian  Institute";  author  of 
"Toronto  of  Old','  1873,  "Four  Decades  of  York,  Upper  Canada, " 
1884,  "Shakespeare  the  Seer — the  Interpreter,"  1864,  "Early 
Pioneer  Life  in  Canada,"  1887,  etc. 

Scamforth,  H.,  Esq.,  Ranchi.     Lai). 

Scatekherd  &  Meredith.     Lai). 

Scobell,  Fannie  G.     Pict.     By  Miss  M.  Gieseke. 

(Scott)  H.  C.  S.     Mon.  in  circle. 

Scott,  Henry  C.     Lab. 

Scott,  Mrs.     Lab. 

Sears,  Geo.  Edwd.  Pict.  Symb.  for  Dance  of  Death  Collection, 
taken  from  an  old  print  of  1545.  By  W.  J.  Linton.  Of  New- 
York  and  Toronto.     (Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  3.  p.  240.) 


Sears,  Robert,  Saint  John,  N.  B.  Lab.  Three  varieties.  Was  the  first 
publishers  of  pictorial  illustrated  works  in  the  New  World. 
These  are  probably  the  first  Bookplates  actually  made  in  New 
Brunswick.     (Acad.  Vol.  i.  No.  2.  p.  94.) 

Secretan,  C.  Arm.  "Surrexi  resurgam."  Lived  in  Quebec;  married 
Marie  Annie  Mackay,  Feb.  1 8 13 ;  his  library  was  sold  in  Quebec 
April  3,  1871.     (G.  4955  and  G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Seerey's  Library,  2  Lawrence  Place,  Torquay.     Lab.  (English?) 

Segrave,  William  Francis.     Arm.  "Dieu  et  mon  roi."    (G.  4956.) 

Selby,  Mr.  T.  I.     Lab.  (G.  S.  2809.) 

Selby,  George.  Ann.  Pict.,  name  on  motto  ribbon.  Attributed 
to  the  artist  Bowman  who  published  the  "Quebec  Guide." 
Son  of  Josette  Catherine  Fleury  Deschambault.  Born  in  Eng. 
1759;  educated  in  France  at  St.  Omar;  Montreal  1780;  married 
a  daughter  of  Major  Dunbar;  died  1835,  (G.  S.  2808.) 

Sercombe,  Mr.  William.     Lab. 

Seyler,  Wm.  H.     Lab.  with  verse  and  admonition. 

Shanly,  Arm.  "Pro  patria  et  religione."  Of  Ontario.  Two 
varieties.     (G.  4957.) 

Shanley,  Walter.  Arm.  Two  varieties.  Born  in  Ireland  1819;  edu- 
cated as  a  civil  engineer;  Can.  1837 ;  resident  engineer  under  Can- 
adian Board  of  Works  on  Beauharnois  and  Welland  Canals  1843- 
48;  resident  engineer  Northern  New  York  R.  R.  1848-51;  chief 
engineer  Ottawa  &  Prescott  Railway  1851-53;  chief  engineer 
Grand  Trunk  R.R.  (Western  Div.)  1853-59;  Gen.  Mgr.  Grand 
Trunk  1857-62;  built  the  Hoosac  Tunnel  1869-75;  chief  engi- 
neer Canada  Atlantic  R.R.  1879-85;  member  of  Assembly 
1863-75;  failed  of  election  1872  and  1874;  re-elected  1885  and 
1887;  (G.  4058.) 

Shea,  John.     c.  1850.     Arm.     Of  Quebec.     (G.  S.  2810.) 

Shea,  John  Gilmary,  collection  of — Lab.  Well  known  American  his- 
torian. Came  N.  Y.  city  1824.  Author  of  "History  of  Catholic 
Missions  Among  the  Indian  Tribes  of  U.  S.  and  Canada,"  "Life 
and  Times  of  Archbishop  Carroll, "  etc. ;  was  a  frequent  visitor  at 
Montreal  and  Quebec  and  has  written  largely  on  Canadian 
subjects;  died  Elizabeth,  N.  J.  1892. 

Shepherd,  Francis  J.  Cr.  Dec.  "Fraus  absit  reddite  librum"  1906. 
By  E.  Cox  &  Co.  Born  Vandreuil  1851;  M.  D.  McGill  1873; 
L.'L.D.  Edinburgh  1895;  Harvard  1906;  M.  R.  C.  S.  1874;  etc. 
Consulting  Surgeon  at  Montreal  General  Hospital. 

Shipperdson,  Edward.  Arm.  "Nubem  eripiam."  (G.  4959  and 
G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Shortiss,  Edward.     Ann.     Of  Toronto. 


Showenegan  Falls,  P.  Q.     Lab. 
Shubrick,  Richard.  (?) 

Sidney,  William  James.  Arm.  Mant.  "Quo  fata  vocant."  On 
tinted  papers.     (English?) 

Signay,  Joseph,  Eveque  de  Quebec.  Lab.  Three  varieties.  Priest 
c.  1815;  Bishop  of  Quebec  1833-50;  first  Archbishop  in  Canada. 
(G.  4960.) 

Simpson,  Alexander.  Lab.  c.  1850.  Banker  of  Montreal.  (G.  S. 

Simons,  Thomas  M.     Lab. 

Sinclair,  Robert  &  Muriel.     Dec. 

Slack,  Rev.  Geo.,  Bedford,  C.  E.     Lab. 

Slayter,  John.  Arm.  No  motto.  A  loyalist,  appointed  Comp- 
troller of  Customs  at  Halifax,  first  commission  dated  Boston 
Sept.  30,  1775,  second  at  London  April  10,  1802;  held  position 
until  1 82 1 ;  died  in  Halifax  1824. 

Smallpeice,  H.  E.,  Toronto,  Canada.     Cr.  Lab.     No  motto. 

Smart,   William  Lynn,   Jur.   C.   W.     Cr.   in  garter.   "Virtus  prae 

Smart,  Wm.  Lynn.     Cr.     Motto  as  last.     (G.  4961.) 

Smart,  William  Lynn,  Jur.  Arm.  in  garter  with  same  motto.  Eldest 
son  of  John  Newton  Smart  of  Northumberland.  Born  in  St. 
Albans,  Eng.  1824;  King's  Coll.  London  1842;  law;  attorney 
1847;  practised  in  London ;  Can.  1853;  Secretary  of  Woodstock 
&  Lake  Erie  Ry.  Co.;  Toronto  1864;  Upper  Can.  bar  1866; 
Hamilton,  Ont.  1873;  Deputy  Judge  under  Judge  Logie;  suc- 
ceeded his  father  to  the  Trewhitt  and  Northerton  properties 
1875;  retired  1876. 

Smelt,  Leonard  Esq.  Jac.  Arm.     Surveyed  Newfoundland  in  1751. 

Smith,  Alexander  (?)  M.  D.  Edinburgh  was  attached  to  the  King's 
Dragoon  Guards  for  two  years  stationed  in  Frederickton  (Acad. 
Vol.  3.  No.  1.  p.  67.) 

Smith,  C.  D.,  His  Book.     Lab. 

Smith,  Charles  Douglas.  Arm.  "Jamais  arriere."  Officer  in  a 
dragoon  regiment;  later  Lieut.  Gov.  of  Prince  Edward  Island 
1813-24.  His  brother  was  Admiral  Sir  Sidney  Smith  who 
fought  and  held  Napolean  at  Acre. 

Smith,  Cyril  J.  Pict.  1918.  By  George  Lightwood.  Divinity 
Student  R.  C.  Seminary  Toronto. 

Smith,  David.     Arm.  "Tenax  in  fido."     Of  Toronto. 

Smith,  David  Wm.     Cr.  Sg.  "J.  Smillie,  Jun.  Sc.  Quebec." 


Smith,  D.  W.,  Esquire.  Arm.  with  ribbons  and  wreath.  Name 
on  shield,  no  motto. 

Smith,  D.  W.  Arm.  "Pro  rege  et  patria,"  and  above  crest  "Canada." 
Only  child  of  Lieut.  John  Smith  of  the  5th  Foot  who  died  in 
1795  while  in  command  of  the  fortress  of  Niagara.  D.  W. 
Smith  was  an  ensign  in  his  father's  regiment;  later  Capt.; 
later  bar  of  Upper  Can.  with  precedence  as  Deputy -Judge- 
Advocate;  First  Surveyor  Gen.  of  Lands  and  one  of  the  trustees 
of  the  Five  Nations;  Executive  Council;  member  of  the  first 
three  Canadian  Parliaments  and  Speaker  of  two  of  them; 
Baronet  1821;  died  in  Eng.  1837.  Author  of  "A  short  Typo- 
graphical Description  of  His  Majesty's  Province  of  Upper  Cana- 
da," a  work  of  much  antiquarian  interest.  (G.  4963.) 

Smith,  Frederick  Hallen.     Arm.  "Spes  vitae  melioris."     (G.  4966.) 

Smith,  Fred  G.  Pict.  191 5.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Engineer  in  the 
employ  of  the  Dominion  Government. 

Smith,  G.  Sidney.  Arm.  Arms  and  motto  like  plate  of  his  grand- 
father Charles  Douglas  Smith.  Two  varieties.  (Acad.  Vol.  1. 
No.  2.  p.  99.) 

Smith,  G.  Larrat.     Lab.     Of  Toronto. 

Smith,  Goldwin.  Lab.  Five  varieties.  Born  in  Reading,  Eng. 
1823;  son  of  a  doctor;  educated  at  Eton,  and  Magdalen  Coll. 
Oxford;  B.A.  1845;  won  prizes  and  scholarships;  tutor  at 
Univ.  Coll.;  bar  Lin  coins  Inn  1847,  but  never  practised;  Asst. 
Secretary  of  Royal  Commission  to  enquire  into  conditions  at 
Oxford  1850;  Professor  of  Modern  History  at  Oxford  1858-66; 
United  States  1864;  L.  L.  D.  Brown  Univ.;  Lecturer  in 
English  and  Constitutional  History  at  Cornell  Univ.  1868;  resi- 
dent in  Toronto  1872;  senate  of  Toronto  Univ.  Author  of 
"Irish  History  and  Irish  Character,"  "Rational  Religion," 
"Lectures  on  the  Study  of  History,"  1861,  "The  Empire,"  etc. 
(G.  4964.) 

Smith,  James  Frederick.     Pict.     By  Owen  Staples. 

Smith,  James  Grayson.  Arm.  Mant.  Son  in  law  of  E.  M.  Chad- 
wick  who  made  the  plate. 

Smith,  John  Sidney.  Arm.  No  motto.  Son  of  John  D.  Smith  and 
grandson  of  Elias  Smith  a  New  England  Loyalist.  Born  at 
Port  Hope,  Ont.  1823;  law;  bar  1844;  Legislative  Assembly 
1854;  Postmaster  Gen.  1858;  Assemblv  1858-62;  died  1889. 
(G.  4967-) 

Smith,  Larratt  William,  D.  C.  L.  Cr.  "Mediis  tranquillus  in  undis." 
Two  var.  Son  of  Larratt  Smith  chief  commissary  of  Field  Train 
Dept.  and  Paymaster  of  Royal  Artillery  in  Canada  during  War  of 



1812.     Born  in  Devon,  Eng.  1820;  educated  in  Upper  Can.  Coll. 
and   King's   Coll.   Toronto;    bar    1843;    resided    in    Toronto. 
(G.  4965) 
Smith,  Walter  Harland.     Dec.     By  W.  W.  Alexander.     Horse  dealer 

Smith,  William,  Esq.  Jac.  Arm.  "Optimum  est  aliena  frin  insania." 
Sg.  "Gallaudet,  sc."  Born  in  New  York  1728;  educated  at  Yale ; 
was  a  loyalist,  but  appointed  Chief  Justice  of  New  York  1780; 
Eng.  1784;  Chief  Justice  of  Lower  Can.  1785;  author  of  "His- 
tory of  the  Province  of  New  York";  in  1752  married  a  daughter 
of  James  Livingston  of  New  York;  died  1793.  (G.  4962  and 
G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Smith,  Hon.  William.  Exact  reproduction  of  last  plate.  Sg.  "E. 
Benoitsc."     Son  of  owner  of  last  plate. 

Smith,  W.  Harvey.     Cr. 

Smith,  William  Osborne.  Cr.  "Exaltabit  honore."  An  English 
officer  connected  with  the  militia  in  Canada. 

(Symth)  Arm.  Mant.  "Nee  timeo  nee  temno."  Thomas  Sheppard 
Smyth  of  London,  Ont. 

Smythe,  Arm.  "Terrax-in  fide."  Edward  Handley  Smythe,  son  of 
Rev.  W.  Herbert  Smythe  formerly  of  the  dioceses  of  Huron  and 
later  of  Tamworth,  diocese  of  Ontario.  Born  in  Leicestershire, 
Eng.  1844;  educated  Toronto  Univ.;  law;  bar  1870;  lived  in 

Snelling,  Richard.  Arm.  Mant.  "Sperno  timere."  Sg.  "J.  Ellis  sc." 
Two  varieties.     (G.  4968  and  4969.) 

Snider,  E.  F.,  U.  C.  College.     Lab. 

Snively,  Alexander  Crosby.  Arm.  Mant.  "Teduce  libertas."  By 
A.  H.  Howard. 

Soyres,  John  De.  Arm.  Sups.  No  motto.  Rev.  John  de  Soyres, 
son  of  Rev.  Francis  de  Soyres  of  Huguenot  descent.  Born  in 
Somersetshire,  Eng.  1849;  educated  at  Brighton  Coll.  and 
Cambridge;  B.  A.  1876;  ordained  1877;  Hulsean  Lecturer  in 
Divinity  at  Cambridge  1886;  held  chair  of  History  at  Queen's 
Coll.,  London  1881-87;  rector  of  St.  Marks,  St.  John,  N.  B. 
1888.     (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  4.  p.  241.) 

Spadina  Ave.,  Methodist  Sabbath  School.     Lab.     (G.  4969.) 

Spadina,  Methodist  Sabbath  School,  Coe.  Lab.  "Dcum  spire  spero." 

Sparks,  George.     Arm.  of  Toronto. 

Spencer,  M.  R.  (?) 

Springer,  0.,  Hamilton.     Lab. 


Sproatt,  Henry.     Pict.     By  Alex  Scott  Carter  P915.     One  of  the 

leading  Architects  of  Toronto. 

Sproatt  &  Rolph,  Architects,  Toronto.  Pict.  Symb.  By  Alex 
Scott  Carter.  Three  sizes.  Many  of  the  best  examples  of 
Gothic  Architecture  as  applied  to  public  and  private  buildings 
were  designed  by  these  architects. 

St.  Albans  Sunday  School.     Prize  Lab. 

St.  Andrews,  Congregational  Sabbath  School  Library.     Etobicoke. 

St.  Basil  Parochial  Library,  Toronto.     Emb.  Lab.  (G.  4970.) 
St.  Clarence  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab. 

St.  Croix,  De.  Arm.  Mant.  "Confiance  au  Dieu."  Of  Prince 
Edward  Island. 

St.  Georges  Mechanics  Institute,  Ontario.     Lab.     (G.  S.  2816.) 

St.  Laurent,  College  de,  Pres  de  Montreal.  Arm.  "Spes  unica." 
c.  i860.        (G.  S.  2685.) 

St.  Jeromes  College,  Berlin,  Ontario,  c.  1886.  Lab.  Presenta- 
tion Plate.     (G.  S.  2817.) 

St.  John's  Mechanics  Institute  Library.  Lab.  Three  var. 
(Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  2.  p.  130.) 

St.  John,  N.  B.,  Episcopal  Sunday  School.     Lab.    (G.  S.  2701.) 

St.    Josephs   Academy,    Toronto.     Young   Ladies    Library.     Lab. 

(G.  5017.) 
St.  Mary's  College,  Montreal.     Lab.  prize  plate. 
St.  Ours,  De.  Arm.     No  motto.     Charles  Louis  Roch  De  St.  Ours, 

i753-i334-     (G.  S.  2821.) 
St.    Patricks   Christian   Doctrine   Society,    Quebec,     c.    1850. 

Lab.    (G.  S.  2819.) 
St.  Simon  the  Apostle,  Church  of.     Eng.  Lab.    Presentation  plate 

for  books  given  by  the  Congregation. 

St.  Stephens  Sunday  School  Library.     Lab. 

St.  Thomas  Mechanics  Institute  Library.     Lab.  with  border. 

St.  Thomas,  Mutual  Improvement  Association  Library.     Lab. 

Stafford  Library,  Lindsav.  Lab.  with  rules.  1868-82.  (G.  S. 

Stamford,  William  Earl  of,  and  Baron  Grey  of  Groby.  Arm.  By 
Charles  W.  Sherborn,  1900.  Son  of  Rev.  William  Grey,  Chap- 
lain to  the  Bishop  of  Newfoundland,  and  Harriet  daughter  of 


Rev.  J.  H.  White.  Born  in  St.  Johns,  Newfoundland,  1850; 
St.  Johns  Coll.,  Bradford,  and  Exeter  Coll.,  Oxford,  M.  A.  1875; 
Professor  of  Classics  and  of  Philsophy  in  Codrington  Coll., 
Barbadoes  1878-83;  Adjudged  9th  Earl  of  Stamford  by  the 
House  of  Lords  1892. 

Stanley,  John.  Arm.  "Sans  changer  ma  verite."  c.  1830.  Of 
Montreal.     (G.  S.  2814.) 

Stanley,  W.  H.     Same  arms  and  motto  as  those  of  John  Stanley. 

Staunton,  Thomas  (?) 

Stauffer,  L.  M.  Arm.  Mant.  191 7.  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Senior 
partner  of  the  printing  house  of  Stauffer  &  Lee  Toronto;  the 
family  emigrated  from  the  U.  S.  to  Canada    c.  181 6. 

Steele,  Emma  Blanche.     Pict.  Arm.     By  Owen  Staples. 

Ste  Aldemar  Geoffrey.     Arm. 

Stennett,  Helen  G.     Pict. 

Stennett,  Rev.  Walter.  Arm.  "Quum  debilistum  fortis."  Of 
English  patents  who  came  to  the  West  Indies  in  181 1  and  moved 
to  Can.  in  181 7.  Born  Kingston,  Ont.  182 1;  for  many  years 
Principal  of  Upper  Can.  Coll.;  rector  of  Cobourg  1866;  died 
there  1889.     (G.  4971.) 

Stephens,  N.  T.     I  ab. 

Stevenson,  James.  Emb.  "Post  tenebras  lux."  c.  1850.  Of 
Quebec  (G.  S.  2815.) 

Stewart,  Charles,  9  Kings  Bench,  Mark.     Temple.     (?) 

Stewart,  Anthony,  of  Annapolis,  Maryland.     Arm.  (Allen  No.  824.) 

Stewart.     Arm.  "Quihidder  will  zie."     Of  Ottawa. 

Stewart,  Hon.  John,  Esqr.,  Quebec,  c.  1830.  Arm.  Mant. 
"Nobilis  ira."  Sg.  "J.  Jones,  sc.  Quebec."  Lived  in  Quebec  for 
sixty-four  years.  Was  Deputy  Paymaster  of  militia;  Legis- 
lative and  Executive  Councils;  Commissioner  of  the  Jesuit 
Estates.     (G.  4972.) 

Stewart,  J.  H.     Pict.     Jessie  Herries  Stewart,  woodcut  by  owner. 

Stobbs,  F.,  Imprimeur  Libraire,  rue  Notrc-Dame,  Trois  Rivieres. 
Lab.     (G.  S.  2818.) 

Stodard.     Arm.  Mant.     Of  Montreal. 

Stokes,  William,  Oxon.     Lab. 

Stonehorse,  Edward,  Barrister,  Brampton.     Lab. 

Stonley,  John.     Arm. 

Stonley,  W.  H.     Arm. 


Storm,  William  G.  Arm.  "Perseverando."  William  George  Storm, 
R.  C.  A.,  architect  and  civil  engineer.  Bom  in  Lincolnshire, 
Eng.  1826;  educated  in  Toronto;  engaged  in  erection  of  St. 
James  Cathedral,  the  Normal  School,  St.  Andrews  Church, 
Osgoode  Hall,  and  Univ.  of  Toronto.     (G.  4973.) 

Storn,  H.  L.     See  Reid. 

Strachan,  James  M.  Arm.  "Caveo  sed  non  timeo."  Of  Toronto, 
son  of  Bishop  Strachan. 

Strange,  Thos.  Andrew,  of  Lincolns  Inn.  Pict.  Arm.  Chief  Justice 
of  Nova  Scotia,  and  President  of  the  Council  1791;  removed 
to  Eng.  1796;  married  and  knighted  1797;  Recorder  of  Fort 
St.  George,  Bombay,  1797;  presented  his  law  library  to  the 
Province  of  Nova  Scotia,  this  collection  being  the  nucleus 
of  the  present  library  of  the  Bar  at  Halifax. 

Strange,  Major  General  T.  Bland.  Arm.  in  ornamental  border. 
This  plate  was  used  by  the  owner  while  he  was  in  command  of 
the  Quebec  Citadel.  Thomas  Bland  Strange,  son  of  Col.  Harry 
Francis  Strange  who  commanded  H.  M.  25th,  King's  Own 
Borderers,  and  Maria,  daughter  of  Major  N.  Bland  of  La  Review, 
Ireland.  Born  at  Merut,  East  Indies  1831;  educated  at 
Edinburgh  Academy,  and  Royal  Military  Coll.  Woolwich; 
entered  Royal  Artillery  as  2nd  Lieut.  1851;  Lieut.  Col.  1877; 
Colonel  1 881;  Major  Gen.  1881;  resigned  and  went  to  North 
West  Territory  and  had  a  ranch  near  Calgary;  commanded  the 
Alberta  field  force  at  outbreak  of  the  North  West  rebellion; 
later  went  to  live  in  Eng. 

Strathcona,  Lord.  Arm.  Coronet  and  sups.  Circlet,  collar  and 
Badge  of  K.  C.  M.  G.  "Perseverance"  "Agmina  ducens." 
Plate  of  Sir  Donald  Alexander  Smith  G.  C.  M.  G.  etc.  1st  Baron 
Strathcona  and  Mount  Royal.  Born  1820  M.  P.  P.  Manitoba 
1871-84;  M.  P.  1871-2,  74-96;  Governor  of  Hudson's  Bay 
Company;  Director  of  Canadian  Pacific  Railway;  created  K. 
C.  M.  G.  1886;  G.  C.  M.  G.  1896;  Baron  Strathcona  and 
Mount  Royal  1897;  G.  C.  V.  0.  1908;  since  1896  was  High 
Commissioner  for  Canada  in  London. 

Strathy,  Henry  Seton.  Arm.  Mant.  Of  Toronto.  Born  Edin- 
burgh 1832;  educated  Canada;  banker;  Gore's  Bank  1850; 
Manager  Can.  Bank  of  Commerce  1889;  Traders  Bank.  1895. 

Street.  Cr.  "Fidelis  inter  perfido."  Sg.  "Jarrett  London"  Wil- 
liam Purvis  Rochfort,  born  in  London  Ont.  1841 ;  L.  L.  B.  (gold 
medal)  Univ.  of  Toronto  1868;  bar  1864;  Q.  C.  1884;  Chair- 
man of  Committee  of  Settlement  of  Claims  of  Half-breeds  N.  W. 
Territories  1885;  Puisne  Judge  of  Queen's  Bench  Div.  of  High 
Ct.  of  Justice  of  Ont.  1887;  Senator  of  the  Univ.  of  Toronto. 


IqgEE?^  UNIVEI^gr 


Street  (Evelyn  de  Latre).  Name  added  in  M.  S.  to  last  plate. 
Miss  Street,  a  daughter  of  Mr.  Justice  Street,  is  a  graduate  of 
Royal  Conservatory  of  Music  Leipzig,  and  widely  known  as  an 
accomplished  violiniste. 

Strickland,  George.     (?) 

Strickland,  Jarrard  Edward.  (?)    (G.  4974.) 

Strong,  Cr.  "In  Deo  fides."  Rt.  Hon.  Sir  Samuel  Harry  Strong, 
son  of  Rev.  Samuel  Sprate  Strong,  D.D.,  D.  C.  L.  Born  at 
Poole,  Dorsetshire,  Eng.  1825;  Can.  1836;  educated  at  Quebec 
law  at  Bytown;  bar  1849;  practised  in  Toronto;  Vice  Chan- 
cellor of  Court  of  Chancery  1869;  Court  of  Error  and  Appeal  of 
Toronto  1874;  Puisne  Judge  of  Supreme  Court  of  Can.  1875; 
Chief  Justice  1892;  knighted  1893;  member  of  Privy  Council 
1897.     (G.  S.   2820.) 

Stuart,  G.  Okill.  Arm.  "Justitiae  propositique  tenax."  Son  of 
Rev.  Dr.  George  Okill  Stuart  of  Harvard,  archdeacon  of  Kingston 
and  Dean  of  Upper  Canada,  and  a  daughter  of  Gen.  Brooks,  Gov. 
of  Massachusetts.  Born  in  Toronto  1807 ;  educated  at  Kingston 
and  Quebec;  law;  bar  1830;  mayor  of  Quebec  1846;  Provincial 
Parliament  1852  and  1857;  Judge  1854;  Bench  of  Court  of 
Admiralty  1873.     (G.  4976.) 

Stuart,  Sir  James,  Bart.,  Chief  Justice  of  Lower  Canada.  Arm. 
Mant.  "Justitiae  propositique  tenax."  Two  varieties.  Third 
son  of  Dr.  John  Stuart.  Born  at  Fort  Hunter,  N.  Y.  1780; 
Windsor  Coll.  N.  S.;  law;  bar  1801;  Sol.  Gen.  for  Lower  Can. 
1805;  returned  and  represented  Montreal  in  the  general  elec- 
tion of  1808-17;  England  as  representative  for  the  union  of 
upper  and  Lower  Can.  1822;  Atty.  Gen.  of  Lower  Can.  1822; 
Executive  Council  1827;  Chief  Justice  of  Lower  Can.  1838; 
Baronet  1840;  died  1853.  (G.  4975  and  Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  2.  p.  93.) 

Sumner,  Mrs.  Morton.     Lab. 

Sutterland,  Robert,  of  Montreal.     Lab.    (G.  4978.) 

Sutherland's,  William,  Book,  Montreal.     Lab.  (G.  4977.) 

Swatheridge,  James  Henry.     Lab. 

Swayne,  James,  1776.  (?)   Of  Ontario.     (G.  4979.) 

Sweatman,  The  Rt.  Rev.  Arthur,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Toronto.  Arm. 
"Ex  vultus  sudore."  Son  of  Dr.  John  Sweatman  of  Middlesex 
Hospital,  London.  Born  in  London  1834;  Christ  Coll.  Cam- 
bridge 1855;  B.  A.  with  honors  1859;  ordained  deacon  T'859; 
priest  i860;  Can.  1865;  Headmaster  of  Heelmuth  Boys  Coll., 
London,  Ont.;  resigned  1872;  rector  of  Grace  Church,  Brant- 
ford;  canon  of  Cathedral  at  London,  Ont.  1875;  archdeacon  of 
Brantford;  Bishop  of  Toronto  1879.     (G.  4980.) 


(Sweeney)  Arm.     Irish  motto.     Colonel  G.  A.  Sweeney  of  Toronto. 

Sweeney,  James  Fielding  M.  A.,  D.  D.,  Fourth  Bishop  of  Toronto 
1909.  Arm.  By  E.  M.  Chadwick.  Son  of  Col.  Jas.  F. 
Sweeney;  born  London  1857;  B.  A.  McGill  1878;  M.  A.  1881; 
ordained  priest  1881;  B.  D.  Toronto  1883;  D.  D.  1888;  Rector 
St.  Luke's  Toronto  1881;  St.  Philip's  1882;  Rural  Dean  of 
Toronto  1895;  consecrated  Angelican  Bishop  of  Toronto  1909. 

Sweetman,  Lesslie  M.,  M.  D.     Pict.     Of  Toronto. 

(Sydenham)  S.  Initial  in  garter.  "Gardez  lafoy."  Charles  Edward 
Poulett  Thompson,  Lord  Sydenham,  eldest  son  of  J.  Poulett 
Thompson  of  Rochampton  and  Austin  Friars,  and  brother  of 
George  Poulett  Scrope,  M.  P.  for  Strond.  Born  in  Wimbledon 
1799;  represented  Dover  in  House  of  Commons  1826-30;  Vice 
President  of  the  Board  of  Trade;  Treasurer  of  the  Navy  under 
Lord  Grey  1830;  President  Board  of  Trade  1835;  Gov.  Gen. 
of  Can.  1839;  resided  in  Toronto;  created  Baron  Sydenham 
1840;  died  from  a  fall  from  his  horse  1841.  The  existing  union 
of  Canada  is  said  to  owe  its  origin  and  existence  to  him. 

Symes,  Abram.     Cr. 

Ta beau,  Ant.,  Pretre.     c.  1825.     Lab.     Two  varieties.     OfBoucher- 

ville.     Died  1835. 
Talnot,  H.    Jac.  Arm.     No  motto.     The  historian  of  Upper  Can. 
Talbot,  Hon.  Thomas.  (?)  Son  of  Richard  Talbot  and  Margaret, 

Baroness  Talbot.     Born  at  Malahide  1771;   entered  the  army; 

aide-de-camp  to   Marquis  of  Buckingham    1787;  joined   24th 

regiment  stationed  at  Quebec  1700;   private  secretary  to  Gov. 

Simcoe  1792;   Major  1793;  Lieut.  Col.  5th  Regt.  of  Foot  1796; 

retired  1802;  died  1853.     (G.  4981.) 

Talcott,  William.     Lab. 

Tattershall,  Willm.,  Sheffield.     Lab. 

Taylor,  Samuel,  Manchester.     Lab. 

Tebbs,  Theodore  H.  Arm.  Mant.  "Vertute  non  verbis."  By 
Rolph  and  Smith  Toronto. 

Teefy,  Matthew.  Arm.  Mant.  "In  hoc  signo  spes  mea."  Post- 
master of  Richmond  Hill,  Ont.   (G.  4982.) 

Terrell,  Mr.  Jas.     Lab. 

Teulon,  Henry.     (?) 

Thibaudeau,  Ex  Libris  Alfred.  Lab.  Printed  on  red  paper.  Alfred 
Arthur  Thibaudeau,  born  in  Quebec  i860;  senator  1896. 
(G.  4982.) 

Thomas,  Arived  William,  Toronto,  1899.  (?)  "Let  who  God  wils  be." 


Thomas,  Arnold  W.  (?) 

Thomas,  E.  Cartwright.  Cr.  "Virtus  invicta  gloriosa."  At  one 
time  was  sheriff  of  Hamilton. 

Thompson,  City  of  Halifax  to  Alderman.     Lab. 

Thompson,  James,  Solicitor.  Lab.  c.  1830.  Of  Quebec.  (G.  S. 

Thomson,  Alice  Elizabeth.     Pict. 

Thomson,  John.     Arm.     Former  librarian  of  Toronto  Univ. 

Thomson,  T.  C  Barrister,  Solicitor,  etc.     Lab. 

Three  Rivers  Literary  Association.     Lab.     c.  1830.    (G.  4984.) 

Thurlow  Library.     Lab.     District  of  Thurlow,  Belleville,  Ont. 

Tidswell,  Richard  Henry.  Seal.  "Certum  pete  finem."  Of 
British  Columbia. 

Tischler,  Belle  E.     Mon.  1916.     By  Stanley  Harrod.     Of  Toronto. 

Tisdale,  T.  E.  Gilbert.     Arm.  "Non  pareil."     Of  St.  John,  N.  B. 

Toronto  Section,  American  Institute  of  Electrical  Engineers.  Pict. 
Sg.  E.  V.  P(annell.) 

Toronto,  The  Corporation  of  the —  Church  School  18 — Prize  Lab. 

Toronto,  Collegiate  Institute.     Ann.     Lab.  187 — . 

Toronto,  Diocese  of.     Lab.     Prize  plate. 

Toronto,  Diocesan  Theological  Library.     Lab. 

Toronto,  Diocese  of.  The  property  of  the.  Synod  of  the  Seal 

(Toronto)  Ex  Bibliotheca  Seminarii  Episcopalis  Tornacensis.     Lab. 

Toronto,  Charles  Street  Presbyterian  Sundav  School  Librarv.  Lab. 
(G.  S.  2680.) 

Toronto  High  School,  187 — .     Lab. 

Toronto,  John.  Arm.  Mitre.  Toronto  impaling  Strachan.  John 
Strachan,  born  Aberdeen;  Scotland  1778,  Kings  College  Aber- 
deen Theology  at  St.  Andrews;  came  to  Can.  1799;  opened 
a  school  at  Kingston  Ont.;  ordained  Deacon  1803;  priest 
1804;  moved  to  York  (Toronto)  where  he  became  Rector 
1 81 2;  Executive  Councillor  18 18  to  1836;  and  of  Upper  House 
to  1 841;  Archdeacon  of  York  1825;  consecrated  First  Bishop 
of  Toronto  1839;  Trinity  Coll.,  Toronto,  was  founded  chiefly 
through  his  instrumentality.     Died  Toronto  1867. 

Toronto,  Mechanics  Inst.     Lab. 

Toronto,  Mechanics  Institute,  Ont.     1875.     Lab.     Three  varieties* 

(G.  4987.) 
Toronto  Medical  Chirurigical  Society,  Library  of.     Lab.     c. 

1850.     (G.  S.  2S23.) 


Toronto,  Methodist  Sabbath  School,  Spadina  Ave.     Lab.  (G.  4906.) 

Toronto  Military  Library,     c.  i860.     (G.  S.  2824.) 

Toronto  Liberal  Association  Library,  Albert  Hall.     Lab.  with 

Toronto  Library.     Lab.     1884. 

Toronto  Public  Library,  Ont.  Pict.     Several  varieties.    (G.  4987.) 
Toronto  Public  Library.     Lab. 
Toronto    Public    Library,    Reference    Department.     Arm.    Lab. 

Two  var. 
Toronto  Public  Library,  From  the  Masonic  Collection  of  J.  Ross 

Robertson,     Symb.  Lab. 
Toronto  Public  Library,  Branch  Circulating  Library.     Arm.  Lab. 
Toronto  Public  Library,  From  the  Historical  Collection  of  J.  Ross 

Robertson.     Pict.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
Toronto  Public  Schools  25th  June  1891.     Arm.     Prize  Lab.  with 

Toronto  Secular  Society  Library,  Albert  Hall.     Lab. 
Toronto,  Trinity  Methodist  Church,  Presentation  Lab.     January 

1st,   1918. 
Toronto  Unitarian  Church.     Lab. 

Toronto  Unitarian  Sabbath  School  Library.     Lab.    (G.  4986.) 
Toronto,  United  Presbyterian  Sunday  School.     Lab. 
Toronto,  University  of.     Presented  to  the  Library  of  the — by — . 

Lab.  with  Arms  embossed  in  blue.     Two  var.  one  dated  18 — . 
Toronto,  University  of.     Presented  to  the  —  by  — .     Printed  Lab. 
Toronto  University  Library,  Presented  by — through  the  Com- 
mittee formed  in  the  Old  Country  to  aid  in  replacing  the  loss 

caused  by  The  disastrous  Fire  of  February  the   14th,    1890. 

Eng.     Lab. 
Toronto,  University  of — Presented  to  the — by  Columbia  College 

New  York,  October  21st,  1890.     Lab. 
Toronto  University.     Presented  to  he  Library  of  the —  by  the  Rev. 

Vincent    Clementi    B.A.    Trinity    College,    Cambridge,    1890. 

Lab.  with  type-set  border. 

Toronto,  University  of.  Presented  to  the — by  the  University  of 
Strassburg,  Germany.     January  10th,  1891.     Lab. 

Toronto,  University  of.  Purchased  for  the  Library  of  the — out  of 
the  proceeds  of  the  fund  bequeathed  bv  T.  B.  Phillips  Stewart, 
B.  A.,  L.  L.  B.  ob.  A.  D.  1892.     Lab. 

Toronto,  University  of.  Presented  to  the  Library  of  the — by  the 
Executors   of   The    Honourable   William    Proudfoot    sometime 


,  /it  V  <&p      ^■wSk/^ .    ^Q&hu**    ^s 



.If      W*  DES  i>llIX-  ' 



Justice  of  the  High  Court  of  Justice  for  Ontario.  Professor 
of  Roman  Law  in  the  University  of  Toronto  A.D.  1 888-1 900. 
Lab.  with  Arms  embossed  in  blue. 

Toronto,  University  of.  Bequest  of  Rev.  H.  C.  Scadding  D.D.  to 
the  Library  of  the — 1901.     Lab.  with  Arms  embossed  in  blue. 

Toronto,  University  of.  Purchased  for  the  Library  of  the — out  of 
the  proceeds  of  the  John  Squair  French  Library  Fund  the 
gift  of  John  Squair  B.A.  Fellow,  Lecturer,  and  Professor  of 
French  Language  and  Literature  in  University  College  A.D.  1883- 
1916.  (Quotation  from  Euripides).  Lab.  with  Anns  embossed 
in  blue. 

Toronto,  University  of.  King  Alfred  Library  of  History.  Founded 
by  Goldwin  Smith  and  Harriet  Smith  1901.     Pict. 

(Toronto,  University  of)  John  Squair  French  Prize.  Awarded  to — 
of — for  proficiency  in  Fi'ench.  A.  D. —  Sg.  W.  A(lexander) 
1918.     Pict.  Arm. 

(Toronto,  University  of),  Squair  French  Prose  Prize — orationem 
prosam  gallicam  feliciter  colenti  ex  Univ.  Coll.  apud  Toron- 
tonenses  A.D. — "parum  Claris  lucem  dare."  Arm.  Dec. 
Lab.  Sg.  W.  A(lexander)  (191 8.) 

Torrance,  Frederick  W.,  A.M.  Arm.  Mant.  "I  saved  the  king." 
Two  var.  Frederick  William  Torrance,  born  in  Montreal  1823; 
graduated  Univ.  Edinburgh  1844;  law;  bar  Lower  Can.  1848; 
Puisne  Judge  of  Supreme  Court  of  Quebec  1868;  Professor  of 
Roman  Law  in  McGill  Univ.  1854-70;  died  1887.     (G.  S.  2825.) 

Tovell,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Harold  M.     Ann.     No  motto. 

Townsend,  Walter,  His  Book.  Svmb.  "E.  flammis  clarios."  (G.  S. 

Trayes,  J.  B.,  Port  Hope,  Ont.  Lab.  John  Brook  Trayes,  editor  of 
the  "Port  Hope  Times,"  bom  in  Edinburgh  1842;  Can.  1853. 

Trayes,  Will  F.,  Port  Hope,  Ont.  Lab.  Son  of  J.  B.  Trayes.  Born 
in  Port  Hope  1872. 

Trestler,  Ex  Libris  J.  B.  Curtii,  M.D.  Pict.  c.  1840.  Graduate  of 
Medical  School  of  Univ.  of  Edinburgh. 

Trew,  William.     Arm.  "Veritas  quasi  rosa  resplendet."    (English"") 

Trinity  College  Univ.,  of  Toronto.     Prize  Ann.     Lab. 

Trinity  College  Toronto.  Arm.  "Paulatim  et  ccrtissime."  1853. 
(G.  S.  2828.) 

(Trinity  College)  Presented  by  Sir  Henry  Mill  Pcllatt,  Toronto. 
Eng.     Lab. 

Trinity  College,  Library  of,  Toronto.     Arm.    (G.  S.  2827.) 


Trinity  College  from  the  Library  of — Presented  by — Arm. 
By  A.  H.  Howard.     Two  varieties. 

Trinitatis,  Hunc  Librum  Bibliothecae  Collegii  S.S.,  D.  D.  Rev- 
erendus  Admodum  in  Christo  Pater  Joannes  Episcopus  Toron- 
tonensis.     (G.  S.  2829.) 

(Trivett,  Thos.)  Arm.  "Salvus  inicne."  By  Rolph  and  Smith.  Of 
Exeter  Ont. 

Trotler  Isabel.     Silhouette  Port.     By  Owen  Staples.     Of  Toronto. 

Truth  Subscribers  Prize  Book,  Presentation  Prize  Lab.  with  bor- 

Tucker,  R.  A.  Arm.  Mant.  "Summa  ope  nite."  Asst.  Provincial 
Secretary,  N.  C.  Died  in  Toronto  1846.  (G.  4988  and  G.  S. 

Tupper,  Sir  Charles,  G.C.M.G.,  C.B.  Arm.  "L'espoir  est  ma  force." 
Two  varieties,  one  with  "Bart."  added  to  inscription.  Born  in 
Amherst,  N.S.  Arcadia  Coll.,  N.S..M.A.  and  D.C.L.;  studied 
medicine  at  Edinburgh;  M.D.;  diploma  from  Edinburgh  Coll. 
of  Surgeons  1843;  practised  in  Cumberland,  Can.;  defeated 
Joseph  Howe  in  general  election  of  1855;  Provincial  Secretary 
1856;  on  commission  to  Eng.  1858;  Premier  1864;  created 
C.  B.  1867;  House  of  Commons  until  1870;  President  of  the 
Council  1870;  Minister  of  Inland  Revenue  1872;  Minister 
of  Customs  1873;  Minister  of  Public  Works  1878;  Minister  of 
Railways  and  Canals,  the  success  of  the  Canadian  Pacific 
R.R.  was  largely  due  to  him;  knight  of  the  Order  of  St.  Michael 
and  St.  George  1879;  High  Commissioner  to  the  Court  of  St. 
James  1883;  Minister  of  Finance  1887;  Gov.  of  Dalhousie 
Coll.  in  Halifax  1862.  Bart,  of  U.  K.  1881.  (G.  S.  2830  & 
Acad.  Vol.  2.  No.  3.  p.  191.) 

Turgeon,  P.  Fl.,  ptre.  Lab.  c.  1820.  Bishop  of  Quebec.  (G. 

Turner,  James  Poet,  Saint  Lawrence  Street,  Montreal.  Lab. 
engraved,  Sg.  "A.  Bourne,  sc."    c.  1840. 

Turner,  R.  J.     Arm.     Barrister  of  Toronto. 

Uniacke,  Andrew  Mitchell.  Arm.  "Faithful  and  brave."  Son 
of  Richard  John  Uniacke  and  father  of  Robert  Uniacke.  Of 

Uniacke,  Crofton.  Arms  and  motto  like  last.  Receiver  Gen.  of 
H.  M.  Quit  Rents  1808;  Judge  of  the  Court  of  Vice  Admiralty 
181 8.     Of  Halifax. 

Uniacke,  Revd.  Fitzgerald.  Arms  and  motto  like  last.  Sg.  "Tor- 
bett,  sc,  Halifax,  N.S."     Son  of  Richard  John  Uniacke. 


Uniacke,  Norman  Fitzgerald,  Lincolns  Inn,  1805.  Arm.  "Faith- 
ful and  brave."  Eldest  son  of  Richard  John  Uniacke.  Atty. 
Gen.  of  Lower  Can.  1809-25;  Atty.  of  Gen.  Nova  Scotia  from 
1825  until  his  death,  (G.  4991  &  Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  4.  p.  310.) 

Uniacke,  Richard  John,  1801.  Arm.  "Faithful  and  brave."  Sg. 
"Suffield,  Sculp.  R.J."  Born  1753;  Sol.  Gen.  of  Nova  Scotia 
1782;  General  Assembly  1783;  Speaker  1788;  Atty.  Gen.  of 
Nova  Scotia  1797;  member  of  H.  M.  Council;  died  at  Halifax 
1830  (G.  4990  &  Acad.  Vol.  3.  No.  3.  p.  238.) 

Uniacke,  Richard  John,  1801.  Arm.  Same  arms  as  last,  but  a 
larger  plate  with  different  crest,  and  not  signed,  (Acad.  Vol.  3. 
No.  3.  p.  238.) 

Union  Club  of  Quebec,  Presented  to  the,  by — .  Lab.  1890.  (G. 
S.  283:.) 

Upper  Canada  Bible  Society,  Toronto.     Lab. 

Upper  Canada  College  Library.     Arm.  Lab. 

Upper  Canada  College,  Presented  by — to — as  an  acknowledgment 
of  Merit  and  as  a  Reward  for  Attainment  in — .  Upper  Canada 
College —  Signed — Principal.  (Follows  a  verse  from  Horace) 
Eng.  Lab. 

Upper  Canada,  Depository  for  Public  Schools.     Arm. 

(Upper  Canada)  Free  Public  School  Library.     Arm.  Lab.  with  rules. 

(Upper  Canada)  Public  Library.     Arm.  Lab.  with  rules. 

(Upper  Canada)  Ingenuo  magnaeque  spei  Adolescenti — e  classe — 
Propter  insignes  in  artibus  liberalibus  progressus  hunc,  Prae- 
mium  optime  merito,  librum  D.D.  Literarum  Humaniorum  apud 
Torontonenses  Ludus  Exemplar  Provinciae  Occidental!  Pro- 
positus. Geo.  R.  R.  Cockburn  A.M.  Rectore.  A.D. — Kal. 
sext.  MDCCCLIX.,  Lab.  with  type-set  border. 

Upper  Canada  Religious  Tract  and  Book  Society.     Lab. 

Ursulines  de  Quebec,  Pensionnat  des.,  Two  Var.  one  dated  1835, 
another  186-.     Lab.  with  border. 

Ursulines  de  T.  R.  Trois  Rivieres.     Emb.  (G.  S.  2832.) 

Valentin,  De  la  Bibliotheque  de  J.  B.     Lab. 

VanBuskirk,  Abraham.  Arm.  Lieut.  Col.  of  the  4th  New  Jersey 
Volunteers;  after  the  American  rebellion  he  settled  in  Shel- 
burne,  N.S.  1783;  and  was  the  first  mayor  of  that  city. 

Vander  Smissen.  Arm.  "Nee  tcmere  nee  timede."  Sg.  "Harry 
Soane  sc.  London."  Born  Toronto  1844;  B.  A.  Univ.  of 
Toronto  1864;   M.  A.  1S66;   Prof,  of  German  Univ.  of  Toronto 


1892;  librarian  1S73-91.  President  Can.  Inst.  1886-8;  author 
several  Educational  Works;  Editor  "Shorter  Poems  of  Goethe  & 
Schiller";  at  present  resides  in  England. 

VanKoughnet.     Arm.  Mant.  "Victus  sola  nobilitat." 
Vandreuil,  Alfred  de.     Arm.   c.  1793.     (G.  4997.) 
Vandreuil,  Le  Compte  Alfred  de.     Arm.  c.  1780.    (G.  4997.) 
Vandreuil,    Comtesse   de,    Gouvernement   du    Louvre.     Arm.     c. 

1780.     One  of  the  oldest  French  families  of  Can.     (G.  4998.) 
Vandy,  Thomas',  Jr.     Lab. 
Van  Sittart,  John  George.     Arm.     No  motto.     Of  Woodstock  C.W. 

Son  of  the  Admiral.     (G.  4995.) 

Van  Sittart,  J.  Graham.     Arm.  "Fata  viam  invenient."     Son  of 

Van   Sittart,    J.    Pen.     Arm.   "Fata  viam    invenient."     Of   Ont. 

(G.  4994-) 
Van    Sittart,     N.     Arm.     Xo    motto.     Admiral    Nicholas    Van 

Vavasour,  J.  F.  S.  (?) 
Vernon,  G.  C.  H.     Arm.     No  motto. 

Verreau,  Bibliotheque  de  M.  L'Abbe.  Lab.  Several  varieties  and 
sizes.  Hospice  A.  Verreau,  D.  L.,  descendent  of  a  family  which 
came  to  Lower  Can.  from  France  1687.  Born  at  L' Islet  P.  S. 
1828;  Quebec  Seminary;  taught  there  two  years;  Principal  of 
St.  Therese  Cartier  Normal  School  1S57;  ordained  priest  1851; 
worked  in  Europe  on  the  archives  for  documents  on  the  his- 
tory of  Canada  which  he  published  in  1875.  Chair  of  Can. 
History  Laval  Univ.  1887.     (G.  4999.) 

Verret,  Gaudiose,  Quebec.     Lab.    c.  1890.     (G.  5000.) 

Victor,  E.  A.     Cr.   "Fac  aut  mori."   1916.     By  Stanley  Harrod. 

Editor  of  "Canada's  Future";    killed  in  a  Railway  accident 

Vincelette,  Arthur.     Lab.     c.   1880.     Son  of  C.  Vincelette.     (G. 

Vincelette,   C,  Asile  de  Beauport.     Lab.     Four  varieties.      (G. 


Wadsworth,  R.  D.,  of  Montreal.     Lab.  (G.  5003.) 

Walcot,  Thomas.  (?) 

Walkin,  Richard  T.     Cr.     No  motto. 

Walker,  B.  E.     Arm.  "Non  sine  periculo."     Plate  of  Sir  Edmund 
Walker  (see  below). 


Walker,  Sir  Edmund.  Dec.  Arm.  "Non  sine  periculo."  Sg. 
"S.  H.  1919."  By  Stanley  Harrod.  Born  Township  of  Seneca 
Ont.  1848;  entered  banking  office  of  his  uncle  J.  W.  Murton 
Hamilton;  entered  Canadian  Bank  of  Commerce  1868;  Account- 
ant, Toronto  1872;  Gen.  Mgr.  1886;  Director  1906;  President 
since  1907;  is  a  Councillor  Canadian  Bankers'  Ass'n.;  Vice- 
Pres.  Am.  Bankers'  Ass'n.  1908;  D.  C.  L.  Trinity  Univ.  1904; 
L.L.D.  Toronto  Univ.  1906;  author  of  many  works  on  banking; 
is  a  well-known  art  Connoisseur,  having  done  much  to  help  art 
appreciation  in  Can.;  Companion  of  the  Victorian  Order; 
Knighted  1910;  F.  R.  S.  Canada  191 1. 

Walker,  Francis  A.,  Superintendent  of  the  Census,  With  the  Com- 
pliments of .     Lab. 

Walker,  Thos.,  Esqr.  Arm.  Justice  of  the  Peace  in  Montreal,  and 
Dec.  6,  1764  was  the  victim  of  an  outrage  which  created  a  great 
sensation  in  Can.  and  engaged  the  attention  of  the  Eng.  Gov. 
The  second  book  published  in  Canada  relates  to  the  "Walker 
Affair."  It  is  a  pamphlet  of  forty-six  pages,  printed  by  Brown 
&  Gilmour,  Quebec,  1767. 

Wardrope,  Thomas,  Ottawa.  Lab.  c.  i860.  Clergyman;  some- 
time Moderator  of  the  Presbyterian  Church.     (G.  S.  2833.) 

Wardrope,   Herbert  E.  Chip.  Arm.     No  motto,  name  on  motto 

ribbon.     Common  Clerk  of  the  City  of  St.  John,  N.  B.  since  1891 . 

Design  taken  from  his  great-grandfather's  plate.    (Acad.  Vol.  2. 

No.  3.  p.  194.) 
Warner,  Clarence  P.     Pict.     Half-tone.     Of  Napanee,  Ont. 
Warrington,  John  T.,  Jr.     Lab.  with  quotation.     Of  Montreal. 
Waterhouse,  John,  Halifax.     Cr.  "Veritas  vincit  omnia."  (G.  5004.) 
Watt,  Ann,  Quebec,  1795.     Lab.     (G.  5005.) 
Watt,  Madge  Robinson.     Dec.     Symb. 
Weart,  Jacob.     Lab. 
Weilbrenner,  R.  C.     Pict.     Printed  on  colored  paper.     Doctor  at 

Boucherville.      c.  1830.     (G.  5006.) 
Weilbrenner,  R.  C,  M.  D.     Pict.  Emb.    Lab. 
Weir,  Library  of  Frank,  Montreal.     Lab. 
Weld,  Isaac.     Arm.  "Verma  atque  decens."    (G.  5007.) 
Welland,  County  of,  Law  Library.  Lab. 

Wells  &  MacMurchy,  Solicitors  Canadian  Pacific  Ry.  Co.   Lab. 
Wesleyan  Methodist  Chruch  Libary.     Lab.  with  rules.     Kingston 

Jan.  1,  1859. 
Wesleyan  Methodist  Library,  Toronto  City,  West  Circuit.     Lab. 
Wesleyan  Mission  Library.     Lab.  with  rules. 


West  Church  Sabbath  School  Library.     Lab. 
Westdean  Library.     Lab. 

Westminster  College,   Toronto.      Prize  awarded   to — for   pro- 
ficiency in — .     Dec.     By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Westminster  College,  This  book  belongs  to.      Dec.     By  A.  H. 

Westminster  College  Pupils  Library.     Lab.  with  quotation. 

Wetherall,  General.     Cr.  "Vi  et  copia."     Sir  George  A.  Wetherall, 

G.  C.  B.,  born  in  Herts,  Eng.  1788;   military  secretary  to  Sir 

Jno.  Calborne  before  1837;    in  Can.  1837-38;    remained  until 

1850  as  Deputy  Adjutant  Gen. ;  knighted  1856;  Lieut.  Gen.  1857. 
Wethey,  Charles  Henry.  Arm.  By  E.  M.  Chadwick.  Of  Toronto. 
Wetmore,  Revd.  Robt.  G.,  M.  A.     Arm.  with  ribbons.     Youngest 

child  of  Timothy  Wetmore.     Born  at  Rye,  N.  Y.  1774;  Nova 

Scotia    1784;    law;    attorney    1795;   removed   to   New   York; 

studied  theology;   ordained  deacon  by  Bishop  Provoost,  1797; 

died  in  Savannah,  Georgia,  1803.     (Acad.  Vol.  1.  p.  119.) 
Wetmore,  Thomas.     Arm.     The  plate  ascribed  rather  doubtfully  to 

Paul  Revere.     (Allen  p.  147.)     Born  in  Rye,  N.  Y.  1767;  law; 

bar;     Deputy.     Surrogate  of   New   Brunswick   1792;  married 

Sarah,  daughter  of  Judge  James  Peters  of  Gagetown,  N.  B.  1 793 ; 

Master  and  Examiner  in  Chancery;    Registrar  of  Wills  and 

Deeds  for  Queens  County,  and  member  of  the  Council;  Atty. 

Gen.  of  New  Brunswick  1809;  died  1828.  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  p.  120.) 
Wetmore,  William.     Arm.     Sg.  Revere  sc.  (Acad.  Vol.  1.  No.  3.  p. 

Wheeler,  T.     Lab.     Of  Toronto.     (T.  B.  Wheeler?) 
Whitcombe,  Charles.     Cr.     Clergyman.     (G.  S.  2834.) 
White,  Air.  George  Robt.     Cr. 
White,  Henry.     (?) 

White,  Thomas  E.     Arm.  "Sis  Justus  et  ne  timeas."     Of  Toronto. 
White,  William  R.,  Pembroke.     Lab. 
Whiteford,   J.  W.     Cr.    "Pax   potior   bello."     "D'en   haut."     Of 

Whitehead,  F.    Port  Hope,  Canada.     Arm.  "Ad  finem  fidelis." 
Whitman,  Alfred,  Esqr.,  Halifax,  N.  S.     Ann. 
Wicksteed,  G.  W.     Arm.  Mant.  "Nimium  ne  crede  colori."     Of 

Ont.    (G.  S.  2835.) 
Wicksteed,  Horatio  Asprey.     Arm.  in  garter.     Sg.  "Culleton,   26 

Cranbourne  Str.     London,  W.  C."     Born  Surrey  181 1;  Can. 

1834;  reorganized  Post  Office,  Montreal  1839;  entered  volunteer 

Forces  1837;  retired  Major  1887. 


Wicksteed,  R.  J.  Lab.  Two  var.  A  lawyer  of  Ottawa,  connected 
with  the  legal  department  of  the  House  of  Commons. 

Wickson,  A.,  U.  C.  C.     Lab. 

Wilcox,  Charles  S.,  Hamilton,  Ont.     Eng.  Lab. 

Wilde,  Thomas.     Arm.     No  motto,  name  on  motto  ribbon. 

Wilkinson,  Solicitor,  1867.     Lab. 

Wilkinson,  Alfred.  Cr.  in  garter.  "Praesto  et  persto."  Of 

(Wilkinson)  T.  W.  MDCCCLXVII.  (?) 

Williams,  J.,  His  Book.  1879.     (G.  S.  Appdx.  5008.) 

Williams,  John.  Arm.  "Floriferisut  apes  insaltibus.  Omnia  libant 
omnia  nos."  Several  varieties.  A  Deerheld  clergyman  who 
was  taken  captive  to  Canada  1700-04.     (G.  5008.) 

Williamson,  Ex  Libris  E.  S.  Pict.  (Pickwick,  Dickens,  etc.)  Was 
in  the  Govt,  of  Ont. ;  President  Dickens  Fellowship.  (Acad.  Vol. 
3.  No.  2.  p.  132.) 

Willows,  The.     See  Macdonnell. 

Wilson,  Andrew  E.  Arm.  "Semper  fidus."  Of  Montreal.  (G. 

Wilson,  D.  Cr.  Lab.  "Semper  vigilans."  Sir  Daniel  Wilson,  son  of 
Archibald  Wilson,  brother  of  Dr.  George  Wilson,  Professor 
Univ.  Edinburgh,  died  1859.  Born  in  Edinburgh  1816;  Univ. 
Edinburgh;  London;  Can.  1843;  Professor  of  History  and  of 
English  Literature  in  Univ.  Toronto;  author  of  "Memorials 
of  Edinburgh"  1847,  "The  Archa  d  Prehistoric  Animals 

of  Scotland"  1851,  "Prehistoric  Man"  1863;  was  L.  L.  D.  and 
F.  R.  S.  and  President  of  Univ.  Toronto  1881.     (G.  5010') 

Wilson,  Eliza  Jane,   Montreal.     Lab.  with  type-set  border. 

Wilson,  John.  Cr.  "Virtus  sibi  praemum."  Judge  of  Superior 
Court  of  Toronto.     Killed  in  a  duel. 

Wilson  Lodge  A.  F.  and  A.  M.     No.  86  G.R.C.     Presentation  Eng. 

Wilson,  This  Book  is  the  property  of  Robert  A.,  Montreal.     Lab. 
Wilson,  This  Book  belongs  to  R.     Lab.  with  rhyme. 
Wilson,  W.,  Toronto  University,  Ontario.     (G.  5011.) 
Wilson,  Walter.     Cr.  "Semper  vigilans."     Of  Montreal. 
Wilson,  J.  E.,  21  Cornhill,  London,  E.  C.     Lab. 
Wilson,  William.     Chip.     Ann.  (?) 
Winnett,  Henry.     Ann.     By  W.  W.  Alexander. 
WlNTLE,  Gilbert.     Arm.     Of  Montreal. 


Witman,  Alfred,  Esq.,  Halifax,  N.  S.  Arm.  "Per  ardua  surgo." 
(G.  S.  2836.) 

Witton.     Arm. 

Witton,  H.  B.  Dec.  By  Ida  Hamilton.  Of  Hamilton;  owner  of 
one  of  the  finest  private  libraries  in  Canada. 

Wise,  Frank.  Cr.  "Sapere  aude."  President  of  Macmillan  Co.  of 

Wise,  Fred  Ayshford.  Arm.  Sg.  "Adams  sc  Montreal."  Of 

Womans  Auxiliary,  In  memory  of  S.  F.  Davidson.  Dec.  Symb. 
By  A.  H.  Howard. 

Woodman,  Robert  Townley.  Arm.  in  seal.  "Suives  moi."  Of 
Victoria,  B.C. 

Wood's  Circulating  Library,  Montreal.     Lab.    (G.  5012.) 

Woolsey,  J.  V.,  Quebec.     Lab. 

Workman,  William.     Arm. 

Wotherspoon,  Ivan,  Q.  C,  Montreal.  Arm.  Mant.  Two  var. 
Arms — Wotherspoon  impaling  Juchern  Douchesnay  de  St. 

Wright,  James  Verner.  Arm.  "Honor  virtutis  praemum."  Two 
var.     Of  Toronto. 

Wright,  Samuel,  Quebec.  Arm.  Mant.  Sg.  "J.  Jones,  Quebec." 
"Ne  credo  maris." 

Wright,  Samuel.  Last  plate  with  escutcheon  added.  (G.  5013  & 
G.  S.  Appdx.) 

Wright,  Thomas  A.     Arm.  "Constans,  contraria  spernit." 

Wurtele,  Ernest  F.,  Quebec.  Arm.  "Esto  quod,  esse  videris." 
Son  of  Judge  Wurtele.  Born  St.  David's  Quebec  i860;  Royal 
Military  Coll.  Kingston;  Chartered  Accountant;  auditor  Ross 
Rifle  Co.  1902;  Lt.  Col.  1903.     (G.  5015.) 

Wurtele,  Jonathan  S.  C,  Riviere  David.  Arm.  "Esto  quod,  esse 
videris."  Jonathan  Saxton  Campbell  Wurtele  son  of  Jonathan 
Wurtele  the  Seigneur  of  Riviere  David,  of  a  family  which  came 
from  Stumpfelback,  Wurtemberg,  Germany.  Born  in  Quebec 
1828;  law;  bar  1850;  B.  C.  L.  and  D.  C.  L.  McGill  Univ.; 
member  of  the  Law  Faculty  of  McGill;  Q.  C.  1873;  Quebec 
Assembly  1875-86;  Judge  of  Supreme  Court  of  Quebec  1886; 
Officer  of  the  Legion  of  Honor  of  France  1883;  Provincial 
Treasurer  in  Quebec  government  1882-84;  Speaker  of  Legis- 
lative Assembly  1884-86;  codified  the  statutes  of  Quebec  1885- 
86;    Puisne  Judge  of  Queen's  Bench  after  1892.     (G.  5016.) 

Wyman,  From  the  Library  of  Ferdinand  A.     Lab. 


Wynne,  William.     Cr.  "Non  sibi,  sed  tola."     A  loyalist  of  Duchess 

County,  New  York,  who  went  to  New  Brunswick  in  1 783  ;  Upper 

Can.  1802;   died  in  Queenstown  1834. 
Wycliffe  College,  Library  of,  Toronto.     Arm.  "Verbum  Domini 

manet."     (G.  S.  2838.) 
Wycliffe  College,  Presented  to  the  Library  of,  by  the  family  of  the 

late  very  Rev.  Dean  Grassett.     Lab.     (G.  S.  2837.) 
Wycliffe  College,  Toronto,  From  the  Library  of,  Presented  to — . 

Lab.     (G.  S.  2839.) 

Yardy,  Henry,  Royal  Gazette  Office,  Frederickton,  N.B.     Lab. 

Young,  Charles.  Arm.  "Press  through."  Hon.  Charles  Young, 
L.L.D.,  younger  brother  of  Sir  William  Young  Chief  Justice  of 
Nova  Scotia.  Born  in  Glasgow,  Scot.  181 2,  Dalhousie  Coll. 
Halifax;  law;  bar  of  Nova  Scotia  and  Prince  Edward  Island 
1838;  Island  Assembly  1840;  Legislative  Council  1840-63; 
Atty.  Gen.  1851-53;  and  1858-59;  Judge  of  Probate  Court 
1852;  Judge  of  Bankruptcy  Court  1868;  offered  knighthood 
in  1858  but  declined  the  honor. 

York  County  Council.     Arm.     "Deeds  speak."     (G.  S.  2840.) 

York  and  Peel  County  Council.  Arm.  "Deeds  speak."  (G.  S. 

Yorkville  Baptist  Mission  Sunday  School.     Lab. 

Yorkville  Primitive  Sabbath  School.     Lab. 


Alphabetical  List  of  Mottoes  appearing  on  Anony- 
mous Plates,  with  names  of  Families  using  them 

Ad  spes  non  jracta — Hope. 

Avancez — Hill  (Lord). 

Boutez  en  avant — Barry. 

Carriden — Hope . 

Celer  et  audax — Bickley. 

Craggan  an  phitiach — Macdonald 

Crescit  sub  ponder e  virtus — Chap- 

Dictis  factisque  simplex — Gilpin. 

Deo  regique  debeo — Johnson. 

Dominus  providebit — Burton. 

Dum  spiro  spero — O'Reilly. 

En  avant — Almon. 

Esse  quam  videri — Croft. 

Facta  non  verba — Allen. 

Fais  bien  et  laisse  dire — La  Roche. 

For  right  and  reason — Graham. 

Fortes  for  tuna  juvat — Dickson. 

Fortis  et  fidus — McLachlin. 

Fortitudin  e —  I  rving . 

Fortitudine  et  prudentia — O'Reilly 

Furth  fortune  and  fill  the  fetters — 

Gardez  la  foy — Sydenham. 

In  candor e  decus — Chadwick. 

Je  suis  pret — Fraser. 

J «  viendrai  bon — Hill. 

Laus  Deo — Hurd. 

Le  jour  viendra — Durham. 

Alan  do  it — Edgar. 

Nee  timede  nee  temere — Baldwin. 

Nee  timeo  nee  temno — Smyth. 

Nihil  amanti  durum — Bell  and 

AJil  con  scire  sibi — Roth  well. 

Omnia  possum  in  eo  qui  ne  con- 
fortae — Moreau . 

Per  ardua — McMaster. 

Per  mare  per  terras — Macdon- 

Qui  laborat  vincit — Jopling. 

Ravenscrag — Allan . 

Salutem  disponit  Deus — Edgar. 

Salvus  in  icne — Trivett. 

Spe  alendus  est  animus — Buck- 

Tace  autface — Allen. 

Tou jours  loyal — Ayearst. 

Toujours  pret — Chadwick. 

Vestigia  nulla  retrorsum — Hamp- 

Vi  et  victute — Baird. 

Vincit  Veritas — Ross. 

Virtus  mille  scuta — Howard. 

Vis  unita  fortior — Flood. 

Vitam  impendere  vero — Hewlett. 


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m  mJm